4 Tips for Improving Wait Times for Patients

Updated on August 21, 2023
4 Tips for Improving Wait Times for Patients

When patients come to your office for a medical appointment, they may feel stressed and nervous about what they will hear from their physician. Waiting a long time in the lobby can worsen the experience. Fortunately, you can do something about it! Here are four tips for improving wait times for your patients to make them feel better before their appointment.

Make Their Wait Time Entertaining

When a patient enters your office and waits in your waiting room, the last thing they want is to feel bored. You can improve the experience by providing entertainment. For example, one of the ways that ophthalmologists can improve the patient experience is by including magazines or a television in the waiting room. Then, patients can entertain themselves while waiting for their appointments.

Ask Patients for Info Before the Visit

You can also improve wait times for patients by asking them to give you important information before the appointment through a patient portal. When they do that, they won’t have to fill out any forms when they come in. Your lobby staff will already have that information, shortening the check-in time before the appointment.

Don’t Take Too Many Patients

You may be a hero in the eyes of some of your patients, but you don’t have superpowers. It is possible to take on too many patients that you and your office will become overwhelmed. Establish a patient number that is right for you and your staff, and stay within it. This will help you cut down on the wait times for your patients and allow you to provide the right care for everyone.

Expand Your Staff

While having too many patients can increase wait times, adding more employees to your team can bring them back down. With more people on staff, your office will be able to get patients out of the waiting room and in front of you much quicker. Shorter wait times can improve client satisfaction.

Now that you know some strategies for speeding up wait times at your office, try applying them today. They can improve your business and enhance your reputation among your patients.

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