Four Tips for Healthcare Administrators

Updated on January 15, 2022
Four Tips for Healthcare Administrators

If you hold a leadership position in the healthcare field, you’re responsible for ensuring successful outcomes and efficient operations in your practice, clinic, or hospital. Even if you’re not performing surgery or making diagnoses yourself, you’re an integral part of the healthcare system, which, in turn, is an enormous portion of the American economy. When it comes to streamlining operations, any manager or administrator is always looking for tips. For healthcare administrators, improving organization is a matter of optimal time management, transparent interpersonal communications, and readily intuitive signs and symbols.

Make Every Minute Count

Doctors and nurses make the most of their time off, but working in healthcare doesn’t lend itself to a great deal of comfortable downtime while on the clock. Tasks pile up and emergencies arise. It can feel as if there aren’t enough minutes in the day. By instituting effective time-management systems, personnel can avoid feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

Organize Colorfully

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words. While there’s no consensus on the verbal value of a color, it’s safe to say that color coding is an effective way to convey key information in healthcare facilities. Studies have shown that color coding in hospitals is effective for managing timely admissions and discharges, as well as providing a way to quickly identify important medications.

Encourage Transparency

Communication in the healthcare industry is a lot more than a doctor barking “scalpel” and wordlessly receiving it. Not only must personnel communicate clearly and openly with each other, but client-facing employees must navigate complex interactions with patients, their family members, and their insurance companies. In your role as an administrator, model transparent communication strategies that the entire staff can emulate.

Hire the Right People

One of the most important tips for a healthcare administrator, as for any industry, is to make key hires in back-office departments. While medical billing may not be brain surgery, it’s a very demanding and important aspect of a medical facility’s operations. Many job seekers are interested in pursuing a career in the clerical side of healthcare. Effective administrators can set high standards for these roles.

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