How To Prepare Your Office for Flu Season

Updated on September 7, 2021
How To Prepare Your Office for Flu Season

People can catch the dreaded flu at any time of the year. However, most people tend to fall victim to it during the colder months. Understanding how to prepare your office for flu season will keep your patients healthy and happy and your employees feeling their best. Here are a few ways to ensure your office is clean, sanitized, and ready for the flu season.

Clean and Sanitize Regularly

Perhaps one of the most vital steps to prepare your office for flu season is to make sure your janitorial staff is routinely cleaning the lobby, medical rooms, and reusable equipment. Try creating a cleaning schedule for your team to follow.

Although cleaning your office every day is essential, it’s especially critical during the flu season. You wouldn’t want your patients to come to your office for one ailment, only to leave your office with another.

Not only must your janitorial staff do their part, but your employees must routinely sanitize their stations as well. Thoroughly cleaning the keyboards, door handles, and reception area throughout the day will minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Ask Employees To Stay Home If They’re Sick

A crucial step in maintaining a clean office is asking your employees to stay home if they’re feeling unwell. You should also send them home if they’re displaying symptoms while at work. A clean medical office starts with its staff.

Install Sanitizing Stations

Installing sanitizing stations doesn’t just mean placing a hand sanitizer in the lobby. Adjust all areas that your patients use. For example, ensure your patients use clean pens by labeling them and sanitizing pens after each use. Provide touchless hand sanitizing stations throughout your office so that everyone has quick access to sanitizer. This will allow your patients and staff to stay healthy without taking additional time out of their busy schedules.

Encourage Your Employees To Follow Procedures

Make sure your employees are following procedures to prevent any sickness from spreading throughout the office. Encourage them to wash their hands often, wear masks, and avoid getting too close to a sick patient.

Following procedures and being proactive during the flu season may even help you grow your medical office because you will have built a reputation for having a clean office that your patients can trust.

Preparing your medical practice for flu season is easy if you follow the above steps. When the flu season hits, your office will be ready.

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