4 Common Procedures at the Dentist Office

Updated on January 31, 2023
4 Common Procedures at the Dentist Office

Dentists go through dozens of patients every month. However, most of those people come in with issues that are similar to each other, so dentists perform the same procedures on most of their patients. Here’s a look at some of the common procedures that dentists do on their patients.

Treating Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can affect anyone if they don’t take proper care of their teeth. While the specific treatment can change depending on the level of decay, every dentist has some experience with treating it. From root canals to removing infections, dentists perform it all.

Tooth Alignment

Most people don’t naturally have perfect teeth, and they struggle with a crooked and uneven smile. That’s why tooth alignment is a common procedure; people want to fix their teeth to look their best. Some procedures include braces and crowns.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes a tooth is too far gone when the patient comes to the office, and the only thing the dentist can do is remove the tooth. This can be a difficult process for the patient and a complex procedure that opens the door to infection if not done right. That’s why it’s important that the dentist knows how to prevent any complications during a tooth extraction. Their main goal is to keep their patients safe, and knowing how to properly do a tooth extraction helps them reach that goal.

Dental Implants

Sometimes dentists don’t just remove the teeth inside a patient’s mouth; rather, they can leave some behind. Another one of the most common procedures for dentists is installing dental implants. The term dental implants can involve many procedures, such as replacing one tooth or the whole mouth.

These are the procedures that every dentist will likely use during their career, especially if they work as a family dentist. These procedures are key to the health and happiness of millions of people across the world, and every dentist should be ready to perform them when necessary.

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