Win over Erectile dysfunction with these Food Items

Updated on October 7, 2021

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It is said that we are what we eat, and rightly so. The food, we feed in our body plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of our body, including our sexual organs.

As food plays a complementary role in all types of treatments for our body, it’s worth consideration in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well.

Even if you are using a medication or treatment prescribed by your doctors such as Cenforce 100, Tadacip 20 or Vidalista 20, but some food can boost up the benefits that these medications give you.

Here’s a good list of foods that you can add up to your diet for treating erectile dysfunction and making your love life more exciting:

Green Leafy Vegetable 

Since a young age, we have been bugged by your mothers and grandmothers to eat leafy green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, and kale. They are great for the overall wellness of your body as they come loaded with a host of minerals, omega-3s, and vitamins, but what if these greens make your love life better? 

These greens boost nitric oxide in your body, which improves the flow of blood in your body, which is essential for having erections.


We all pop in a few nuts or two regularly as they are delicious and offer a high amount of calories in a few bites. But these tiny delicacies also store the secret to an exciting sex life. They contain arginine, which is an amino acid that your body needs to make nitric oxide. As you know, nitric oxide is what keeps on the blood flowing correctly, so munch on the nuts to treat your condition. 


As famous fantasy lovers state, the strong smell of garlic makes vampires run for their money, but these bulbs also keep erectile dysfunction away. Garlic keeps the arteries free from any blockage which prevents the blood circulation of your body in the excellent condition. 


Carrots are a great aid in improving your love life. Men who eat carrots regularly have a healthier and stronger penis and also have a greater sperm count than those men who don’t have carrots in their diets.


Peppers are great at spicing up your food, and they are also come handy in spicing up your love life. All times of peppers and chillies are hot, and they heat they give your body relaxes the contracted arteries of your body and keeps the blood in your body up and running which is essential for getting your male member up.


A cup or two of coffee is a must-have for many people all over the world. As it contains caffeine which stimulates the brains as well as the body of the people who drink it, it results in higher flow of blood and improves blood circulation in your body. Even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, drinking coffee can lower down your risk of getting this condition by 42%.

If you are not a fan of solid foods and prefer easy to use Kamagra Oral Jelly as it quickly melts on your tongue, then there are some juices you can try which are delicious to sip in.

Watermelon juice

The watermelon juice contains lycopene which is an antioxidant that great for the health of your heart and prostate and relaxes your blood vessels.

Grape juice

Grape juice increases the amount of nitric oxide in your body, thus improving the blood flow in the blood vessels and keeping your body active enough for great love-making. 

Pomegranate juice

Another juice that adds up to the amount of nitric oxide in your body is pomegranate juice. This boost in nitric oxide even boosts up your love life.

You don’t have to try all these foods all at once. Try mixing them in your diet one at a time and add on them as you go. 

Apart from these food items, there is a range of other food items such as chocolate, olive oil, fishes and tomatoes, which can also help to treat erectile dysfunction as kamagra. You can add these foods to you diet as well as for enjoying a better level of physical intimacy with your partner.

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