How to Administer CBD for Cats with Anxiety?

Updated on February 6, 2022

Felines, like all other animals, experience fear and anxiety with the root causes ranging from larger animals, loud noises to unfamiliar locations, and separation from family. Do not underestimate the power of CBD for cats anxiety, as it can have a calming influence. 

Behavioral Signs of Feline Anxiety

You know your cat is feeling anxious when its pupils dilate. They crouch their body and lower the tail. Your pet may also display noticeable behavioral signs that include:

  • Excessive lethargy and decrease in activity levels
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Soiling the home
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hiding away or the need to cling to you, the pet parent
  • Restlessness without any apparent provocation
  • Meowing excessively

Administer CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has a natural calming effect on your anxious feline without giving them a high. Administering CBD for cats with anxiety is recommended owing to its minimal side effects. Administering the dose half an hour to one hour before the anxiety trigger is more effective. 

Doing so allows the CBD ample time to take effect before the dreaded event. For instance, if your cat suffers from separation anxiety, the extended window relaxes your feline when you leave and during your absence. 

Your vet will usually recommend you begin with a lower dose and gradually increase it if there are no improvements and adverse reactions. It is ideal to start with 0.25mg of CBD for every pound of your cat’s body weight. A strong dosage is when you raise the CBD to 0.5mg per body weight pound.  

Figuring Out the Dosage 

Always start your furry feline on small CBD doses to calm them down and make them feel happier. Till you identify the dosage that works best on your cat, administer approximate dosing so long as your pet responds well. 

Finding your cat’s optimum CBD dosage may take time and involve experimentation, but once you figure it out, your feline will experience significant benefits. As a thumb rule, lean towards under-dosing your cat irrespective of its size because you cannot undo the damage administering a strong dose may cause.

Keep these essential factors in mind when administering CBD to your anxious cat:

  • Age 
  • Diet
  • Bodyweight
  • Overall health condition
  • CBD potency

Administering Method

Drop the recommended dose of CBD oil into your cat’s food bowl and mix it all up nicely. Most cats relish the added oil taste and lick their platter clean. Your cat’s system will absorb the CBD oil better when not ingested on a full tummy. 

Alternately, you can gradually squeeze the CBD-infused dropper directly into your feline’s mouth if they allow you to. Depending on your cat’s activity level and personal chemistry, the CBD may take effect within 15 to 45 minutes. Its effect can last anywhere between four to six hours.

CBD Potency You Intend to Administer

The potency of your CBD product depends on factors such as conditions under which the hemp is grown, the CBD extraction process, and the hemp strain. 

Make sure to refer to the label for nutritional information. You can use this to determine the quantity of CBD required per serving. When using a tincture, confirm the CBD content per drop.

An isolate indicates the product contains CBD in its purest form, while the entire hemp plant is used to extract full-spectrum CBD oils. Across suppliers, the potency may also vary by concentration levels. 

Choosing CBD for Cats

To ensure you give your cat only the best, and safest CBD product, conform to these practices: 

  • Stick to reputed brands using organic hemp-derived CBD and CO2 extraction methods.
  • Check for the Certificate of Analysis issued by a reputed and unbiased third party.
  • Rely on carefully formulated products with all-natural ingredients manufactured by a CBD pet specialist.
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