Important Advantages of Electronic Health Records

Updated on January 24, 2023
Important Advantages of Electronic Health Records

As technology advances, medical practitioners find new ways to deliver care and make their treatments more effective. One recent advancement is the use of electronic records that provide more information about a patient. Here are several important advantages of using electronic health records if you have yet to utilize this technology.

Up-to-Date Information

A patient’s medical history is one of the most important things a doctor needs. Electronic health records can help them better access that information by providing the most accurate and recent data about that patient. Then, the physician can accurately diagnose a patient and improve the outcomes of their care.

Ability To Share Records

Another important advantage of using electronic health records is doctors can easily share the patient’s most recent medical information. If a patient experiences a hospital stay in one state and has another in a different state, those locations can effortlessly share information. The technology also allows doctors to coordinate with each other on decisions about the patient’s care.

More Efficient Care

Electronic health records are a method of effective patient charting that also drives a more efficient flow of healthcare services. The records help improve productivity by cutting down on the amount of paperwork that staff and patients must fill out. They also improve the rate of medical management in a physician’s practice.

Fewer Errors

Electronic health records allow physicians to reduce errors in their work. For example, caregivers may have struggled over the years as they tried to read the nearly illegible handwriting of other clinicians, but electronic records eliminate that problem.

The system also makes doctors more aware of a patient’s allergies or conditions, which prevents them from prescribing medication that will cause a bad reaction. The technology also informs doctors if patients have undergone specific tests and eliminates the redundancy of taking those tests again.

An electronic health record can be a valuable tool in patient treatment. Not only will you provide better care, but it will increase the patient’s trust in you as a doctor.

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