Trenorol Review: Safer Than Trenbolone?

Updated on September 17, 2020

Bodybuilding is a serious activity for many people, and for many of those bodybuilders, the gains they can achieve through pure and simple exercises are not nearly enough. Often, bodybuilders turn to performance-enhancing steroids to compensate for this. 

But traditional steroids are illegal in many places for any type of use and can also have many serious short- and long-term side-effects. 

Most steroids are just a form of synthetic testosterone and taking artificial male growth hormones over a prolonged period of time inevitably leads to noticeable and undesirable physiological changes in the body.

For bodybuilders and athletes who desire a performance enhancer as a part of their workout routine but are worried about the negative effects that steroids have, it might seem like there aren’t any options. 

However, there do exist performance enhancers that use safe, natural ingredients and provide all the benefits of steroids without any side-effects. 

An example of this type of product is Trenorol, which you can read more about below. 


Who Is Trenorol for?

Trenorol is for serious professional athletes and bodybuilders who want a performance-enhancing product that isn’t harmful to their health and isn’t banned by steroid regulations. It is a product for those who are highly dedicated to the pursuit of fitness and considerable muscle gains.

Trenorol is sometimes referred to as a “legal steroid.” It is not actually a steroid in any chemical sense, which is a large part of what makes it legal, but it does have some steroid-like effects. 

Trenorol is most suited for both cutting and bulking cycles. The cutting cycle is a bodybuilding strategy that focuses on burning fat and developing lean muscle. In contrast, the strategy of bulking involves consuming more calories to increase overall muscle mass.

It is essentially an all-purpose supplement that is suitable for any kind of workout.  

Trenorol is meant to be supported with a proper workout plan and a controlled diet, so simply taking it by itself will not give the user the desired effects, or really have any effects at all. 

Without additional exercise and nutrition to really make use of Trenorol’s benefits, one would be unlikely to see any muscle growth or fat loss. 

Trenorol Review: Product Overview

Trenorol is based on an existing steroid called Trenbolone. In terms of their actual chemical makeup, these two substances are extremely different, but the overall effects of each substance are the same. 

However, these two products are quite different in terms of their side-effects. Trenbolone is an actual steroid, not a steroid substitute, and taking it has the potential to bring about a number of unhealthy and dangerous side-effects.

What Is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone is a popular yet illegal steroid that was first developed in the 1960s by the livestock industry. 

It was created with the intent of increasing the muscle mass and appetite of cattle, while simultaneously helping the cattle shed excess fat. This helped produce cows that were bigger yet leaner than normal. Trenbolone is still used as a supplement for livestock today, and it is currently sold under the name Finaplix-H.

Trenbolone was released for human consumption in 1980 under the product name Parabolan. However, just 17 years later, it was pulled from all markets due to its ability to cause serious side effects.

It was originally intended to be used as a treatment for various illnesses that caused the human body to degenerate, such as AIDS, osteoporosis, and diseases like muscular dystrophy that cause the muscles to waste away. 

Since then, it has gained popularity as one of the most powerful and effective steroids available. In fact, it is three times as powerful as testosterone when comparing the amount of extra muscle, and the two different compounds are able to produce.

Trenbolone is also known as trenbolone acetate, trenbolone enanthate, and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (usually shortened to trenbolone hexa). Informally, it is also referred to as “Tren,” or sometimes “Fina,” in reference to Finaplix-H.

All Trenbolone currently being produced for human use is illegal and is manufactured by underground laboratories with little to no proper quality control. 

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The Different Between Trenorol and Trenbolone

Despite the strong similarity between the names of these two products and the similarities in their effects, there couldn’t be more differences between Trenorol and Trenbolone. 

While Trenbolone is a singular compound processed into a consumable form, Trenorol is made from natural ingredients, including plant extracts and compounds that are already present in the human body. 

Trenbolone is most commonly found in an injectable form. Trenorol is only available as a capsule.

Trenorol has no negative side-effects, unlike Trenbolone, which is known to cause several harmful ones, including:

  • “Tren cough” – Individuals who use Trenbolone often experience an intense cough for about five to ten minutes after injection. It is not known for sure why this happens.
  • Aggressive behavior – Similar to other steroids, using Trenbolone can cause “‘roid rage,” a state of increased irritability and aggression, as well as other mental health issues. 
  • Acne – Severe acne is another common side-effect of steroid use. This happens because steroids cause the skin to generate excess oil, which blocks the skin’s pores.
  • Blood clots – Using Trenbolone causes the blood to thicken more easily, which can generate blood clots. Blood clots are incredibly dangerous because they can cause heart attacks and kidney failure.
  • Sterility – Taking Trenbolone or any other steroid causes the body’s natural testosterone levels to drop. In males, this can cause the testicles to shrink and even cause sterility.
  • Hair loss – Steroids can cause the hair follicles on the scalp to become inflamed, resulting in hair loss. 

Trenorol Pros & Cons

By all measures, Trenorol seems at first glance to be a safe and quality product. It is important, though, for any potential consumer to look at each aspect of the product before deciding to buy. Here we will list all the pros and cons of Trenorol that are apparent:


  • Natural ingredients – The few ingredients that make up the formula for Trenorol are all naturally-occurring compounds that can be easily researched.
  • Safe for human use – Trenorol has no side effects, and each ingredient in it is completely safe for human consumption.
  • No injections – Most steroids or other performance enhancers are typically administered via injections, which can be inconvenient, painful, and embarrassing.  Trenorol comes in a capsule form that can be easily swallowed.
  • Discounts available online – Trenorol’s distributor offers a discount for all products purchased via their online store. Also, customers are eligible for a free container of Trenorol for every two they buy. 
  • Strong customer service – The manufacturer’s customer service information is readily available from their website. They provide a wide variety of options for contacting them, including email, telephone, WhatsApp, and an online form for submitting questions or complaints.
  • Free worldwide shipping – Trenorol can be shipped anywhere worldwide for free within 15 days.


  • Requires considerable effort – Trenorol is effective, but only in conjunction with a proper exercise routine and a suitably healthy meal plan. Customers should not expect consuming Trenorol on its own to have any tangible benefits.

Trenorol Ingredients

Trenorol contains four active ingredients: beta-sitosteral, Samento inner bark, nettle leaf extract, and pepsin. Combined, these ingredients provide the muscles with the fuel they need to work out hard and get bigger. 

  • Beta-sitosteral (600 mg/serving) – Beta-sitosteral is a substance derived from a number of plants. It is mostly known for being effective at fighting cholesterol and may also have some anti-depressive side-effects. In Trenorol, beta-sitosteral allows the body to maintain its testosterone at a constant level, which helps increase muscle and reduce fat.
  • Samento inner bark (300 mg/serving) – Samento inner bark is also known as the cat’s claw or Uncaria tomentosa. It is produced from a vine native to South America. It can help boost the immune system and has also been shown to be good at treating inflammation. This helps the muscles to recover after intense training.
  • Nettle leaf extract (300mg/serving) – This substance is extracted from the leaves of the stinging nettle plant. Like the Samento inner bark, nettle leaf extract has also been shown to be effective at treating inflammation. In Trenorol, the nettle leaf extract helps prevent fluid retention, which helps the muscles appear sharp and defined.
  • Pepsin (75 mg/serving) – Pepsin is a compound that is normally found in the human stomach. Its main function is to break down proteins into amino acids that can be processed by the body. Muscles need protein in order to grow, and the added pepsin in Trenorol helps speed this process up.

Other non-active ingredients include: 

  • Gelatin 
  • Rice concentrate 
  • Lactose 
  • Silica 
  • Vegetable stearate
  • Maltodextrin 

These ingredients are included in Trenorol to help bind the active ingredients together and to help the capsules retain their shape.

How Does Trenorol Work?

Unlike Trenbolone, which is a singular compound that produces a multitude of effects, Trenorol consists of multiple ingredients that all have a different effect but contribute individually to a process that emulates the results of using Trenbolone.

What this results in is the ability of the muscles to retain more nitrogen. The muscles need nitrogen in order to receive proteins, so more nitrogen = more protein = larger muscle gains.

Trenorol also increases the production of red blood cells, which gives the user more strength and endurance during their workouts. Obviously, the more one works out, the more they can expect to see improvements to their fitness and strength levels.

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Benefits of Using Trenorol 

When compared to Trenbolone and its myriad of side-effects, Trenorol displays many clear benefits. 

It is a great performance enhancer for bodybuilders or otherwise athletic individuals who have a workout and meal plan that works for them. For such individuals, Trenorol is an excellent product for these reasons:

Fast Muscle Growth

Trenorol promotes the growth of muscle tissue much more quickly than it normally occurs. It also helps the muscles heal much faster after a workout, decreasing the time the user needs to recover and get back to the gym.

Physical Appearance

Trenorol helps the body shed excess fluid, which prevents the body from looking swollen or bloated after a workout and helps the muscles appear hard and well-defined. 

It also increases vascularity, which is the presence of visible veins under the skin, an essential aspect of the classic bodybuilding look.

More Intense Training

Since Trenorol helps supply the muscles with more oxygen, which helps them work more, users can enjoy longer and harder workouts, which can develop muscles even further.

Fat Loss

Trenorol helps the body lose its extra fat, which is important not only from a fitness perspective but also from a visual one.

Safe and Legal

Trenorol is made from completely safe, healthy ingredients, making it totally fine for humans to consume. The fact that no injections are needed to take Trenorol makes it safer as well, since using needles can occasionally lead to infections or other health complications. It is also completely legal worldwide.

Side Effects

In this section, we would normally list Trenorol’s side-effects and discuss why they occur. In this case, due to Trenorol being a relatively safe product, there are no known side-effects to list here.  

Trenorol has no reported side-effects, due in large part to its safe ingredients. No research has been performed on what happens if one happens to overdose on Trenorol; however, so we would not advise anyone to exceed the recommended dosage for any reason. Some substances that are normally healthy can be lethal if overconsumed.

Who Should Refrain from Using Trenorol?

Trenorol is a performance-enhancing supplement for people who are serious about bodybuilding and are primarily looking for increased muscle mass. It is not a weight-loss pill or any kind of nutritional substitute and should not be taken as such. 

Using Trenorol also requires regular exercise and a healthy diet in order to generate results. Anyone who is simply looking for a way to lose weight quickly or look more muscular without putting in any actual effort should not even consider purchasing this product. 

In addition, however rare it may be, there is always the possibility that one might be allergic to one of the ingredients contained in this product. If one thinks they may have such an allergy but is unsure, they should consult with a licensed physician before taking Trenorol.

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Dosage & Starting Tips

For the best results, the recommended dosage is one serving (three capsules) of Trenorol a day, taken with water 45 minutes before the user begins their workout. Being that this is a natural supplement and not an actual steroid, users need to support their dosage of Trenorol with a real workout and a healthy diet in order to see any real progress.

It is also recommended that users consume a serving of Trenorol before each workout for a minimum of two months to see the most gains. 

For peak performance, users should try and adhere to a rotating schedule of dosages. 

Users should consume Trenorol before each of their workouts for two months, then work out for one-and-a-half weeks without any Trenorol, then once again start taking Trenorol before workouts for another two months. 

The one-and-a-half weeks of no Trenorol are needed to let the body recover, as the muscles aren’t exerting as much effort when not under the effects of Trenorol.

Trenorol can be “stacked” with other supplements for even more effectiveness. Different supplements can be stacked with each other for different effects. Certain stacks are better for specific cycles like bulking or cutting. 

Where to Buy Trenorol & Guarantees

Trenorol is available in many supplement stores, but it can also be purchased via the Crazybulk website. Trenorol can be purchased in only one container size, which contains 90 capsules.

In physical stores, each container of Trenorol retails for $113; however, customers who order via the online store are eligible for a $30 discount. 

Customers can either order individual containers or place a bulk order for three or more that is eligible for an additional discount. 

When placing one of these special bulk orders, customers will receive one free container of Trenorol for every two containers they purchase.

Crazybulk promises free deliveries worldwide and allows customers to track their orders. All orders are promised to be received within 15 days.

Their site features an integrated payment system, unlike some other websites which force customers to pay through a third-party retailer.  

Customers can also make purchases using their Amazon account if they have one. Coupons are available as well and can be used for additional discounts on various products.

If a customer receives an incorrect or defective product, they can claim a full refund for their product if they return it in its original packaging within two weeks. Refunds will not be provided for products that have been opened or used. 



Conclusion: Is Trenorol Safe & Legal?

For anyone who wants a performance-enhancing supplement but is rightfully wary of the dangers of steroid abuse, Trenorol is a pretty hard product to ignore. 

Using natural ingredients to provide all the benefits of a powerful steroid without any of the drawbacks seems like it might be some kind of pipe dream, and yet it is real and available for anyone who wants it. 

Not only that but stacking Trenorol with other natural supplements can provide even greater gains than with just Trenorol alone. 

Different stacks are better for certain cycles than others. If you want to know which stack of supplements is most suited for your specific needs, you can check out Crazybulk’s list of stack deals here.

Everyone’s body is a little different, and regardless of which supplement you use, it is important you make sure beforehand that you know which supplements are the best suited for you. Stay informed, stay healthy, and stay safe!

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