3 Healthy Habits to Encourage in Your Patients

Updated on June 24, 2020
3 Healthy Habits to Encourage in Your Patients

From proper treatment and medication to advice and encouragement, you’ve devoted your entire career to caring for others. It’s no secret that you want the absolute best for every patient you see. Doctors encourage certain exercises, diets, and other plans or adjustments to help their patients improve their well-being. Every individual is different, but there are a few behaviors you can recommend to just about everyone. Here are three healthy habits to encourage in your patients to help them achieve a better, richer life.

Start With Small Lifestyle Changes

Too much change all at once can become overwhelming. If you and your patients set unreasonably lofty goals, you’re likely just setting yourselves up for failure and discouragement. Instead, help your patient identify a few small steps they can strive toward that will get them closer to their end goal. Once they conquer those steps, they can move on to the next, slightly larger goal. This process creates more attainable achievements that will encourage your patient to continue in their journey.

A Good Night’s Sleep

A healthy and reliable sleep schedule is the foundation for a healthy life. Even if your patient feels like they function well on less sleep, it can lead to lower energy levels, a weakened immune system, and even health conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular issues. Encourage your patients to prioritize a good night’s sleep. Once they establish a routine and restful sleep schedule, they’ll see the benefits in every part of their lives.

Prioritize Time Off

Just as physical rest is important, so is emotional and mental rest. Make sure your patients know how valuable it is to take breaks. This includes both small breaks, such as stretching or taking a walk throughout the day, and larger breaks, like a retreat or vacation. Taking time off is one of the most crucial healthy habits to encourage in your patients. You can even turn these breaks into more healthy habits. For example, there are many health benefits of traveling for vacation. Encourage your patients to take the time they need so they can return to their lives with a more refreshed and focused mindset.

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