Why Labels Are Important in the Healthcare Industry

Updated on May 25, 2022
Why Labels Are Important in the Healthcare Industry

Whether you provide healthcare services or products, labeling plays an essential role in your field. From the chemicals used in the clinic to the drugs sent home with patients, labeling provides essential information about the products used in the industry. Without proper labeling, hazards can affect people, productivity, and handling methods. Here are a couple of reasons labels are important in the healthcare industry and the differences they make.

Increases Safer Use of Medicinals

Medicines work best when used correctly and for the right reasons. Labels help prescribed patients know how to take their medicine, ensuring that they receive the best treatment for their ailments. Although labels can’t dictate how a person uses their medicine, it at least acts as a safety measure through education. The warning signs, diagrams, and instructions for use on medicine labels prevent patients from misusing or abusing their prescriptions due to a lack of knowledge.

Provides Patient Clarity

In addition to providing instructional information, labels include essential data that informs users of the medicine’s risks, ingredients, appearance, and manufacturers. They also include contact details so the patient can reach out to the appropriate professionals if any issues or concerns arise. Everyone has a right to know about what they put in or on their body and the risks they take by doing so. Patient clarity maintains ethical practices and builds stronger trust and relationships between doctors and patients.

Complies with OSHA Standards

Working in any sector within the healthcare field comes with legal liabilities. Federal and state laws improve the industry in multiple ways. They create standards for ethical, safe, and healthy practices and workspaces. One of the major legalities all healthcare fields must comply with is the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). From general practitioners to vets, various clinics fail to pass their OSHA audits for different reasons, including improper labeling. Failing compliance with OSHA or any other mandated regulations can lead to fines and sometimes even jail time.

Ensures Proper Liability Measures

As mentioned above, labels include an array of important information, including the names of manufacturers, prescribers, and the prescribed. Highlighting and designating all parties involved with handling and using the medication ensures proper liability measures are put into place. If the drugs cause extreme or unknown side effects due to faulty manufacturing, investigators and lawyers know who to blame and where to look for more information. Likewise, knowing the prescribers and the prescribed holds the appropriate people accountable for misuse of the prescriptions and unlawful actions.

Other reasons why labels are important in the healthcare industry include establishing proper storage protocols, better organization, and streamlining productivity. Although a couple of tiny printed words on a bottle may not seem like much to most people, it can literally save lives in the healthcare industry.