Tips for Purchasing Medical Equipment

Updated on May 17, 2021
Tips for Purchasing Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is one of the most important and most expensive purchases that medical facilities make. Ultimately, the equipment a facility has will substantially impact its service quality and efficiency. As such, it’s important to choose carefully. To help you make the most advantageous division, we’ve written out some of our top tips for purchasing medical equipment.

Look Into the Reputation of the Manufacturer

When purchasing medical equipment, an vital factor to consider is the manufacturer’s reputation. Before selecting a device, do a bit of digging into the public opinion on a supplier and their track record. In addition to scouring online resources, reaching out to your colleagues about which manufacturers they recommend can help you get a good idea of who to trust. 

Check Out Past Customer Reviews

Even manufacturers with good reputations can create bad products from time to time. To avoid making a poor purchase, always check the product reviews on the device you’re thinking of buying before sealing the deal.

Looking at past customer reviews is one of the most effective ways to determine if a product will work well and stand the test of time. If you notice that the medical device you have your eye on has a fair amount of negative reviews, you might want to reconsider your purchase.

Determine if You Want a New or Used Device

Another important tip for purchasing medical equipment is to determine whether you want to buy a new or used device. Because medical equipment can cost a considerable amount of money, purchasing used devices can be a great way to get high-quality equipment at a lower price. However, when purchasing used items, you need to consider the age and expected longevity of the equipment to ensure that it’ll last. In addition, you’ll also need to ensure that the medical device doesn’t have outdated safety features or capabilities.

Consider the Manufacturing Process Used

The manufacturing process that a company uses to create a medical device can significantly impact its function, price, durability, and overall quality. When purchasing an expensive and influential piece of equipment for your facility, it makes sense to look into the manufacturing process behind its production.

When it comes to larger, more complex medical devices, reaction injection molding often yields some of the highest quality products due to its low tooling cost and a high degree of design flexibility. For smaller, less intricate devices, manufacturing processes like injection molding may prove sufficient.

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