CBD Oil For Pain Canada: Top 3 CBD Brands of 2021

Updated on July 9, 2022

Pain is an inevitable aspect of life, and what matters is the techniques you have available to manage the pain. Among some of the best practices for managing pain would be CBD oil. 

While people in the past have stigmatized the oil, it’s popular in pain treatment procedures today. The oil is a derivative of Cannabis Sativa, and it can serve many purposes besides treating pain alone.

You should not assume that using this type of oil is not about getting high, but rather, it’s about enjoying the benefits of the medical elements. However, as with any other medical health supplement, you have to practice caution.

You have to consume a product from a reputable brand that has undergone various testing procedures. So, you have the peace of mind you need to enjoy consuming cannabinoid products with comfort. 

Thus, this guide should be helpful for you if you have ever come across the challenges mentioned above. 

What We Looked for?

Start by looking at the comments customers are saying about a particular product. It’s the first important step in finding a valuable supplement. Plus, we also combined this with insight from industry experts on Cannabis products and their derivatives.

The quality of ingredients available in the given product and whether it matches provisions by the product brand. Accurate information is a sign of a high-quality product. During the research process, we realized that people were concerned about two specific things.

These include whether the supplements can cause someone to feel “high” and whether the ingredients help in pain management. Thus, we took these factors into perspective when choosing these product recommendations. Trustworthy CBD oil for pain in Canada provides legitimate information because they are sure of their quality.

Top 3 Best CBD Oil For Pain in Canada:

  1. CBDNorth – Overall Strongest & Editor’s Pick
  2. BuyMellow – Runner Up
  3. CBD MagicCheapest

#1. CBDNorth – Overall Strongest

Brand Overview

Starting the list is the Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil. The oil originates from British Columbia, famous for producing different types of CBD products.

CBDNorth is also available in 3 strengths, including the 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg categories. You will also be pleased that this oil features clean and pure ingredients. It’s sourced from farms that don’t use any chemicals such as pesticides of hemp plants.

So, you are sure of CBD oil that is entirely organic, which makes it perfect for your health goals. 

The brand makers also recommend zero artificial flavorings for a rich dosage each time.

Whole this Premium Full Spectrum oil does not contain any flavors; each dosage is potent and won’t leave an aftertaste. Plus, the product packaging is also unique and provides valuable information for your product choices.

CBDNorth is the company that makes this product. They have an excellent portfolio of products and reasonable offers to match. As you would expect with all high-quality CBD products, this Premium CBD has undergone various testing procedures.

So, each dosage is pure, organic, and healthy, making it perfect for long-term pain management purposes. 

Source of Hemp

CBDNorth sources its Hemp from the top regions in British Columbia.

CBD Type

It’s a full-spectrum CBD oil for pain.

What are Its Flavours?

The product does not have any flavors, as the brand makers recommend taking it raw for a rich dose of Cannabis.


  • The oil features high-quality Hemp, which the company sources from BC in Canada.
  • It has additive and preservative-free doses of CBD oil.
  • The zero flavoring offers a rich dose of CBD.
  • The oil also contains coconut carrier oil.
  • Terpene.


CBDNorth takes its products for thorough lab testing and research to ensure it’s of high quality.


The company provides free shipping in Canada for orders over $99

Money-Back Guarantee 

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee for any product offers.

User Experience

The website offers high quality and simple-to-use interface for placing orders. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDNorth for the Best Discount

#2. BuyMellow – Runner Up

Brand Overview

Discover the excellence of the Mellow Oil Full Spectrum Oil, which is also excellent for managing pain issues. The oil offers a rich dose of oil so that you can use it for many years without experiencing any side effects.

The 1200mg version of CBD oil provides the benefits of cannabinoids in a simple, safe, and convenient format. Plus, the extraction process for CBD is also unique. The main reason is that the CBD comes from organic and non-GMO Hemp, which uses the latest nano extraction resources.

Each drop you take contains various beneficial compounds, including phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Therefore, you are sure of a product that improves your well-being in half the time it would take prescription drugs to do so.

Health is also top on this list for this product, and it’s evident that the ingredients are available. For instance, the fractionated coconut (MCT) oil does well to boost the oil’s flavor. Plus, organic non-industrial Hemp is free from any additives and impurities that can compromise your health. 

The process of extraction for this CBD product involves the use of C02 extraction techniques. You are therefore sure of a solvent-free extraction, which also boosts the quality of the Cannabis. Since most users are in the market for healthy CBD alternatives, the markers have also made this product gluten-free. 

When combined with the thorough lab testing procedures the company conducts, this health supplement is a suitable long-term pain management option. You can even prescribe it in well-controlled doses for children with health issues. 

Source of Hemp 

The source of the Hemp is in Vancouver, Canada.

CBD Type 

While the company offers several variations of CBD oil for pain, this particular type is a full-spectrum oil.

What are Their Flavours?

The CBD oil has coconut flavoring.


The product undergoes thorough testing in the labs in Vancouver, Canada.


You will get free shipping for orders over $100, and you can save up to $25 on three orders.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for product offers.

User Experience

The product website is simple to navigate, and you can access various CBD products with ease. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BuyMellow for the Best Discount

#3. CBD Magic – Cheapest

Brand Overview

You will be hard-pressed to find any CBD users that do not know of the Full Spectrum Peppermint Tincture Oil. Easily ranking among some of the top CBD products in the country, the oil works well for various purposes and not just pain alone.

According to the makers, CBD oil is also an excellent alternative for improving your general wellness and well-being. The full-spectrum oil delivers a rich dose of CBD, which includes various ingredients. These include components such as the CBN, CBDV, and THCV.

These are a powerful combination of cannabinoids, which work well for managing a unique set of pain complications. You can easily use the oil for managing back, foot pain, and headaches. 

Best of all, the product has undergone various tests to help to guarantee the quality of ingredients you will receive. These include the “Certificate of Analysis and Mandatory Pesticide” Tests. So, each dose of the product offers unrivaled quality and is perfect for your health goals. 

CBD Magic is the company responsible for making this product, and its main base is in Ontario, Canada. It’s one of the top locations for sourcing high-quality CBD products. The company performs through 3rd party lab tests on their products before releasing them for public consumption.

Source of Hemp 

The source of the Hemp is in Ontario, Canada.

CBD Type 

It’s a full-spectrum CBD oil.

What are Their Flavours?

The oil is not available in any flavors. Regardless, each dose is potent.


The product undergoes thorough testing in the labs in Vancouver, Canada.


You will get free shipping for orders over $100, and you can save up to $25 on three orders.

Money-Back Guarantee

The product is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

User Experience

The product website is simple to navigate, and you can access various CBD products with ease. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD Magic for the Best Discount

CBD Oil for Pain Canada Buying Guide

The CBD market has evolved positively over the past few years. However, as with all medical health products, some brands and product categories often have poor quality. So, it’s good for any consumer to be well informed before buying.

It’s a research process that goes further than just trusting a brand. It also extends to the various aspects of product quality that you should consider. Once you narrow down the search for the best CBD oil in Canada for pain, remember to:

Determine the source of the Hemp. Why does this matter? Well, it’s because the hemp source is an essential quality indicator. You can go for products from some of the top regions in Canada, the USA, Brazil, and Australia. Products sourced in Canada are best because you can easily verify any product claims. 

The CBD vs. THC balance. While it’s not possible to eradicate THC from the CBD, it should be at low levels. Anything that can make you high is not suitable for pain because THC has dependency and withdrawal issues. Ensure you go for a product that gives adequate information on this category. 

Gain insight into the different range of cannabis products on the market. Yes, cannabis products are available in many different types, including the isolates, full-spectrum whole, and isolate types. Each specific category serves various applications, and you should learn about these benefits. While it may seem like a challenge, learning about them is easy, and it will help you choose CBD oil for pain products wisely.

Determine whether the product has undergone thorough lab testing. The information should be available as part of the product information. Some brands go further by providing reports on each lab test process they use for product quality. The lab tests are essential because it’s an indicator of quality products. These are products that don’t contain any chemicals and are less likely to cause allergic reactions. 

Look closely into the specific contents of the CBD oil brand. You want to go for a product that does not contain any concentrates, additives, or chemicals. While these chemicals help preserve CBD oil products, they are not suitable for your health. Go for the traditional CBD oil that is organic and healthy. A legitimate brand should indicate this information as part of the product listing. 

Brand legitimacy is also essential. You want products from a brand that has an excellent reputation. The main reason for this is to ensure you can get refunds, in the rare case you are not satisfied. Or, you can get fast customer responses for any queries you have relating to a specific CBD product. 

CBD Oil for Pain: Canadian Buyer’s Guide 

Check the brand reputation – since most CBD products are sold on individual CBD shops and setups, brand trust and image ensure you do some background research on the brand. Go for products from high-end brands that provide quality solutions. The brand should be trustworthy and have excellent reviews from previous customers. 

Hemp quality – the Hemp used to make the CBD oil should be of the best quality. The maker of the Hemp should source the product from some of the top regions in the world today. The Hemp should also be free from contaminants such as additives, preservatives, and chemicals. These are chemicals that can have long-term side effects on users. Ensure that the THC levels in the Hemp are also low and should average at even 0.3%. Anything higher is likely to lead to issues, especially as the recommended use for such products is 21 years. 

Consider the product potency – it’s not all about the dosage levels that CBD oil has to offer. Also, consider the strength of the oil as well. Usually, potency has a solid relationship to the locations where the brand maker sourced the hemp product. Plus, the strength also relates to its effect on your overall health and pain management goals.

Lab testing procedures – since you are likely to be investing in expensive CBD products, ensure that you go for those that have undergone lab testing procedures. You want a product made by a top brand that realizes the importance of testing each product for quality. The product should have undergone testing for the presence of fertilizers, chemicals, additives, and various other chemicals.

Money-back guarantees and savings – you want a product that is available with safe offers for products. The money-back guarantees help ensure you have products that can provide the best value for your investment. Also, consider going for products that give you savings, including discounts and coupons. Some high-end brands even offer deals for seniors, American war veterans, and students. 

Availability of information – the ideal product brand is available with high-quality details. The information should be verified, and it should also have approval from organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) organization. You can use this information to conduct further research to determine whether the product meets the recommended quality standards. Also, use different sources, even if it means taking time to visit the CBD set up physically. 

The type of CBD – there are various types of CBD oil, each with a unique set of ingredients. The most common would be the full-spectrum and whole CBD oil, which contains ingredients with a medicinal value. The other type would be the CBD isolate, which also contains minerals, vitamins, and flavonoids. CBD concentrates are also another type, but they also contain THC. The THC should be an issue of concern as many people associate it with dependency and withdrawal symptoms. 

The flavoring – CBD on its own can be a bitter substance. However, with some coconut oil, you can boost the quality of the flavor. A few of the typical flavors include strawberry, coconut, and vanilla flavors. Some of the high-end CBD brands can also custom make a flavor for your needs.

Brand reputation – like buying another traditional product, it’s crucial to go for CBD solutions from a reputable brand. Do this to ensure you have access to a high-quality product that meets your standards. Furthermore, a reputable brand is more likely to provide you with offers such as discounts or coupons to make large-scale purchases. You can check the reputation of the brand on social media and cannabis forums.

Brand transparency – the brand should be trustworthy enough to provide adequate information on a particular product listing on their blog. More so, the product should also contain helpful information on ingredients. It’s an excellent technique you can use to determine whether a brand is legitimate. If you notice any inconsistencies in the information provided by the given brand, try and compare the same products with other alternatives. 

Extraction techniques – there are various extraction techniques that CBD oil brands use for their products. The extraction process is crucial as it determines the potency and overall quality of the CBD derivative. Be on the lookout for the method used to extract the CBD from the Hemp.

Using CBD Oil for Pain the Right Way 

Pain is any highly unpleasant and physical sensation occurs due to disease or injury. CBD oil can help manage such issues with exceptional results. It does this by targeting the pain cells in the brain and encouraging the production of feel-good chemicals. So, the body finds a better way to respond to the pain.

Even if CBD is not a substitute for your prescription medication, it’s a crucial aspect of managing the pain. The product contains several chemicals, including flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. These chemicals are powerful in helping the body respond to pain issues better.

The best person to use this product would be anyone who experiences recurring pain due to injury or disease. These include people who experience pain from:


Sleep apnea.


Broken bones.



Prescription medications.



Using CBD Oil for Pain Safely

Most of the CBD products you are likely to come across are potent. So, you have to be careful in taking your dosage the right way. First, ensure that you take the high doses of 1000mg and above, not more than twice each day. Taking anything higher can lead to reactions such as headaches, anxiety, and general discomfort.

However, the smaller versions or dosages of 500mg or lower are excellent, and you can consume them at least thrice every day. If you have any underlying health issues or are on other prescription drugs, consult with your doctor first. The CBD oil might have negative interactions with strong medications such as benzodiazepines.

Do this because CBD oils are sometimes available in doses of up to 4000mg. Such high doses are not suitable when mixed with some drugs. Also, never mix CBD oil with alcoholic beverages. The main reason for this is that it is likely to lead to discomfort and compromise CBD oil’s effects.

How CBD Functions to Alleviate Pain

The way CBD oil works to target pain is simple. First, the oil functions by targeting the pain receptors in the body. It encourages the production of feel-good chemicals, which help improve the body’s response to pain. 

Furthermore, the oil also targets the endocannabinoid system, which naturally occurs in animals and people. The system features a cannabinoid receptor system, which functions along with nerve endings in the brain. Plus, the cannabinoid system also has links to the gastrointestinal system and helps promote optimal homeostasis.

The result is that the individual can respond better to pain without the traditional side effects of prescription drugs. Furthermore, CBD oil for pain is less likely to lead to addiction as it does not contain synthetic products. 

Due to these unique benefits and modes of action, it’s easy to see why CBD is skyrocketing in the medical industry. It’s one of the main reasons why the cannabis industry ranks among the most lucrative businesses in the world today. Researchers have also started focusing on this subject area, as many people consider using such products for pain control.

Some recent studies have also attributed the pain control benefit of Cannabis to its ability to promote general body functions. The CBD has shown positive links to functions such as the immune system, brain, and circulatory functions.

Why Is CBD Becoming a Norm?

You might have heard about CBD oil and still be dubious about why so many people are speaking about it. Well, it works, and various studies have linked it to positive pain management outcomes. 

For instance, this study by Havard does well to document the benefits of Cannabis to various positive health outcomes. The New York Times has also posted an excellent article on the benefits of using these products. Both studies have done well to show the immense potential behind the medical effects of CBD products. 

The best part about using CBD products is that it’s not associated with any notable side effects. You can use it for several years and never have to worry about the challenges typically associated with synthetic drugs. The only caveat with CBD is to ensure that you consume it at the correct dosage levels.

Plus, most full-spectrum oils, such as the ones we have on this list, are THC-free. So, you are sure that CBD oil for pain won’t cause you to be “high.”


Q. How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work for Pain Relief?

On average, expect it to take up to 1 hour for the CBD oil to function optimally for pain relief purposes. However, it also depends on how you use the oil, with most experts recommending that you place it under your tongue. 

Q. How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Pain?

Expect to take up to 1000mg for the days when you experience immense pain. You can gradually increase the dosage, primarily if you use it to handle excruciating pain for issues like broken bones. However, be careful with such large dosages, as it’s likely to lead to secondary complications.

Q. Is Hemp Oil Similar to CBD Oil?

No, hemp oil and CBD oil are different products in many ways. CBD oil includes ingredients from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. Plus, these products contain a large amount of CBD, which is suitable for pain management. However, hemp oil comes from the seeds of the plant, and the extraction procedures vary

Q. What are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Using CBD oil comes with various health issues. While it’s easy to tolerate, the CBD makes your mouth dry, causes slight headaches, drowsiness and fatigue. However, these issues are rare and only show up when you overdose on CBD oil products. 

Q. Can I Rub CBD Oil On My Skin for Pain?

No, you cannot run CBD oil on your skin for pain. The main reason for this is because the best mode of consumption would be to consume it by mouth. Place it under the tongue, and wait a few minutes for the effects to set it. The CBD cannot work on a specific site or wound in the body.

Q. What Happens if You Use Excessive CBD Oil?

The general school of thought is that using excessive CBD oil can lead to various health reactions. A few of these common health issues include headaches, diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches, and discomfort.

Q. Why Do You Put CBD Oil Under Your Tongue?

You put CBD under your tongue because it’s the best way to absorb the drug’s benefits. Placing it under your tongue will deliver it directly to your bloodstream. So, you are likely to experience the benefits faster than when you would be swallowing it directly.

Q. Is CBD Oil Suitable for Anti-Inflammatory Purposes?

Yes, CBD oil works well for anti-inflammatory applications. It can help target pain receptors such that issues such as swelling no longer occur around the wound. Plus, the oil will also help improve your body’s response to the pain. 

Q. What Type of CBD Would Be Ideal for Nerve Pain?

The best type would be CBD oil because the body absorbs it easily. You just have to place it under your tongue and wait for a few minutes for the body to absorb the content. On average, anything between 500 to 2000mg is perfect for pain control purposes. 

Q. Is CBD Oil Suitable for Arthritis?

Yes, while CBD oil will not treat arthritis, it’s excellent for managing the pain and discomfort associated with the disease. CBD is not a treatment for any particular health complication but an alternative for pain management. It works excellent because it targets the pain receptors and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. 

In Conclusion

Pain can be a discomforting situation, especially if you are someone with an underlying health issue. Besides staying optimistic about your health outcomes, you also have to be informed about your options in managing pain.

CBD oil for pain Canada is an excellent alternative for various reasons. Most brands make their products using proprietary techniques so that each dosage is unique. The CBD works well for pain, with almost the same results as the traditional prescription alternatives.

However, the CBD is entirely organic, and most brands make their products so that they don’t make you high. So, it’s also a safe alternative to use with your kids, who have delicate body systems. Our top selection is – CBDNorth.

You can use CBD to address various types of pain originating from health issues. You can use it for pain from cancer, broken bones, stress, headaches, arthritis, and various other complications. However, be careful because some dosages are potent; never mix the medication with mind-altering substances.

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