How CBD Is a Game Changer for an Athlete

Updated on April 11, 2021

Athletes often exploit their bodies to the limit. Stress experienced during intense training or competition affects not only mental health but also the functioning of muscles, which often have too little time to regenerate.

Cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical from the cannabinoid group that brings pain relief to tired muscles and joints, comes to the rescue. CBD is a marijuana component that does not disturb the perception of reality in any way, unlike THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

More and more studies indicate the positive effects that CBD has on the human body, which is why people wondered how it would work as a supplement for an athlete. It turns out that many sports ailments can be alleviated by using CBD products.

Some professional athletes use CBD because it is a natural and mild remedy with many healthy qualities. Among other things, it supports the regeneration of the body and allows to reduce stress resulting from participation in important competitions.

In this article, you will learn about the different uses of CBD in sports. You may be surprised how many positive effects this substance has on an athlete’s body!

Pain Treatment and Muscles Recovery

CBD has promising effects in reducing muscle pain and inflammation that often occurs after too much training. Post-workout pain and muscle soreness are natural then, but well… very unpleasant.

Pain is the result of the muscle repair process after training. It confirms that during the exercises, there were micro-injuries of the muscle fibers, which now have to rebuild. This is a desirable process as the muscles rebuild themselves bigger and stronger than before. After all, isn’t it one of the main reasons people go to the gym?

During this process, your immune system triggers an inflammatory response that is designed to regenerate damaged tissue. However, the combination of damage and inflammation makes the muscles stiff and sore.

This is where CBD comes in. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this substance can reduce the feeling of pain and make tissue regeneration a gentler process. Finding the best CBD oil of 2020 shouldn’t be difficult if you thoroughly read the comparisons of different products. After a successful search, it’s time for the most pleasant thing – checking the excellent product on yourself.

CBD for Stress

Anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties of CBD are also applicable in sports. Almost every discipline requires total focus on the task, efficient exercises, and a very orderly approach to life (regular meals, going to bed at a specific time).

It all requires a lot of discipline and a strong psyche. The coach takes care of this to some extent, but even their advice can become frustrating and throw the player off the beaten track. Digesting CBD oil has been shown to have the remarkable effect of relieving excess tension caused by competition.

Better Sleep Quality

No athlete should give up sleep before an important competition. A restful night is the most crucial part of an athlete’s day, right after a hard morning workout. Many athletes experience stress on the eve of the competition, which is preventing them from falling asleep quickly. What’s more, if they manage to fall asleep, the night is restless, they often get out of bed, so the overall sleep score remains low.

Your circadian rhythm governs your ability to concentrate, physical strength, hormones, and even your body’s temperature. It has been shown that sleep deprivation and a disturbed daily cycle lead to a reduction in reaction speed, which is so crucial in sports.

It turns out that CBD can help you get deep, uninterrupted sleep, which will make you energetic in the morning. Sleep is also an opportunity to regenerate, so much needed before the start.

Can Athletes Use CBD Legally?

Yes, they can! The World Anti-Doping Agency’s Code, which is a document harmonizing anti-doping rules worldwide, states that all cannabinoids, except for CBD, are prohibited. Cannabidiol, as a non-toxic substance that does not have any impact on the perception of reality by people, is approved for supplementation by athletes.

However, the WADA recommendations contain important information about CBD oil particularly. The agency warns that the use of CBD oil may result in a positive test result for a prohibited cannabinoid. It is because some CBD oils may contain trace amounts of, for example, THC.


CBD is a natural supplement with many properties that works very gently. Athletes can use it stress-free as The World Anti-Doping Agency has approved it as a legal substance.

Each sports discipline requires commitment and constant challenging of your mind and your body. This can lead to stress, feeling depressed, and of course, constantly painful muscles. Cannabidiol has a chance to make these harmful symptoms go away. Perhaps it will also prove to be the right product for your recovery? We think it’s worth trying!

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