Tips for Training Staff on Using New Medical Equipment

Updated on January 6, 2023
Tips for Training Staff on Using New Medical Equipment

When you buy an upgraded medical device for your health-care facility, it’s important for patient health and safety that everyone learns how to properly use it. Use training time effectively to teach important information. Use these tips for training staff on using new medical equipment.

Set Training Goals and Objectives

To set relevant training goals, consider the staff’s knowledge and experience of the device. Variations in employees’ backgrounds and specialties affect how easily they can adapt to the new equipment.

By tailoring your training, you can focus time on filling knowledge gaps. New iterations of even familiar devices often feature new technology. Technology can make your practice more efficient, but only if everyone understands the device’s features and how to safely operate it.

In general, by the end of the training, staff should be able to do the following.

  • Use the device for routine tasks
  • Understand types of user errors and their consequences
  • Know basic troubleshooting
  • Know device care and maintenance

Choose an Interactive Training Method

The next tip for training staff on how to use medical devices is to make the session interactive. The more staff members participate in the training, the better they will be able to retain information. And if they have trouble during the training, you can address and correct any issues.

Instruct with supplementary visual handouts, slides, and videos. Let staff practice tasks on sample devices and accessories. You should also offer other resources, such as instructional videos and a support hotline for future use.

Assess Competency

At the end of the training session, use a competency assessment to ensure trainees can correctly use the equipment for their tasks. Consider retraining and testing competency three months after the training session.

Your facility should assess, monitor, maintain, and record medical device competence at predetermined intervals of time. Give trainees contact information so they can get answers to any follow-up questions they have after the session ends.

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