4 Reasons To Make Pilates Part of Your Fitness Routine

Updated on July 11, 2023
4 Reasons To Make Pilates Part of Your Fitness Routine

Pilates is a series of exercises that improve your overall physical condition, but it doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Discover four reasons to make Pilates part of your fitness routine.

You Can Improve Balance and Flexibility

Pilates workouts improve your balance and flexibility. Whether you use equipment or do mat exercises, Pilates enhances muscle control and range of motion.

The Reformer is the most popular piece of Pilates exercise equipment. You can exercise on a platform and use springs, ropes, and pulleys to improve flexibility and balance on the Reformer. Initially, it might seem intimidating, but your instructor will assist you in finding the right positions as needed.

You Can Strengthen Your Core

Another reason to make Pilates part of your fitness routine is that it’s an excellent way to strengthen your core. Pilates increases the strength and tone of your muscles without creating bulk. Pilates targets abdominal muscles and engages the muscles in your hips, glutes, lower and upper back, and inner thighs.

A strong core enhances your balance and stability, which helps with everything from preventing falls to maintaining a healthy posture. Strong core muscles save the spine from excessive stress and transfer force up and down your body, which helps to prevent injuries.

It’s Effective for a Range of Fitness Levels

Whether just beginning your fitness journey, growing your athletic edge, or striving to maintain your current state, Pilates can help you reach your goals. You can even take Pilates classes tailored to your abilities.

Finding engaging exercises at the right difficulty level is crucial for a fulfilling and effective routine. Exercise reduces the risk of disease, improves brain health, enhances sleep, and—maybe best of all—exercise can make you feel young again. Participate in an in-person or online Pilates class to find the right fit.

It’s Fun and Fulfilling

Pilates isn’t just good for your physical health—it’s also fun and fulfilling. The variety of Pilates exercises available means you can find plenty of new ways to explore this exercise method. Work out with a group to heighten your motivation, or exercise solo to focus your attention on how your body feels.

Consider doing Pilates outdoors to enhance your mind-body connection in a beautiful landscape. Or stay indoors and do Pilates training on wooden stall bars; you can perform moves like the Swan or jackknife with support from the stall bars. Ultimately, Pilates keeps your workouts interesting and makes staying committed to your health easier.