8 Easy Steps to Have a Perfect And Relaxing Manicure At Home

Updated on August 25, 2021

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Self-care is more than just outer elegance and beauty. More and more people are realizing over time that there is more to it. The more you focus on yourself and take care of yourself, the more confident and rejuvenated you will land on your daily days. As per research, self-care and self-love can promote both physical and psychological health.

Even a little haircut, nail paint, or a spa session can make a difference in your mental health. The same goes for a manicure session too. Manicures at parlors are not an affordable option for one and all. So, look at some of the easy steps to enjoy a relaxing manicure right at your home.

  1. Clean and Prepare Your Nails.

When you begin your manicure, the very first step is to prepare your nails. The majority of the women do not pay much attention to the preparation of the nails, which is a big mistake. Starting with dirty or half-polished nails can impact the quality of your manicure adversely. You do not want all your complex works to go in vain. So make sure you clean off the surface of your nails flawlessly. 

Do not forget to use a quality nail polish remover from a good brand. If you have gel nail polish on, make sure that you use the gel nail polish remover. Some removers also help in strengthening the structure of the nails as well as the cuticles. If your nail was free of nail polish, you can wash your nails and get rid of the cuticles. 

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  1. Shape Up.

The next important step is to shape your precious nails. The shape of your nail shall define the final outlook of your nail after a manicure. To shape them, you can trim your nails. After you are done trimming, ensure that you use a filer. A filer will make sure that the edges of your nails look professional and feel smooth. Use a nail trimmer and a filer separately as a quality filer is much quicker and ensures safety if you are doing it for the first time. 

  1. Focus on the Cuticles

Many are scared of this step. So it is an advantage as you will be doing it at home. Your cuticle care will be in your own hands. If you have any cuticles left at the corners, you need to get rid of them. For this, use warm water to soak your fingers for a minute or two and remove the cuticles easily. Ensure not to cut off too much of it as that can lead to pain.

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  1. Apply the Cuticle Cream or Hand Cream

This is an essential part of the process, so do not skip it. If you have cuticle creams, you are good to go as they make the fingers and nails soft. If you do not have them, do not worry. In that case, use a hand cream and even body butter to moisturize your hands and fingers properly.

  1. It Is Time for Your Base Coat

A base will help your nail polish stay intact for a longer time. The base coats are primarily transparent and easy to apply. Always watch the quality and brand when you pick a base, as this will directly impact your nail surface. 

  1. Time for the polish

Before you take the brush and dive into polishing your nails, check for any dirt or excessive oil on it again. You can wipe the surface with a cotton swab and carefully apply your favorite nail paint color. Save some time for this part, as you do not want to cross the nail borders at any cost.

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  1. Apply a Second Coat for Thick Polish

This step is entirely optional. Many colors require a second coat to give you a profound effect. Also, this shall depend on your choice of color and thickness preference. But if you apply a second coat, always remember to dry up the first coat to keep things tidy. You can also add sparkles or any other nail art in the end when you finish up. If you want to apply tiny or mini textures, use more delicate nail paint brushes.

  1. Wash and Moisturize Your Hand For Best Results

Do wash and moisturize your hand. Once you are done wearing your final coat, you can wash your hands thoroughly. This will clean up any nail pain debris or particles and make your hands look clean. Lastly, do not forget to soften your palm skin with a good moisturizer again to lock in the smoothness. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are the steps that will make the manicure session at home both perfect and relaxing. Make sure to have all the accessories that you need. It is excellent if you already have the items and accessories from before. You can simply invest in a manicure kit if you do not. This will make things much easier for you. It will be a wise and one-time expenditure that will make every manicure session at home relaxing and quick. As per surveys, proper and quality manicure equipment and accessories can add a touch of health to your nails.

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