The Fastest Growing Industry Sectors in Healthcare

Updated on August 28, 2023
The Fastest Growing Industry Sectors in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is in a place of dramatic change as many sectors respond to environmental factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, economic conditions, and population changes. Below, we’ll discuss some of the fastest-growing industry sectors in healthcare and what jobs are in demand now and likely will be in the future.

Chiropractic Care

As humans age, chronic pain, especially regarding the spine and back, becomes a more significant problem as our bodies gradually show signs of years of wear and tear. North America has a large older population now due to the baby boomer generation entering their senior years.

Within this aging population, there’s a growing number of people dealing with chronic back pain, and more doctors are becoming more agreeable to referring patients with chronic ailments to chiropractors instead of treating the issue with medication. So, in states nationwide, there’s a growing market for chiropractors and spinal manipulation.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

One of the fastest-growing industry sectors in healthcare is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). NEMT services are growing for many reasons, but perhaps more than anything, it’s due to the lack of other viable transportation for many patients—particularly seniors.

Once a senior reaches an age where they can’t drive themselves, many aren’t left with viable transportation alternatives. Public transportation is lacking in many areas, and rideshares are expensive. NEMT is the ideal transportation method for those who want to maintain some independence and get to their doctor’s appointments on time.

Individual & Family Care

The main growth areas in the individual and family care sector are child and youth services, elderly services, and care for those with disabilities. Children, older people, and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable individuals and are, therefore, often experiencing abuse or neglect from family, friends, strangers, or even institutions.

That’s why there’s a growing need for more social workers and counselors in many parts of the country. Positions in high demand nationwide include family therapists, family and school social workers, marriage counselors, and more.

Home Healthcare

Another consequence of the aging population in the US is the need for more home healthcare workers or personal care assistants. We all know that, as we age, doing even the small, daily tasks around our homes becomes more difficult and cumbersome, especially for those with physical or mental ailments.

But many seniors can’t expect friends and family to care for them constantly, and many can’t afford a full-time stay in a retirement facility. So, personal care aids are a growing market attractive to many healthcare professionals, like nurses, who find working in a hospital too demanding.