Best CBD Gummies Canada: Top 3 CBD Edibles To Buy in 2021

Updated on July 9, 2022

If candies are your guilty pleasure, you don’t need to feel so guilty about it anymore!

With their numerous health properties, CBD gummies have gained rapid prominence among existing users and intrigued potential buyers of CBD products. The presence of cannabinoids ensures that these gummies are 100% safe and naturally boost the users’ overall well-being.

While a simple Google search on the “best CBD gummies in Canada” will generate countless results, we’d like to warn you that people with no prior knowledge of CBD and its diverse uses often write on these websites. 

When you’re looking for cannabinoids, you need legitimate information, and this is where we come into the picture. In this article, through extensive testing and research, we’ve compiled and reviewed a list of the best CBD gummies you can find in the Canadian market.

So, let’s get started!

How We Pick The Top CBD Gummies Brand?

We strive to recommend nothing but the best to our readers, and therefore, our primary goal was to carry out extensive research. We referred to journals, third-party websites, medical blogs, and third-party lab test reports to compile a list of CBD gummies that enjoy tremendous popularity in the market. 

To be honest, this was far more challenging than we had thought. There has been a remarkable increase in CBD’s popularity over the years, and we had myriad options to look through. 

We carefully went through the customer reviews of each of the options on our list and also asked CBD journalists and long-term users for authentic, unbiased information. To separate the genuine from the counterfeit products, we looked through their lab test reports and ingredients list. 

That’s not all; we also made it a point to look at how the brand derives its raw materials and the CBD extracts. 

Based on our search, we handpicked a few products and eliminated the rest. Going one step further, we narrowed down our list to include just three of the best options. While sifting through the list, these were the factors we considered:

  • Effectiveness of each brand in catering to pain, relieving discomfort, inflammation, etc.
  • The source from which the hemp is derived
  • Reputation of the brand and customer feedback
  • THC levels of products available on store shelves
  • Whether the brand provides all the details about CBD 
  • If the company offers usage instructions to buyers
  • Whether the lab test results were easily accessible through the company’s website
  • The type of CBD extracts used in the products 
  • If the processing facilities of the brand are FDA-compliant

Top 3 Best CBD Gummies In Canada [Full Reviews]

  1. CBDNorth: Overall Best & Top Rated
  2. CBD Magic: Runner Up
  3. Resolve CBD: Cheapest of All

1. CBDNorth’s CBD Gummies – Overall Best & Top Rated

CBDNorth is one of the most popular and reliable brands for CBD products – be it creams, oils, or gummies. Each of its products undergoes third-party lab testing to meet strict health and safety standards. Besides, these products are made of raw materials locally found in Canada. 

Since the brand is highly transparent with its health claims, you can easily access these lab reports on its website if you’re looking for more reassurance. 

The gummies from this brand, in particular, have numerous health benefits and are clinically proven to ease symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Moreover, they also help in relieving inflammation and pain. 

Based in Vancouver, this brand enjoys outstanding customer reviews, and after testing its products, we can vouch for its efficacy. What impressed us the most was the use of 100% natural hemp with no chemical additives. So, you can consume these delicious gummies with no fear of side effects or doubts regarding their effectiveness. 

Once you place an order, they will ship the gummies within 2 to 5 working days. No matter which Canadian village, city, or town you live in, CBDNorth delivers to every nook and corner of the country.  

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDNorth


There are several reasons we picked Sour Berry CBD Gummies as our top recommendation. These include:

A. Ingredients

CBDNorth makes use of 100% natural and vegan ingredients sourced from local Canadian districts. The raw materials used in the production of these gummies include cane sugar, citric acid, fruit juice, gelatin, natural and artificial coloring, and hemp oil infused with CBD.

Ditching animal-based gelatin, the brand aims to be vegan-friendly and provides the perfect solution for buyers looking for ethically manufactured products. 

Besides, the absence of artificial sugar ensures that the gummies are congenial for health-conscious customers and people with high blood sugar levels. 

B. Taste

If you like the sweet and tangy taste of raspberries and blueberries, these flavorsome Sour Berry Gummies will become an instant favorite! Although the brand doesn’t offer any other variants, they excel at producing this formula, and you’ll have nothing to complain about. Besides, the mild citrus scent makes the product even more appealing. 

C. Versatility

Perhaps the best part about CBDNorth products is that they have multi-purpose uses and the gummies from this brand are no different. Besides boosting your overall wellness, it also targets specific issues such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. In addition, it works as an antidepressant. 

Although marketed chiefly to promote calmness and bring about sleep, buyers have also noticed a remarkable difference in their chronic pain conditions through regular consumption of these gummies. 

D. Size

CBDNorth’s CBD Gummies contain 300mg of CBD in 15 gummy pieces. Each piece thus has 20mg of CBD, and one pack has 15 gummies in it. Consuming the gummies in such small quantities eliminates the chances of drowsiness, and you can continue using them daily. 

E. Third-Party Lab Testing

As we have mentioned earlier, the CBD products from this brand undergo rigorous third-party laboratory testing, the reports of which can be accessed through their website. It is only when a product passes the industrial and safety standards that it is deemed fit for the market. 

Although their calming and pain-relief properties remain uncompromised, they do not have any sedative effects and don’t make you feel high. 

F. Easy Access

To back its promise of universal access to CBD products for Canadian residents, CBDNorth has launched a CBD Assistance Program, which is the first of its kind. 

Besides, it offers a 45% discount to Canadian residents in need, such as people with long-term disability, firefighters, military personnel and veterans, senior citizens, and post-secondary students. 


  • Easy-to-access third-party lab test results 
  • On-time shipping
  • Ranked as #1 for Best CBD Oil Canada by WPHC
  • Mild citrus odor and sweet, tangy taste
  • Free shipping on all orders that cross $99
  • Formulated using locally grown, natural, vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Safe-to-consume gummies, with no recorded side effects
  • Highly effective for inducing sleep, relieving pain, and improving mood
  • Excellent customer service
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Website provides no information about the money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable for people allergic to peanuts, dairy products, or wheat. 

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2. CBD Magic Zen Leafs Gummies – Runner Up 

The central goal of CBD Magic is to provide authentic, high-quality CBD products – be it edibles, pain relief creams, or oils. And, so, they have turned towards producing full-spectrum CBD products from locally sourced ingredients. 

With over 50 years of experience and emphasis on using naturally extracted raw materials, this Canadian brand has created a solid reputation for itself. It is the go-to choice for many buyers, as is apparent by the highly positive reviews on its website. 

CBD Magic produces an impressive range of highly reliable products. Its portfolio includes water-soluble tinctures, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, healing salves, CBD oils for pets, CBD gel capsules, etc. 

The Zen Leafs Gummies from this brand are among its finest innovations. It has two variants – one for sleep and the other for pain relief. 

Since the brand does not use any chemical ingredients for its products, the gummies are 100% safe and natural. Besides, all the products are lab-tested and have passed the industrial and safety standard checks. 

Also, CBD Magic delivers all over Canada and gives you the option to opt for a monthly subscription plan to avoid the hassle of placing a fresh order every month. In case the Zen Leafs Gummies does not live up to its claims, you can ask for a refund as the brand comes with a 30-day money-back policy. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD Magic


A. Size

With Zen Leafs Gummies, you get the option of choosing between a pack of 10 and 30. Each piece has 30mg of CBD and melatonin. 

Moreover, the brand uses 99% pure CBD isolate for its gummies, and hence it is free from THC and ideal for regular use. 

B. Natural Ingredients 

The company has only made use of natural, locally extracted raw materials to formulate this product. 

The ingredients used in the manufacture of these gummies include hemp seed oil and full-spectrum extract, natural fruit flavoring, sugar, gelatin, stevia, and melatonin. 

C. Health Benefits

The presence of melatonin ensures sound sleep and proper treatment of insomnia and other aligned sleeping disorders. Moreover, the use of pure CBD isolate makes it non-toxic and absolutely safe for everyday use since THC doesn’t enter your system. 

The CBD gummies meant for pain and inflammation contain full-spectrum hemp plant extract but no melatonin. So, it helps treat acute pain without inducing sleep and can be used on workdays too.  

D. Taste

The Zen Leafs Gummies from this brand come in an assortment of colors and are coated with sugar. Since the company uses a full-spectrum hemp plant, the high sugar content helps in covering up the unpalatable hemp taste. So, if you have a sweet tooth, it’s a win-win situation for you.

E. Dosage Guide

To simplify things for you, CBD Magic offers a dosage guide. It is available on the company’s website for easy access. This guide explains the dosage requirement for a person, as per their weight and severity of the issue. 

That said, there is no one-answer-fits-all with CBD dosages. Experts always recommend that you start from lower levels and increase the dosage over time, depending on the necessity. 

F. Satisfaction Guaranteed

What we liked best about this product is that the brand stands by its claims – be it of improving the sleep cycle or providing pain relief. So much so that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product cannot produce the desired results. However, the only catch here is that you’d have to bear the shipping charges. 

G. Price

The Zen Leafs Gummies might not be the most affordable option out there, but given the use of 100% natural raw materials and full-spectrum hemp plant, the high price is justified. It also gives buyers the option to opt for a monthly subscription (which is cheaper) over a one-time purchase. 


  • Comes with a 30-day refund policy
  • Fit for regular use because of the absence of THC
  • Infused with melatonin to induce calmness, boost sleep and help with insomnia
  • Third-party lab tested products
  • Free shipping on all orders above $150
  • Locally bought, 100% organic ingredients
  • Highly positive customer reviews


  • Some buyers may find the gummies to be excessively sweet 
  • Expensive

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3. Resolve CBD Gummies – Cheapest of All

Based in Canada, resolveCBD is a brand that focuses on providing organic products at budget-friendly rates. Apart from gummies, it also manufactures oils, CBD capsules, topical products, and CBD oils for pets. 

It formulates the gummies through the use of full-spectrum hemp plant extracts, and hence, the product carries excellent pain relief and sleep-inducing properties.

What’s more, all the ingredients used in this product are locally sourced and have undergone third-party lab testing. Buyers can easily access the lab test reports through the brand’s website and rely on the products being 100% safe. 

The company delivers Canada-wide and ships orders within 2 days from the date of purchase. To make sure you never run out of gummies, you can opt for a monthly subscription plan that offers a whopping discount of 20%. 

Besides providing its customers with top-quality products, Resolve CBD also educates them about the numerous benefits of CBD infused products through multiple blogs and infographic posts. The brand informs the customers about the importance of CBD and how incorporating it into their lifestyle can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, induce sleep, reduce pain and control inflammation. 

With terrific customer reviews and a focus on maintaining the utmost transparency with potential buyers, resolveCBD has established itself as a leading manufacturer of CBD products. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Resolve CBD


A. Unique Formula

The brand makes its gummies using a range of 100% natural, locally derived raw materials that lend a unique appeal to it and enhance its taste. The base includes organic hemp extracts, full-spectrum CBD, organic honey and coconut oil, citric acid, gelatin, artificial flavor, and corn syrup. 

B. Strength

Each gummy from resolveCBD contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD. One packet includes five such pieces, and thus, you can get 100mg of organically grown CBD per pack. 

If you order multiple packs at once, you get attractive discounts. The brand offers various “bundle and save” options, and the gummies come in packages of two, four, five, and eight. 

C. Price

The gummies from resolveCBD are the most affordable option on our list. As stated earlier, the brand aims to make CBD infused products accessible to a wider audience and, to that effect, offers its items at budget-friendly prices. 

D. Recommended Dosage

As a beginner, if you are uncertain about the dose you should go for, then resolveCBD makes the decision easy through the comprehensive dosage chart on its website. It is always advisable to start from a lower number and increase the dosage gradually.

Ideally, you should start with only 10mg and increase the quantity in small increments every few days. That said, the dosage largely depends on the person’s body chemistry, weight, symptoms, etc. So, there is no definitive recommended dose, and people can only learn through trial-and-error. 

E. Health Benefits

This brand has all the goodness of CBD but with a negligible quantity (less than 0.3%) of THC. Thus, it remains safe for everyday use and is non-psychoactive. 

Gummies with full-spectrum CBD can effectively treat various issues, including anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression. In addition, it also provides relief from chronic pain and inflammation. 

Regular consumption can induce sleep, promote peace of mind, and provide relaxation to the muscles and joints. 

F. Taste

If you like the fruity taste of strawberries, then the resolveCBD gummies will be a favorite in no time. With their mild citrus odor, and the sweetness and mellow taste of strawberry, these gummies are quite flavorsome besides being highly beneficial. 

Also, the sugar content helps cover up the unpleasant flavor of full-spectrum CBD. 


  • Highly affordable, with attractive discounts if bought in bulk
  • Fruity and mouth-watering strawberry flavor
  • Numerous health benefits, including relief from pain and inflammation
  • Induces sleep, helps treat anxiety, and boosts mood
  • Uses locally grown, full-spectrum CBD
  • Third-party lab-tested ingredients
  • Uses less than 0.3% THC
  • Offers free shipping on all orders over $75


  • Not vegan-friendly; contains animal gelatin 
  • No money-back guarantee

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Things To Consider Before Buying CBD Gummies: Buyer’s Guide

You will never face a dearth of choices when it comes to CBD products. With the market flooded with countless options, distinguishing reliable products from unreliable ones can be tricky and time-consuming. 

Before you rush to purchase gummies or any other CBD products, it is essential to get a basic understanding of CBD and all that it entails. This helps in making an informed choice if you wish to incorporate any of these products into your daily routine. 

For purchasing CBD gummies, merely going through the reviews is not enough. You’ve to decide what caters to your needs. 

To simplify things further, we’ve curated this buyer’s guide for you. So, let’s take a look!

1. Ingredients

One of the most critical factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing CBD Gummies is the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. 

Ideally, CBD gummies should have all-natural ingredients that are locally sourced from Canadian farms. Ensure that the product you choose has no chemical additives or GMOs and the concentration of THC is also mild. 

The most common ingredients found in CBD gummies include sugar, natural flavoring, fruit juice concentrates, gelatin, hemp extracts, and of course, CBD. In addition, some manufacturers include melatonin to induce sleep. 

Any ingredients apart from this might be harmful to your health. So, go through the product label thoroughly and ensure that you are not allergic to any listed ingredients. 

2. Third-Party Lab Results

The best way to determine the safety and authenticity of your CBD gummies is through third-party lab reports. If a brand uses top-quality products, it will prove its reliability and attract more customers by displaying unbiased lab reports on its website and making them easily accessible. 

It is essential to check the test results and go through the list of ingredients listed on it. Check for heavy metals, chemical additives, solvents, etc., and ensure that the product you purchase meets the safety standards.

Besides, the brand should have a certificate of analysis (COA) from a third-party source that details the quantities of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. 

Long story short, the brand must be completely transparent with its customers and come with the necessary certifications to establish its credibility. 

3. Type Of Hemp Extract

Hemp extracts are an essential ingredient found in the best CBD gummies. However, the source and type of extract play a key role in determining the quality of the gummies and how they’ll benefit the consumer. For instance, broad-spectrum hemp extracts have the most benefits because of multiple active ingredients. 

Hemp extracts are chiefly of three types:

  • Full-spectrum extracts have under 0.3% of THC and don’t produce any narcotic effects. However, when combined, THC and CBD have miraculous healing properties, dubbed as the Entourage Effect.
  • Broad-spectrum extracts contain cannabinoids and hemp actives such as terpenes, pinene, and so on but no THC
  • CBD isolate has 99% of pure CBD and nothing else

4. Price

Several factors, including potency, ingredients, and brand reputation, influence the price of CBD gummies. It is vital to invest in high-quality products, even if they have a slightly higher price. 

You can get the benefits of CBD gummies without burning a hole in your pocket by opting for monthly subscriptions since several brands offer exciting discounts on the same. 

5. Safety

Safety is the most common reason newbies are skeptical about trying CBD gummies. So, we’d like to start by stating that extensive research has been carried out in this field, and all of them have reached a similar conclusion: CBD, if taken in moderate doses, poses little to no health risks. Consider using CBD products for the following conditions:

  • Acute pain
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Restlessness or anxiety
  • Joint or muscle pain (whether permanent or temporary)
  • Depression

However, people with allergies or medical complications should always consult a physician and thoroughly go through the product label before consuming CBD edibles.

6. Health Benefits

As we’ve mentioned earlier, CBD products have endless health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Eases pain and treats inflammation
  • Boosts mood and promotes a healthy sleep cycle
  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Soothes the mind and brings about a sense of calmness

Some CBD gummies are marketed as pain relievers, while others are said to be mood enhancers. Depending on the concern, you should purchase gummies that can help treat the condition. 

7. Taste

CBD users prefer gummies over oil because they are edible and mask the earthy and unpleasant taste of hemp. Brands often use sugar, artificial, or natural fruit flavoring to add different flavors (fruity, tangy, and so on) to the gummies and make them sweeter. 

So, you can go through the vast array of flavors and pick one that you like. This ensures that you get the benefits of hemp without dealing with its intense flavor. 

8. Side-Effects

Although most users can tolerate CBD in mild quantities, sometimes your body might react adversely to it. Some common side-effects you might experience include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Headache and fatigue
  • Diarrhea 

These symptoms are more common among first-time users and usually go away with time. However, in case they persist, immediately get in touch with a physician. 

How CBD Gummies Help With Pain?

The working mechanism of CBD gummies is pretty simple. If taken regularly and as per the optimal dose, CBC gummies can help treat pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Although it takes time (over 90 minutes) to metabolize and be absorbed into the bloodstream, it works effectively without producing any long-term side effects. 

CBD gummies work with the body’s endocannabinoid system and interact with receptors found in the immune system and the brain. When these receptors come in contact with the cannabinoids present in CBD, it stimulates the brain to produce anti-inflammatory responses, thus relieving pain. 

With consistent use, you can see the pain-relieving effects of CBD within 3 to 4 weeks. We’d like to point out the CBD is among the most natural forms of painkillers available, and unlike marijuana, is neither addictive nor sedative. 

FAQs on CBD Gummies Canada

1. Are CBD Gummies Legal?

As per the Cannabis Act of 2018, the use of CBD products, including gummies, are legal in Canada. In fact, you can even purchase them over-the-counter without requiring a doctor’s prescription. 

2. Are Gummies As Effective As CBD Oil?

Absolutely! The only difference is that gummies take longer to work, and tinctures or CBD oils metabolize faster, but their efficacy remains the same. 

3. Do CBD Gummies Help With Insomnia?

CBD gummies can help regulate sleep patterns by calming the mind, enhancing mood, and releasing stress. 

Organic ingredients in CBD gummies such as hemp-infused oil, full-spectrum hemp extracts, and compounds such as melatonin can improve sleep and help treat insomnia. Moreover, since CBD is non-psychoactive, these gummies can induce sleep without making you feel “high.” 

4. How Are CBD Gummies Better?

There are a number of people who cannot tolerate the grass-like taste of natural hemp that the oil often carries. To derive its benefits without being repulsed by the taste, they opt for edible gummies. 

Moreover, people who are trying CBD for the first time often begin with gummies since they are sweet-tasting, mild, and soothing at the same time. 

5. What Is The Appropriate Dosage For CBD Gummies?

For beginners, gummies with 5mg or 10 mg of CBD are usually recommended. However, certain factors determine the exact dosage for people, depending on their weight, lifestyle, and requirements. You can start with 10mg and then gradually increase the dose in small increments till you find a suitable dosage to stick to. 

6. How Long Do Gummies Take To Work?

CBD gummies work quickly, usually within 90 to 120 minutes. Since you take the dose orally, your body needs time to digest and break down the components before absorbing them into the bloodstream.  

To hasten metabolism, we recommend taking the CBD gummy on an empty stomach. And, usually, the effect of this pill can last up to 7 hours. 

7. Do CBD Gummies Make You Feel High?

Not at all! CBD Gummies do not have more than 0.3% of THC. Even though it relieves pain, boosts mood, and helps you relax, it won’t make you high the way marijuana does. Thus, you can use it on a day-to-day basis.

Final Thoughts: 

That’s all, folks!

Based on extensive research, customer feedback, and first-hand testing, we can safely say that CBDNorth’s CBD Gummies is one of the best CBD gummies you can purchase in Canada. With its delicious sweet-and-tangy taste and 100% natural hemp formula, it promises to deliver beyond expectations. 

In addition, the excellent customer reviews of CBD Magic’s Zen Leafs Gummies and resolveCBD Gummies also rank them among our top picks. 

CBD Gummies are an effective and non-addictive way to tackle various issues, including acute pain, inflammation, anxiety, and irregular sleep patterns. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people are now choosing it to treat their medical and non-medical conditions. That said, we strongly urge all our readers to carry out proper research and rely on reputed brands, some of which we’ve mentioned in this article. 

Until next time, take care!

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