Best CBD Oil Canada – Top 3 CBD Brands

Updated on March 23, 2024

CBD Oil’s rising popularity greatly owes itself to the effectiveness it displays in addressing and relieving pain, anxiety, and sleep irregularities. Health conditions and symptom management, that would otherwise require allopathic medicine, are effectively treated with the usage of this product.

Given its scope, therefore, a number of players have entered the market. Nonetheless, when it comes to CBD, one must remain wary of the brand to measure the quality and purity of ingredients. Whether it is oils, gummies, or pills, when you’re trying to find an escape from existing problems, the last thing you want is to walk into another fix.

For this reason, we decided to review the top 3 CBD oils in Canada and recommend our pick for your next shopping spree.

Fast-forward to the end of this article, CBDNorth emerged as a clear winner in terms of its offerings. But instead of telling you why we think it is one of the best CBD oils out there, we will simply let the products speak for themselves!

1. CBDNorth: Canada’s #1 CBD Brand

CBDNorth is considered one of Canada’s most trusted sources for all-natural and effective CBD. Customers have raved over their highly potent oil tinctures that bring significant improvement in sleep patterns and provide overall relaxation. 

They offer full-spectrum CBD oils. The Canadian grown full-spectrum hemp extract, combined with organic and clean MCT Oil, paves the way for a potent blend. Apart from CBD, you also get to reap the benefits of CBG, THC, CBDV, and many more cannabinoids. The entourage effect becomes enhanced, which is ideal for pain management, sleep disorders, general discomfort, and extreme stress. 

If you are looking for relief from stress, anxiety, or looking to stabilise mood swings, then CBDNorth’s CBD Isolate Oils makes for the ideal product for you. The hemp extracts for this product have above 99% CBD content with zero detectable levels of THC; this means, the pure CBD experience will assist in better sleep and pain alleviation without the psychoactive effects of THC. 

CBDNorth also helps out newbies in the CBD community by providing a CBD education section on their website. You can follow their dosage guide and product recommendation if you are unsure of what to start with. 

In addition to this, you can also try out their wide variety of CBD forms other than oils. CBDNorth offers CBD creams and edibles like gummies, infused with organic flavours. Mouthwatering, eh? 

The company also prides itself on honesty and transparency– in fact, all their oils are tested and verified by third-party labs, which further upholds their image of being a morally conscious, reliable, and caring brand. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDNorth


●       Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is known for its complete impact when it comes to sleep and pain

●       CBDNorth fully removes THC with its extraction method for Isolate Oils

●       Varying levels of potency and dosage bottle sizes

●       Quick and helpful response back from customer service

●       Free shipping for orders above $99

●       SSL secure payment option 


●       There is no subscription program for reordering your same purchase


Available in multiple dosage options.

There are multiple options for levels of potency, ranging from 500mg to 2000mg. Furthermore, you can also choose between the 30ml and 50ml dropper. Long story short, you can decide your purchase based on your need – a high potent dosage preference means choosing products with a higher level of potency and vice versa.

Multiple Cannabinoids

CBDNorth’s Full-Spectrum Oil offers an expansive range of multiple secondary cannabinoids. These work together to amplify each other’s effects, ultimately providing unique health benefits. 

No added artificial flavouring

CBDNorth keeps it simple with clean and pure organic MCT Oil. There is no artificial flavouring added for taste, yet customers find the taste delightful. You know what that means: you can benefit from the effects of the premium Canadian grown hemp, without worrying about what it’s going to taste like. 

Financial assistance

CBDNorth is also the first Canadian brand to provide financial assistance to those in need. If you fit the requirements, you can get 45% off on all your orders. This is primarily because the brand believes in granting everyone the right to premium quality CBD care.

2. CBD Magic: Organically Produced CBD Oil

CBD Magic is another well-known brand that specialises in Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Water Soluble CBD. 

Although it is cheaper than CBDNorth, CBD Magic does not offer the same complete entourage effect.

Why? Because they do not include enough cannabinoids for it. Yes, you heard that right. There are no detectable levels of CBN, THCV, and CBG found in their CBD oils.

Despite this, they offer a decent enough effect required for improved sleep, pain reduction, and curbed anxiety levels. The company formulates its CBD oils with organically sourced MCT oil as well as full-spectrum hemp extract and hemp seed oil. 

The website divides its product category based on customer needs. So, if you’re on the lookout to for something that helps you focus, they will show you their range of products for exactly that purpose; pretty much the same thing as shopping for clothes by looking at catalogued looks.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD Magic


●       Their CBD oils are effective in providing relief from pain, anxiety, and stress to a certain degree

●       Subscription program available for repeated orders

●       Dosage guide and recommendations are provided to beginners

●       Available in multiple potency options ranging from 500mg to 4000mg

●       A large variety of CBD products available for all your needs


●       You will not get the desired entourage effect of CBD oils

●       No financial assistance provided

●       Only one dropper size option available

●       No customer service representative is available on Saturdays and Sundays


Subscription program

CBD Magic aids the ordering process with its subscription program. You can save valuable time and money without the hassle of ordering the same product over and over again. 

Free shipping

CBD Magic will provide free shipping for all orders – big or small. 

Refund Policy

CBD Magic aims to achieve complete customer satisfaction. That is why they provide the option of a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So, if you wish to return the product, you can get your full money back within 30 days. 

3. Resolve CBD: Transparent CBD Brand

Resolve CBD is a Toronto-based Canadian CBD brand. You will find an extensive range of CBD capsules, gummies, pet treats, and full-spectrum oils on their website. 

Resolve CBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil works well in calming your anxiety, taking away your pain, and helping you get an uninterrupted full night’s sleep. But its effectiveness again is lower in comparison with CBDNorth, which promises a powerful experience.

Why? Because there is not enough variety of cannabinoids present to give you that synergizing entourage effect. 

Hence, it comes in third place in this list.

On the bright side, the company is very open about its CBD products. The lab results are available online, and they guarantee that what you see is what you get. 

The website also helps out beginners with a dosage guide that can help them opt for suitable dosage.


●       All CBD oils are considered non-psychoactive and safe for use

●       You can choose between natural or peppermint flavours for CBD oils

●       Resolve CBD has a 3-step quiz for personalized dosage recommendation


●       There is not enough variety in dropper size and dosage potency

●       The lack of entourage effect limits the effectiveness of CBD oils


Reward points

Resolve CBD values customer loyalty above all else. Its reward system awards you with points every time you make a purchase, which can be redeemed later in your future orders.

Subscription Program

You can also earn discounts through their subscription program. You have the choice between a monthly, bi-monthly or every six weeks subscription program. Once you subscribe, you will get a 20% off on every recurring order. 

What to Look For In a Good CBD Oil in Canada?

When looking at buying CBD oils or products, it is necessary to find the right brand. After all, a quality product comes from a quality company. But, how do you know what the right company is? Here’s a checklist to use to determine whether you’re picking the right brand!


The main ingredients need to come from a valid, reliable, and quality source. A company needs to source their hemp from the right places. If the brand can’t tell you where they’re getting their hemp from, it’s a red flag.

The right source for hemp is a strictly regulated farm. These farms follow necessary guidelines set for hemp production. If they’re following the right guidelines, you can be sure that the THC levels are regulated and within the legal limits.

THC Levels

The last thing you want to do is go against the law when buying products that are legal and freely available. The right brand will regulate the level of THC in their products to match what the law states, that is 0.3% THC.


Pick your choice in extraction type before choosing a brand. Some brands cater to every extraction type there is, while others specialize. Here’s what the different extraction types are:

●       Isolate: You’ll have CBD and nothing else in your products.

●       Full-spectrum: There will be different nutrients and flavour profiles to choose from.

●       Broad-spectrum: You’ll have every nutrient without any THC in the oil.

Once you’ve chosen your extraction type, choosing a brand will become a lot easier. You also won’t have to go through several different sites before picking the right one for yourself.


Whether it is CBD oil or ramen, you need to check the ingredients list. If your oil contains any other ingredients you’re not aware of, it may potentially pose a risk to your overall health. For instance, you could be allergic to one them, or they could be dangerous. The right brands will have gluten-free and vegan options as well.

If you are vegan, make sure you look into the ingredients for your tinctures and capsules as these products may contain animal products.

Third-Party Lab Results

Whatever the product, a quality brand will always provide proof of its authenticity via a third-party laboratory test. The results from these tests should be easily available (ideally on their website).

If they aren’t, it’s time to visit another website.

When you have the results, read through them well. Check to see whether the THC levels are actually within the appropriate range and safe for consumption.

What is the Proper Dosage For CBD Oils?

When you decide to start using CBD for your health requirements, you may probably find yourself wondering what the right dosage is. Unfortunately, there’s a little more to the dosage process than meets the eye. Your dose depends on four main factors:

●       Bodyweight

●       Reason for use

●       Body chemistry

●       Mode of ingestion (pill, gummy, oil)

To decide on dosage, it is advised that you look into the aforementioned variables. If you’re having trouble deciding a dosage, you can always consult your doctor for a recommendation.

Whatever dosage you start with, make sure you’re not increasing it without letting your body get used to it. If you’re starting with 5mg, then make sure you’re comfortable with the 5mg before increasing it to 10mg. It is recommended that you up your dosage by 5mg each time.

If you’re using it for conditions such as chronic pain, then you might have to experiment a bit with the dosage before you land on what works for you. Don’t hesitate to increase your dosage or tell your doctor that you need to; because CBD only works when you let it.

If you’re a beginner, start with a standard 5mg of CBD oil or any other product. This is a safe dosage to start with and get used to – plus, if nothing else, at least you’re avoiding the complicated math.

How Can CBD Oil Help?

CBD oil in Canada helps in several ways. A lot of the effects of CBD are still being theorized and studied, but there’s massive potential there. Some of the main uses of CBD oils and products are listed below:

Pain Reliever

Be it THC or CBD, one of the biggest attributes these stems possess is pain relief. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, or body aches, CBD oils have proven to minimize these discomforts.

Time to take a backseat, aromatherapy!

And even when the pain is not completely eliminated, its levels are reduced to a point where you can manage it. FYI, studies from around the world laud CBD as a valid and reliable way to deal with pain.

Moreover, a combination of CBD and THC has also been witnessed to help reduce pain in conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis. But if you are not inclined towards trying THC, then CBD itself can be very helpful as well.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are becoming increasingly common mental health disorders. While several psychiatric medications can be used to treat and manage the symptoms of both, CBD products can be used as an alternative.

Psychiatric medication has lots of side effects, the least of which include drowsiness, insomnia, agitation, sexual dysfunction, and headache. The more serious effects of psychiatric medication include addiction.

Substance abuse is common among those prescribed psychiatric medications for such disorders. With such devastating side effects, it is no wonder that people are looking for better options. One of these options is CBD.

CBD has shown lots of promise as an alternative to psychiatric medication for both anxiety and depression. As the two disorders often go hand-in-hand, using one substance like CBD oil can reduce the dosage of medication needed.


Even when it comes to chronic acne and other skin-related issues, CBD oil has shown promise in treating them. Acne primarily is an issue that affects a large part of the population. Unfortunately, though, a lot of acne treatments that exist currently in the market are allopathic.

They come in the form of medicated creams, lotions, and ointments. A potential natural alternative, such as CBD, reduces the need for such harsh steroid treatments. As a matter of fact, the secondary drawback of allopathic treatments for acne is that they only offer only short-term results.

Nonetheless, the use of CBD for acne treatment is simply a theory. There is no conclusive study that states that it prevents or manages acne.

In theory, the anti-inflammatory qualities of the substance should effectively manage acne.

Neuroprotective Protective Properties

The main way CBD is able to deal with pain and depression is by interacting with neurological processes. Since it seems to be effective in such situations, there are studies looking into the use of CBD for neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

While the studies are still new, they seem to be onto something. (Not on something; don’t let your mind pull tricks on you.) CBD is being studied in relation to reducing muscle spasms and pain in such disorders. Apart from these issues, it is also being studied in relation to Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

The consequence of such studies could be incredible, since the treatment and management of symptoms is usually crippling in neurological diseases.

Heart Health

CBD is also being studied in relation to heart health. CBD’s ability to lower stress and anxiety has a positive effect on blood pressure levels. Which in turn could potentially be of use for conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, and metabolic syndrome.

Potential Benefits

While the other benefits mentioned are benign actively tested, there are other possible uses of CBD cropping up. The known benefits of CBD such as pain relief and reducing stress and anxiety can be used to treat issues such as:

●       Schizophrenia: Studies have suggested that CBD might reduce psychotic symptoms in patients with schizophrenia and associated mental health disorders.

●       Substance Abuse Treatment: When tested on rats, the results showed decreased morphine dependence and heroin-seeking behaviour. If proven to be effective, it can be an effective treatment for drug addiction.

●       Anti-tumour effects: CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are being studied directly to reduce the size and spread of tumours.

●       Diabetes: Inflammation and diabetes have been shown to reduce when CBD was administered. However, this study was also conducted on mice.

While it does help manage the symptoms of disorders and other issues, CBD doesn’t cure them. So, you’ll find that your chronic pain is more manageable when using CBD oils or pills, but it will not rid you of the condition forever.

So, why is it so popular? One of the biggest benefits of CBD products is that they are not addictive in nature. Unlike allopathic medication, CBD oil is all-natural and non-addictive. It lessens the symptoms and does not have any adverse effects if you decide to quit cold turkey.

The all-natural part means that you’re not putting potentially harmful chemicals in your body. While painkillers and other allopathic medication are valuable and necessary, you can manage many symptoms with natural alternatives such as CBD oils.

CBD oils have shown to not interact badly with other medications and substances either. However, it is always necessary to let your doctor know and consult them on the addition of such doses in your daily routine.

If you’re wondering why THC products aren’t recommended, then you simply have to consider their effects. THC in high levels can lead to psychoactive effects such as dizziness, hallucinations, and more. You’ll experience a ‘high’ that is wildly different from the proven medical benefits of CBD.

CBD, unlike THC, does not have any psychoactive properties, even if ingested in large quantities. Even better, CBD cannot hurt you if you mistakenly take too high a dose. Studies have shown that our bodies can tolerate extremely large doses of CBD with minimal effects.

How to Use CBD?

Now that you’re convinced of how CBD oil can help you out, you’re probably wondering how to take it. You can consume CBD in many high-quality options. The method you choose to use depends entirely on your preference.

Here are all the different ways you can use CBD oil:

Oils and Tinctures

Oils are the most commonly available form of CBD. Oils and tinctures are perfect for people who can’t take a pill or capsule daily. They’re easy to administer and are pretty concentrated.

The oils are liquids with CBD infused that are placed under the tongue with a dropper. The tiny capillaries present in a region called the oral mucosa quickly absorb the oil.

Creams and Lotions

If you don’t want to ingest the oil, you can find CBD-infused lotions and creams. These are usually meant to treat muscle and joint pain. In some cases, you can also use them to treat skin conditions like eczema.

Applying the cream or lotion is straightforward. It is also generally one of the quickest methods of using CBD. The substance gets absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream.

Capsules or Pills

Capsules and pills are usually used for more serious reasons such as seizure disorders and digestive problems. The pills need to be approved by the required authority before you take them. Apart from this requirement, there are no issues with consuming CBD in capsule form. However, you will find that the effect may take a while to set in.


CBD gummies are by far the most popular method to use CBD. They come in exact doses that you can pop into your mouth every day or as required. Not only that, but they are the more affordable version.

The gummies come in different flavours and are more portable and discrete than a pill or oil. Rest assured, you won’t have to go through issues you could face with oils or pills.


Inhaling CBD vapour is the quickest and easiest way to see the effects. When you inhale vapourised CBD through a device like an e-cigarette, it is absorbed directly from the lungs into your bloodstream.

While there are no conclusive results to prove that vaping CBD can damage lung tissue, there are also no studies to prove otherwise. If you do choose to vape CBD, it is necessary to be careful.

Side Effects

CBD oils aren’t going to kill you. Even if you manage to accidentally consume 700mg of oils in one sitting, you’ll be fine. But, if you do manage to consume over 1500mg of a CBD product, there are a few side effects that might surface:

●       Diarrhea

●       Fatigue

●       Changes in Appetite

●       Nausea

●       Anxiety

●       Dry Mouth

Again, these side effects will not pop up if you consume a regular amount of CBD oil. However, if you face any side effects from CBD oil due to overconsumption, the effects should last no more than eight hours.

In such situations, panicking is a common reaction, but there is no reason to. CBD is an all-natural substance that cannot and will not hurt you in any manner. As long as you hydrate yourself well and eat something if you’re able to, you’ll be fine.

If the side effects are purely mental, distracting yourself with a walk or just sleeping the effects off should sort you out. This also applies to the initial sleepiness and fatigue you might face when you start to take CBD oil.

Endnotes: Who Should You Buy CBD Oil From in Canada?

CBD is an upcoming alternative substance that has been proven to manage symptoms of a lot of conditions. Even for general well-being, CBD has shown to be effective in managing and stabilizing mood and improving the overall quality of life.

With the evolution and availability of CBD oils and products, finding the right brand and products is essential. The wrong brand can completely put you off the substance. To prevent such occurrences, brands like CBDNorth are providing quality products that are easily available to you.

With such quality products readily available to you at affordable prices, there’s nothing stopping you from making a healthy addition to your life!

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