The Necessity of English and its Advantages

Updated on July 11, 2019

Are you relaxing on Loom and Leaf Mattress and thinking what to do? The perfect activity for everybody is learning English. Nowadays English is the most important language in the world and not to know it is a real shame. English is used everywhere: in business, travels, science, the Internet, education, and others. This language connects people and helps them to obtain knowledge and useful information from big sources.

However, it is not easy to find a motivation to start learning English. So, you need to know all the benefits, and after that, you will take up English for sure.

English is the most popular language in the world.

The whole world speaks English. 196 countries have recognized English as a second official language. This is a language of diplomacy, business, and other essential spheres. English is used at different conferences, during interesting training, and just in everyday life.

English opens more opportunities for you.

Having learned English, you have a chance to communicate with people from all over the world. Tourism, cinema, science and many other aspects become wider and more available for you. Speaking English, you can develop yourself, work in foreign companies, and find new friends. It is easier to realize your potential with knowledge of English.

You become valuable as a worker

Statistics say that people who know English receive on average 30% more than others. Such workers are necessary all the time and everywhere. You can take more exciting projects. As well you have an opportunity to exchange your experience with foreign companies. English is a lucky ticket to your success. Thanks to English you can become a successful businessman, move abroad or be a professional.

English gives an access to best world universities.

English will help you for sure to obtain a good education. Best colleges and universities are located in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and Australia. To study there, you must speak English fluently. The benefits of studying in such universities are obvious.

English is a direct way to best world literature.

If you enjoy reading and discover something new every day, English is must have. All works of famous writers and poets are translated first into English. In addition, there are many well-known English-speaking writers and poets. Reading an original text is a big pleasure.

Media mass is based on English.

Exciting, informative and popular TV programmes, entertaining shows, films, and music are broadcast in English. Knowing English, you do not need to see films with subtitles or translations. It is better to enjoy your favorite film in the original. Besides, it is more pleasant to listen to English songs and understand the whole sense of them.


Knowing English, it is easier for you to find new people and friends, with whom you have a lot in common. There are numerous English conversational platforms, where people from all over the world socialize. New people and communication in English will present your positive emotions and interesting ideas.

English is a perfect hobby.

Learning English is funny and exciting. There is a big variety of idioms, slangs, and unusual phrases. All these things make this language multifarious and challenging. This hobby will improve your memory, give a new motivation, broaden your outlook, and enhance your vocabulary. Remember: learning any language makes you better.

English is funny

On the Internet there exist plenty of sites and resources for learning English. They all are interesting, connected with various games and creative tasks. You can choose what you want. Devote just a few minutes a day and you will see positive results.

English is important for travels.

Many of us are fond of traveling. So, English can be helpful during your trips. With English, it is not hard to book a hotel, ask for directions, or order your meal. You can enjoy fascinating excursions in English and learn about a city, building or event easily. English is highly useful when you have some little problems while traveling. Without doubts you can address to a manager and all problems will be solved.

If to find a motivation is a not so complicated task, then to start and learn English quickly is a challenge.

Here are some useful tips for all beginners and not only.

The plunge in an English atmosphere.


Surround yourself with English. Put small stickers with English words and translations everywhere: on the wall, above your bed with Loom and Leaf Mattress, and even on cupboards in your kitchen. You will always have your look at them doing your usual things. In such a way, it is easier to remember new words. Make them colorful, with big letters, and if possible with small pictures. This method is ideal for visual learners.

Listen to the radio.

This is a good way to learn to comprehend English and stay informed of all news and events. Of course, it will be really hard at the beginning, but gradually you begin to catch separate words and then to understand the whole meaning. So, listen even if everything for you is all Greek.

Name all objects.

Walking in the park, being on the way to your work, or doing sport, try to name all the things that you see. Then complete some sentences of your actions. It is an interesting assignment to enhance your vocabulary and know all household stuff in English.

Play games.

You can take your favorite board games and play it in English with your friends or relatives. This is an excellent way of learning new words and revising of already known ones. In addition, it is greatly entertaining.

Speak, speak, and speak.

Try to speak from the very beginning. Accustom yourself to English conversations. Firstly they will be very small and with many mistakes, but eventually, you will improve your speaking skills. Visit conversational clubs, communicate via Facebook or Skype, and sometimes speak to yourself. All these tasks are helpful to achieve your aim.

Learning English is vital. It does not matter if you learn it by yourself, at school or with a tutor. Just do it.