Different Jobs Within a Hospital

Updated on August 28, 2023
Different Jobs Within a Hospital

Inside any hospital, you can expect to find hundreds of people working on a daily basis. All are there performing specific duties that are essential to the operation. We tend to think of doctors and nurses when thinking of hospitals, and for good reason. Within the hospital, though, there is administrative staff, support staff, and a host of other medical professionals that keep the hospital running efficiently. If you’ve ever wanted to work in the health care industry but can’t go to medical school, there are different jobs within a hospital that you can do. Look at some of the other careers available in a hospital.


Dieticians help educate patients on the proper diet and help them manage their conditions via diet. A dietician helps people with diabetes, obesity, and the additional health problems that come along with those conditions. They plan diets based on the patient’s goals and needs, be it weight loss, managing diabetes, or improving their lifestyle. They make personalized meal plans and track progress.


A sonographer is responsible for conducting ultrasound exams and operating the ultrasound machine. They are trained in anatomy and how to use the equipment. A sonographer is most often associated with monitoring pregnant mothers and predicting the gender of a fetus. They do much more and can help doctors diagnose serious diseases, broken bones, and even help heal sore muscles and chronic pain—this is all just part of a typical workday as a sonographer.

Medical Admissions Clerk

Admissions clerks admit new patients into the hospital and gather necessary information from the patient. They get their insurance information, medical history, personal information, and what their current problem is. They also give the different departments in the hospital needed information. When not serving patients, they answer phones, record data, and communicate with doctors and nurses.

Medical Social Worker

Social workers help patients and their families deal with the emotional stresses of hospitalization. They meet with patients and speak with them about what to expect from their diagnosis both physically and emotionally. They provide support for all parties involved when a patient is diagnosed with a terminal illness and show them other avenues for help.

Coding Specialist

The billing department is where you will find the coding specialist. They classify and code health insurance claims so that the hospital can get payment from the health care programs and insurance companies. They review claims to make sure they are eligible for reimbursement. They also work closely with the insurance companies to resolve denied claims.

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