Death by Meeting

Updated on January 15, 2022

Does your organization seem to hold meeting after conference call after meeting without any real progress being made? Too often a greater emphasis is placed on the need to coordinate schedules and discuss strategies rather than on achieving the actual improvements proposed. While collaboration is important, don’t let your decision-making process fall victim to a pattern of incessant meetings. Let American Healthcare Solutions help you simplify.

Through SHARP Staffing, the AHS line of Productivity and Benchmarking Services, decisions concerning increased efficiency can be made more easily. Our bi-weekly monitoring and quarterly dashboard reports allow department managers and hospital executives to closely track real-time operations. Volume levels, staffing patterns, and other important information are delivered in a streamlined manner eliminating excessive data gathering and unnecessary guesswork. In the past, details that may have taken several meetings to collect and discuss can now be viewed at a glance with SHARP reports. With meaningful productivity targets to drive the reports, more immediate changes can occur to ensure established goals are being met.

Without downplaying the importance of routine review and planning, SHARP Staffing makes these less of a group activity by arming all levels of hospital leadership with the same valuable information. Don’t allow your organization to get caught up in the death by meeting scenario – make sure everyone is “in the know” by utilizing a realistic solution, SHARP Staffing.

To learn more about American Healthcare Solutions and the many services we offer, please visit us online or call us at 877.337.3011.

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