Tips for Setting up a Post-Op Home Health Room

Updated on January 10, 2022
Tips for Setting up a Post-Op Home Health Room

Your aging parent needs help handling their health after a surgical operation. Though they may be healthy enough to return home, they have a long recovery ahead. Moreover, you’re their only support system. You need to prepare your home for their arrival and recovery so that they’re comfortable and healthy the entire time. Here are a few quick tips for setting up a post-op home health room.

Arrange a First-Floor Bedroom

The first floor is the easiest for older adults to access, especially if they have mobility issues after an operation. When arthritis pain, loss of balance and lack of strength are part of your parent’s everyday life, you know it will be a challenge for them to navigate complex living spaces.

So, as a way to welcome your parent and help them on the road to recovery, you should organize a bedroom on the first floor of your home. If you need a hospital-grade medical bed, you should consider renting medical equipment to meet your parent’s post-op needs.

Remove Floor-Level Clutter

When a person who is unsure of their feet navigates the ground, they need a clear pathway. Therefore, you need to clear the floor of hazards. When an older adult with accessibility concerns traverses the home, they’ll be safer after you remove floor-level clutter. Look for items like catch-all surfaces, trash bins, rugs, toys and discarded clothing. Each of these poses a unique risk to someone recovering from surgery.

Add Nighttime Lighting

Although your parent is probably not afraid of the dark, they’ll need extra luminance to see at night. Due to the compounded effects of their older eyes, lowlight conditions and the unfamiliar space around them, they can have trouble getting around. So, you must add nightlights and extra lamps throughout their bedroom and hallways.

Utilize these quick tips for setting up a post-op home health room as you ready your house for your returning parent. The more thought you put into the project, the easier it will come along. The simplest way to clean up and organize the space is to imagine a day of recovery in your parent’s shoes. With this perspective in mind, you can create a homey space for your parent to stay.

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