Ways To Make Hospitals More Efficient

Updated on November 11, 2020
Ways To Make Hospitals More Efficient

Your hospital may face issues with its organization that lower efficiency. Staff can become overwhelmed by work, and patients may not receive attention as quickly as you want. With some strategizing, it is possible to eliminate holdups and remove obstacles that hinder smooth day-to-day operations. Consider these ways to make hospitals more efficient.

Adjust Duties and Positions

Over time, a hospital can grow. Staff responsibilities can become more than they can handle. Assess different members of staff based on feedback from meetings and monthly reviews. From there, make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your hospital completes tasks in a timely fashion. This may mean reassigning duties to different people or creating new positions that are entirely dedicated to a certain type of work, such as staff education and training.

Set Apart Focused Wings

If your hospital is dealing with high occupancy rates, you need to find a method for spreading your limited resources proficiently. Setting apart focused wings within the building is a viable way to make hospitals more efficient, because it helps you provide quick, concentrated care for patient conditions or ailments. Examples of potential wings could include a cardiology wing and a cancer treatment wing. All the equipment and staff you need will already be present in those areas, boosting efficiency. Keep in mind that specialized wings can also separate resources, making the treatment of general situation more difficult. The right balance between general and focused care capabilities will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Reorganize Hospital Parking

Often overlooked, the parking facilities and parking lot around the building also influence a hospital’s effectiveness. This is because a parking area can hamper physical access for some individuals if you do not design it wisely; they will have a harder time getting inside. Likewise, hospital parking should allow for quick pickups for those discharged by the hospital. To better plan hospital parking, you can make signage more visible, reserve parking spots close to the building for patients, and have separate sections for supply delivery. You can also increase parking capacity by installing mechanical stack parking systems that non-urgent patients and staff can use.