CBD Cream For Pain Canada: Top 3 Products of 2021

Updated on July 9, 2022

The demand for CBD products, be it creams or oils, is rapidly growing among consumers. 

And the credit goes to the numerous health benefits offered by cannabinoids. But the wide range of options available in the market makes it challenging to choose an effective pain-relief CBD cream. 

You may do a Google search on “best CBD cream for pain Canada” and come across 100s of articles and blogs on the “top 5 CBD products.” But the content provided by these online websites is not written by writers with CBD experience.

When it comes to choosing pain-relief creams, you need genuine and trustworthy suggestions. And that’s where we come in. Our list has been compiled after thorough research on reputed CBD brands and their products.

In fact, some of us have also tried using the creams provided on the list and the results were indeed satisfactory. So, you may trust us and our list of the three best CBD pain creams in Canada.

Top 3 Best CBD Creams For Pain Canada [Full Reviews]

  1. CBD NorthOverall Best & Editor’s Choice
  2. CBD MagicRunner Up

#1. CBD North Body Balm – Overall Best & Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview

When it comes to CBD products, CBD North Wellness is one of the most trusted brands with a mission to provide all Canadians with the best CBD creams for pain relief. It allows you to make use of full-spectrum products made using all-natural ingredients that are available locally. 

What’s more, each CBD cream and oil of this brand is lab-tested to meet industry and safety standards, so you need not think twice about their effectiveness. And this is backed by the verified customer reviews provided on the company website. 

Once you place an order, the Vancouver-based brand will get your cream shipped to any city, town, or village in Canada within 2 to 5 business days. Plus, it provides an attractive discount on full-price orders to cater to all those in need.


  • Third-party lab test results are available on the website
  • Created using locally grown organic hemp
  • Available in scented and unscented variants
  • One of the best places to buy CBD Oil in Canada
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Highly effective and beneficial
  • The all-natural formula provides soothing pain relief
  • Prompt customer service
  • Positive customer reviews and ratings


  • Nothing about money-back guarantee is mentioned on the website


For us, the CBD North Wellness Body Balm is undoubtedly the top pick because of the following reasons:

A. Size

The North Wellness CBD Body Balm has 600mg of CBD in a 2oz or 60ml container. 

B. Organic Hemp Source

CBD North has utilized all-natural ingredients and 100% organic hemp grown locally in Canada to make this body balm. Furthermore, the brand promises quality pain relief creams, which, when applied, allows you to experience the soothing care of CBD along with the synergistic healing properties of Calendula or Marigold, Rosehip, and Jojoba.

C. Multi-Purpose Use

This CBD body balm is not only effective in relieving body pains, aches, and sore muscles, but it also helps nourish dry and damaged skin. The formula, being made of all-natural, quality ingredients, helps restore your natural well-being while proving to be completely safe and effective in its use.

D. Third-Party Lab Testing

All CBD products from the brand are third-party lab tested to meet industrial quality and safety standards. That said, this versatile body balm won’t let you down both in terms of quality and pain relief efficiency. It’s pesticide, metal, and solvent-free and comes with 99.46% CBD.

E. Variety

The 600mg body balm from North Wellness comes in three different variants, i.e., unscented, rose & vanilla, and lavender & lemongrass. If you wish to enjoy an all-natural pain relief experience with no added scents, opt for the unscented variant. 

But the lavender and lemongrass-infused cream is also ideal for pain relief and lowering anxiety and acne. On the other hand, the rich French vanilla and passionate Rose Geranium offer mood-boosting properties and anti-aging benefits.

F. Universal Access

North Wellness is committed to ensuring that all Canadians have universal access to CDB. For this reason, the brand has created its very first CBD assistance program in Canada. 

It also provides a 45% discount on full orders to all residents of Canada. The list includes firefighters, police officers, senior citizens (65+), military veterans, post-secondary students, low-income households, and people with long-term disabilities.

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#2. CBD Magic Full Spectrum Pain Cream – Runner Up

Brand Overview

The primary goal of CBD Magic has always been to create some of the most effective pain relief creams in Canada. And it has managed to fulfill its goal by developing this full spectrum CBD pain cream using the purest and best raw hemp extract. 

It never uses any chemical ingredients while making any of its creams and oils. The brand only uses the highest quality, lab-tested, natural ingredients available in the market, so rest assured that the cream is safe to use all over your body. 

Furthermore, CBD Magic offers a wide range of products that you can rely on, including CBD pain topicals, full-spectrum hemp oil, pet-friendly CBD oils, pure CBD oils, and more. These are spread throughout the world to help people feel their best and boost their optimal health.

All you have to do is go to their website and make a one-time purchase or opt for a monthly subscription plan. Your order will be delivered to you discreetly to any destination within Canada as fast as possible at no extra charges. 

And you can avail of free shipping on ordering CBD creams and oils worth $150. That said, if by any chance you’re not satisfied with the cream, you may request a refund as CBD Magic promises a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Full-spectrum, premium-quality pain cream
  • Provide anxiety and stress relief
  • Boosts focus
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Only 0.3% THC
  • Easy cancellation option (before shipping)
  • Has undergone third-party testing


  • No scented variants


A. CBD Breakdown 

The CBD Magic Full-Spectrum Pain Cream has 500mg CBD in a 2oz container. It’s also available in size variants: 1,000mg, 2,000mg, and 4,000mg.

B. Full-Spectrum CBD Cream

CBD Magic has developed one of the most effective pain-relief creams for the residents of Canada, containing less than 0.3% THC. The high-quality, full-spectrum formula is made using only the best and purest hemp extract to ensure instant results.

C. Natural Ingredients

Besides raw hemp extract, the company has used only natural ingredients to formulate this cream, including beeswax, cayenne pepper oil, MCT oil, Juniper berry essential oil, and Copaiba Balsam essential oil. 

So, it’s safe to apply anywhere on your body, but even then, it’s advisable to use it efficiently and sparingly.

D. Premium-Quality Cream

Reputable brands always make it a point to send their CBD products for third-party testing to determine their quality. And this pain-relief cream from CBD Magic is no exception! 

It has even undergone mandatory pesticide testing, so there’s no reason to think twice about its quality, purity, and effectiveness. 

E. Highly Beneficial To Health

The CBD Magic Full-Spectrum Cream is not only effective in providing pain relief but also boosts focus and clarity. Other than the CBD, you’ll find all the other cannabinoids working together to protect and then heal you from infections, aches, inflammation, sleep disorders, and a lot more.

F. CBD Dosage Guide

The best part about CBD Magic is that it provides a CBD dosage guide on its website to explain the methods and amount of cream needed for the application. After all, it’s always important to know all about the doses to make the most of the product.

G. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There’s no denying that the brand has used only organic and locally-grown hemp to make this high-quality cream for muscle and joint pains. But if by any chance you’re not satisfied with its effectiveness, you may request a full refund within 30 days of the purchase. 

However, in that case, you’ll be responsible for the return shipping costs.

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#3. CBD2HEAL: Salve Cream

Brand Overview

With over 40 years of experience in medicine, business operation, marketing, and IT, the team of experts at CBD2HEAL has streamlined the manufacturing process of luxury CBD products. This is done to ensure that the creams and oils of the brand meet industrial quality standards. 

You can rest assured that all its products are made using non-GMO hemp stalks in compliance with GMP Canada. In fact, the Canadian brand has introduced the best CBD cream for pain Canada could have ever come across in the form of this healing salve cream that comes in a 2oz container.

It’s perfect for those on the go, especially because of its compact size. But that doesn’t mean its efficiency and quality have been compromised in any way. Being made and tested in Canada, the salve cream won’t let you down in terms of accuracy and consistency.


  • Provides free shipping on all orders
  • Uses 99% pure CBD isolate
  • Offers an affordable monthly subscription plan
  • Quick and instant pain relief
  • Just a small amount is effective in treating pain
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Not diverse in health benefits


A. Strength

The CBD2HEAL Salve Cream has 1,000mg CBD in a 2oz container. It also comes in other size variants: 500mg, 2,000mg, and 4,000mg.

B. Pure CBD Isolate

This pain-relief cream is made using 99% CBD isolate hemp extracted from organic farms in Canada. So, only a small amount of cream will work wonders in relieving pain instantly.

C. Organic Formula

There’s no inclusion of artificial additives or preservatives in this cream-based formula. It’s made using organic and all-natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, Juniper berry essential oil, cayenne pepper oil, Laurel leaf essential oil, beeswax, and Copaiba essential oil. Hence, it’s completely safe to use on your body.

D. Healing Properties

The pure CBD isolate guarantees instant relief for muscle, joint, and other chronic pains. It’s also effective in treating cracked skin and arthritis.

E. CBD Certificate

This salve has been third-party lab tested to determine its quality and purity. The brand has also provided the analysis certificate on its website for you to trust its credibility and product efficiency.

F. Free Shipping Policy

CBD2HEAL provides free shipping on all orders. They also ensure same-day shipping from Ontario via Xpresspost for orders placed before 9 AM EST. And the package will reach you within 2 to 3 business days.

G. 30-Day Refund Policy

The brand offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So, in case you’re unsatisfied with the cream or are experiencing allergies or adverse reactions, you may request a refund.

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How We Made This List

For curating our review-based guide, we began by compiling a list of the popular CBD cream brands in the market today. Of course, the popularity of CBD creams made our list extremely long. 

So, we researched each brand by closely looking at the customer ratings and reviews of their products and the third-party lab test reports. We also looked at how the company sourced and created its CBD extracts. 

Based on the results, we shortlisted the CBD brands on our list, which met the stringent standards. We then scrapped a few more brand names from our list till we were left with the top 3 names that we’ll discuss in this article.

Please note that our guide wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the documented reports and relevant input from the experts, CBD consumers, and journalists. And while cutting short our list of the best CBD cream for pain Canada, we looked at the brands and their products for the following:

  • Overall brand reputation and customer reviews
  • The processing facilities of the brand and whether or not they meet the FDA standards
  • Effectiveness of each brand at relieving different types of pain, discomfort, inflammation, sleep issues, and various other conditions
  • THC levels in the final products after making it to the store shelves
  • Hemp sources
  • If the products are made using isolate, full and broad-spectrum extracts
  • Whether the brand provides its customers with usage and dosage instructions
  • Whether or not the company provides conclusive information regarding CBD – its benefits, working, and what it’s about

Buyer’s Guide

The market is flooded with a wide range of CBD creams for pain relief manufactured by different brands, making the selection process tedious and time-consuming. That being said, it’s obvious that you’d want to opt for the best quality and safest product. 

But that means knowing which brand to buy from; further, requiring you to get acquainted with a few factors.

For starters, it’s important to determine what you’re trying to achieve from the particular CBD cream. However, keep in mind that what works for someone else may not essentially work for you. 

Consider, for example, a cream infused with methanol will work well for athletes. On the contrary, non-athletes with dry and cracked hands will prefer a special formula salve. Of course, it’s equally essential to know if you have any allergic reactions before making a purchase.

Here is a brief guide to the factors you should consider while buying a premium-quality CBD cream for pain.

1. Ingredients

This is one of the most crucial factors which will determine your purchase. It’s always important to opt for a brand that is transparent regarding the ingredients used to manufacture the cream. 

You should be familiar with each of the listed components, and don’t forget to look for their positive benefits. Check whether the CBD cream is able to provide cooling/warming and healing effects. It should act fast to ensure instant pain relief and comfort.

Furthermore, all the ingredients should be natural and organic with no artificial additives or GMOs. Even the hemp extracts used to make the pain-relief cream have to be locally grown in the organic farms of Canada. 

If you’re doubtful, you could always fall back on the customer reviews for confirmation of its natural formula.

2. Origin And Type Of Hemp Extract

Speaking of hemp, always go for a CBD brand showcasing the source of the extract used to make the cream. And since it’s the primary source of the cream, it will help determine the product quality. 

Keep in mind that there are three types of hemp extract:

  • Full-spectrum is a complete extract with less than 0.3% THC
  • Broad-spectrum is a full-spectrum extract of cannabinoids, lacking traces of THC
  • CBD isolate consists of only pure CBD

3. Third-Party Lab Tests

Third-party lab tests will help determine any CBD cream’s purity, safety, and quality. So, if a reputable brand is confident regarding its high-quality products, it will showcase the lab test results on the company website to prove its credibility. 

Furthermore, the transparency makes consumers trust the CBD cream and its effectiveness. Ensure that the test results are up to date with all the required information. 

In other words, check whether or not the cream has been tested for metals, preservatives, or artificial additives.

4. Branding

Every company should invest a significant amount of time, money, and effort in branding before delivering the final CBD cream. Even if the packaging does not determine a brand’s credibility, investing in how the product looks will help customers trust you.

Now, there are many instances where brands have tricked us with attractive packaging and zero quality. So, make sure you check the relevant details to see that quality triumphs.

5. Price

Remember that the price of any CBD cream will depend on its quality, ingredients, dosage, and of course, the brand name. And if you plan on making regular purchases, it should be well within your budget. 

That said, most brands also offer monthly subscription plans, so that’s something you might want to take a look at.

6. Shipping Policy

A brand offering free shipping on full orders means it’s ready to incur the costs required to ensure excellent customer service. 

In fact, a good shipping and refund policy will determine whether or not the company is able to build a long-term, trustworthy relationship with its customers. Or if its aim is only to gain customers, making one-time purchases.

7. Is It Safe For All?

As per the cannabinoid and cannabis research conducted, CBD creams are safe and can be applied to any part of the body whenever required. But injured people should avoid applying them on their sores and wounds; in such cases, it’s better to wait until complete recovery. 

What’s more, CBD creams formulated for pain relief should never be applied to your face as they may cause adverse reactions. 

Additionally, check the ingredients and oils used to make the cream. People having sensitive skins are prone to irritation and allergies on application. 

8. Benefits

It’s important to purchase a cream that is effective in ensuring pain relief. But it should also have soothing properties to calm you down. Here are a few health benefits a CBD cream should offer:

  • Help treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Provide therapeutic effects on arthritis and inflammation
  • Boosts focus and clarity
  • Treats cracked skin
  • Soothe stress and anxiety

9. Side-Effects Of CBD Creams

Most CBD creams undergo third-party lab testing, so rest assured they are safe for your body and skin. However, you might come across a few side effects upon application. And even though the small dosages won’t make you high, consumers have experienced the following negative effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Appetite changes and weight fluctuations
  • Allergies

Nonetheless, the chances of CBD creams reaching your bloodstream to cause full body side-effects are significantly low. But even then, it’s better to consult your healthcare provider as they might interact with certain medications, resulting in adverse effects.

10. Dosage

Make sure you read the instruction label of the CBD cream before making a purchase to determine its dosage and potency. Now, most cream-based formulas list their dosage in milligrams (mg). 

That said, if you’re a first-timer or relatively new to CBD use, it’s better to opt for a low-dose cream. You may then progress to a higher dose if the need be.

How CBD Cream Helps With Pain?

When CBD creams are applied directly to the skin, they target the particular areas of pain or discomfort, thanks to the lipids transferring the phytochemicals of the CBD to the skin cells. And at this stage, they will begin working with the endocannabinoid system to boost their effectiveness.

The receptors and small proteins in the cells will then receive signals from the stimuli, promoting them to respond by creating pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. As the cream keeps getting absorbed into the skin, you’ll start feeling a cool or warm sensation.

This effect will make you feel better within just a few minutes of application. But at times, it can also take up to an hour.

FAQs About CBD Cream For Pain Canada

Q. Is CBD Cream Legal In Canada?

CBD creams are indeed legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act, which came into force in 2018. In fact, they are used for the treatment of various medical conditions. 

Like all cannabinoids, CBD attaches to the receptors of your brain or immune system to produce certain soothing effects. As such, it helps provide pain relief and other benefits like skin nourishment.

Q. Does CBD Cream Work For Pain?

As per the studies conducted, CBD creams are effective in providing relief for inflammation and pain. We’ve also come across evidence suggesting that topical creams help soothe a variety of pain sensations, including arthritis-related pains and swelling.

Q. Does CBD Cream Help Calm You?

The plant-based natural formula of CBD creams helps keep you calm by relaxing your body and offering stress relief instantly. All the natural ingredients, including the full-spectrum hemp extracted from the organically grown farm in Canada, will act fast to give you the desired soothing experience.

Q. How Do CBD Creams Work To Offer Pain Relief?

In the case of creams and salves, CBD will enter the body through its largest organ – the skin. It allows even fatty oils, including those in CBD creams, to enter your body through absorption. 

The CBD, in turn, interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors (cell signaling system) present in the brain and immune system, allowing the body to return to a balanced state by regulating the following:

  • Memory
  • Appetite
  • Immune system
  • Inflammation
  • Pain

The receptors will receive the signals from the various stimuli and then help the cells of your body to respond accordingly, which, in turn, will create inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. 

Long story short, CBD products, such as creams, tinctures enable you to manage pains, including chronic muscle and backaches. All you have to do is directly apply it to your skin so that the lipids in oils transfer the phytochemicals through the skin’s cells to target specific areas of pain and discomfort. 

This is also the stage when the cream will start working with the endocannabinoid system for better functioning.

Q. How To Use CBD Creams For Pain?

The answer to this question is quite straightforward as it involves rubbing the CBD cream on your body. But the first step requires you to identify the problematic, rather painful area. 

For instance, if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort on your back, apply the cream topically and massage the area while following the instructions provided.

Also, make sure you don’t use more than the recommended amount of CBD cream. Most products contain ingredients like methanol and arnica capable of giving you a cooling or warming effect. 

If you dislike these sensations, start by applying a small amount on a small part of your skin to test for allergic reactions. No matter how natural or organic a cream is, that doesn’t entirely eliminate the possibility of reacting with people’s skin. 

Furthermore, make it a point to consult with a professional healthcare provider before applying it to determine if you have any underlying health conditions and allergies.

Q. Is CBD Cream Good For Joint Pain?

CBD is an anti-inflammatory that can be used to provide instant relief against joint pain among those suffering from conditions like arthritis. In fact, consumers have also reported better mobility with the use of CBD.

Conclusion – Which CBD Cream For Pain Canada Should You Buy?

Based on our reviews, extensive research, and first-hand experience, we feel that it’s safe to say that the CBD North Body Balm exceeds expectations. The brand is reliable and ensures the prompt delivery of quality CBD creams, making it a top choice for most of us.

Customer reviews and testimonials have proved their effectiveness in relieving all kinds of chronic pains within a short duration. You need not be a professional athlete to make use of this cream as it’s safe to use by all.

In fact, that’s one of the best aspects of CBD creams; they serve as an effective way to manage pain while being safer alternatives to conventional pain killers. These products will function well to ease body aches and calm you down without making you high.

But to achieve the desired results, make sure you opt for an all-natural, full-spectrum CBD cream from a reputable and trustworthy brand. Choose from the options reviewed above, and you won’t go wrong!

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