Nugenix Review: Are There Better Alternatives?

Updated on September 18, 2020

Do you know testosterone supplements can help you strengthen your male-factor and sexual stamina? Just shake off your shyness and let Nugenix testosterone supplement act as a catalyst to your workout sessions getting you positive results in a couple of weeks. 

As per the manufacturer’s presentation of facts and data, Nugenix is anticipated as a safe and naturally manufactured product for enhancing testosterone levels in your body to make you feel more energetic at the gym, sanguine at work, and virile in bed.

But are all facts presented true? Is Nugenix as efficient as depicted? We have our doubts. So, the quest for a  better alternative to Nugenix is still on.

You cannot purchase a testosterone booster blindfolded. So, in this Nugenix review, we will enlighten you with facts about Nugenix and guide you to a better alternative.


Nugenix Review: Brand Overview

Nugenix, a renowned testosterone boosting supplement can easily be found in the current market. It has also been presented in the top list of testosterone boosters. You are suggested by sellers to use this product to increase testosterone levels and improve certain characteristics like libido, muscle mass, energy, confidence, vitality, etc lagging in you during a later age.

Buyers are assured of its natural and organic manufacturing processes to increase vitality and modulate androgenic activity. But to what extent are they authentic and effective?

Relying on testosterone supplements is only valid if you get excellent results. Intake of any kind of drug may not help you out with your problem except gifting side effects silently.

Is merely being organically manufactured reason enough to trust Nugenix?

It is a matter of concern and you cannot take things leniently when it comes to your health, energy at work, sexual performance, and confidence. Frequently feeling low on energy at work or gym, decreased libido or other complexities will let you lose confidence. It can even impact your relationship with your beloved.

The ‘male-factor’, if we are to call it that, can only persist with a  balanced testosterone level in your body. If you are running out of it, it is high time to be worried and act on it. 

Nugenix Pros & Cons

An overview of facts for better analysis should always begin with the pros and cons of the product. So here is it:


  • Organically manufactured with natural ingredients.
  • Hassle-free to carry/ intake.
  • Improves skin health.
  • Enhances brain function.


  • Costlier.
  • Unavoidable side-effects.
  • Negligible testosterone enhancement.
  • Vitamins present are hardly useful to increase libido, muscle mass, and energy.
  • Lead to skin disorder.

What is Nugenix? Is it Legit?

Nugenix is merely a capsule form supplement contrived to escalate testosterone levels in your body to keep you full of energy even in/after your 40s. Yes, your natural hormones can possibly be increased if you give a chance to T booster supplements.

Taking a supplement to upsurge your testosterone level or discussing such facts is no more a taboo in this modern world.

Shake off your shyness and resolve your poor mass muscle problems, libido issues, or low-vitality challenges with the best testosterone boosters alternatives present in the market.

Is Nugenix nothing more than a swindle?

Marketing strategies and product promotion have listed Nugenix in the list of renowned testosterone boosters to give you the best of the results. But to what extent is it effective?

Yes, there are rumors that Nugenix is a scam and the truth is that it is not as effective as users expected. 

Don’t get astonished and disheartened, this supplement is not an efficient product but the market has got for you a better alternative. You read it right, the better alternative is Testogen.

Users hardly traced any difference in their lives even after using Nugenix for months. On the other hand, many positive results have been found when we came across Testogen users. That makes Testogen exactly the right product to purchase.

A few general vitamin ingredients listed will tell you why Nugenix failed to succeed. So let us move on to the ingredients list.

Nugenix Ingredients

Major Testosterone Boosting IngredientsOrganic SourceDetails
TestofenFenugreek PlantsWithout any involvement of any inorganic substance or additives, this component is used in the making of Nugenix capsules. It is highly effective for testosterone production in your body. 
It is essentially used in production and is surely helpful for men in their 40s, 50s, and beyond.
Tribulus TerrestrisTribulus Terrestris PlantIt is an aphrodisiac ingredient renowned both in China and India to increase testosterone levels.
It also acts on your body as an anti-inflammatory drug and cures multiple problems.
L-Citrulline MalateOrganic Citrulline extract is combined with malate.This ingredient plays an essential role in building muscle mass and improves blood flow in arteries. 
It supports and enhances libido leading to enhanced sexual conduct.
Minor Ingredients supporting other body functionalitiesDetails
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 absorbed by the ileum present in the human intestine generally plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells. 
The rise in red blood cells never lets you feel low on energy by improving blood flow and body immunity. 
Vitamin B12 is not produced by the human body. So, taken as an external supplement. 
Several testosterone boosters use this as one of the manufacturing ingredients.
ZincAn important component that contributes to the building of the immune system.
Zinc is present in our day to day diet normally but in case of deficiency, the doctor may provide you with a supplement. 
As a testosterone booster, it does not have any major role other than maintaining the immunity of the body for fast growth of testosterone level.
Vitamin B6It regulates anti-cortisol hormones which prevent your mood disorders and keeps your brain stress relieved. This way you feel happy and satisfied.

Does Nugenix have hazardous side effects?

The popularity of Nugenix lured several buyers. However, there were soon a few cases that came up with different side effects varying from person to person. 

No doubt the users with side effects consisted of people with some sort of allergies or overdose of Nugenix. Generally, not every person was the victim of any side effects but exceptions are always there.

The popularity of a product can never overcome and conceal its side effects and so has been the case with Nugenix. 

Researches and lab tests were held concerning testosterone booster and its side effects. One of the researches has been mentioned here for your reference.

Lab Tests and Results

A study was held on athletes consuming testosterone supplements and the researchers came across a Saudi Arabia based athlete reporting a complaint of abdominal pain after the intake of the testosterone booster for 42 days. In this case, the athlete had taken two courses of testosterone booster. 

Although the testosterone boosters are extracted from organic sources yet researchers believe it to have some minor or major health risks after its consumption.

Shipping and Return Policy

The product can be shipped in two ways, however, the Nugenix product clause applies a few terms and conditions. The ways for shipping and return policy are:

  1. Autoship Delivery (30 days return policy with a full refund of the purchase amount)
  • The user can report for a refund with the return merchandise authorization number even with an empty bottle of Nugenix after its full consumption in case of dissatisfaction.
  1. Standard delivery (90 days of return policy with a full refund of the purchase amount)
  • The Nugenix bottle should be unopened and undamaged to be returned and refunded with the return merchandise authorization number.

Assistance for all your queries can be found on the customer care number.

How Does Nugenix function?

Middle-aged people and adults (50 years and above age) have been found using this product successfully with the purpose to gain energy, confidence, and virility. The function and impact of Nugenix are deliberately systematic. 

As of now, you know, other than the three direct testosterone-boosting components (Testofen, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Citrulline Malate) there are three supporting components (Vitamin B12, Zinc, Vitamin B6) in the supplement. This builds up a framework for effective action of Nugenix on your body.

Vitamin  B6 kicks your brain to function at its best while Vitamin B12 improves the blood flow and red blood cell count. Zinc also contributes to building up a stronger immune system.

The perfect environment becomes supporting factors to increase testosterone levels in your blood with the help of testosterone booster supplements like Nugenix. 

A routine workout along with Nugenix intake will bring you better and faster results. 


How to use Nugenix?

Consulting a doctor for Nugenix intake dosage is always the best option.  Still, if under any circumstance you are not able to reach out to a doctor, here are a few things you should keep in mind in relation to intake of Nugenix Testosterone tablet:

  • Swallow 3 Nugenix capsules with a maximum of 350ml of water once a day.
  • Preferably take it on an empty stomach. Buyers who took it on an empty stomach have shown more positive results.

But do this only if you do not have any persisting gastrointestinal conditions from beforehand and are not on any medication. 

  • It is also safe to take it half an hour to 45 minutes after breakfast. 
  • Healthy habits like a balanced diet and exercise in your schedule are going to give you better and faster results.
  • Intake Nugenix within half an hour or at max 45 minutes prior to the morning workout session.
  • In case you are not going out for your early workout session, intake the Nugenix capsule at first the moment you begin your daily schedule. 

The T booster capsules may test your patience for a week or a couple of weeks for desirable results. Moreover, it may vary from person to person. The booster may take time to activate your entire system.

Hiding facts from you will not be justice, a lot of users have also reported no benefits with this product even after taking several doses until they switched to a better alternative. 

The new alternative testosterone booster was found to be fabulously effective from all aspects like high on energy, motivated mood, feel more confident and vital.

Who should use Nugenix and who should not?

This dietary supplement to upsurge testosterone level has especially been formulated for males facing libido challenges in the 40s and 50s age bar.

It is natural to lose confidence, libido, muscle mass, vitality, etc with the growing age. You might be feeling irritated all the time and low on mood. The supplement made from ingredients like Testofen, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Citrulline Malate, etc, is the best way to bring back your confidence.

All you need to do is be cautious if you are allergic to any substance and consult your medical adviser. For the rest, you are good to go.


Nugenix side effects

Users have reported several side-effects after the consumption of Nugenix. They are mentioned below:

  • Loose motion
  • High risk of heart disease.
  • Excessive increase in the red blood cells due to excessive vitamin B12 supplements. This increases the chances of coagulation in blood.
  • Pimples and acne.
  • Abnormal enlargement of the prostate.
  • Heaviness of breasts in females.
  • Gastrointestinal problems.
  • Vomiting tendency.

Did this not concern you about the side-effects? 

Let’s find a solution to it: a better testosterone boosting alternative, Testogen.

Better Alternative Available?

Choosing the best product of all is an art and if you are doubtful about it I have for you here a better testosterone supplement, Testogen. 

Testogen has fabulously uplifted the sexual performance of users. The improving testosterone levels in their body made them feel more energetic, powerful, and confident both at work and while sharing personal moments with partners.

Testogen improves your flagging libido and enhances muscle mass growth.

Testogen is also a completely organically produced supplement with much more active ingredients as compared to Nugenix. It has got overall eleven organic ingredients involved in the formation of the T booster supplement.

Testogen has got a huge content customer base because of its amazing results. They found it more natural and trouble-free to carry & intake. 


All you need to do is intake 4 capsules of Testogen with the start of your day and get noticeable output within a week. You do not need to take any extra initiative to fit this supplement in your daily time table.


The list of 11 ingredients are:

  1. Bioperine 95% Piperine
  2. Boron
  3. Vitamin B6
  4. Vitamin B12
  5. Zinc
  6. Vitamin K1
  7. Fenugreek Constituent
  8. Korean Red Ginseng Constituent
  9. Nettle Leaf Constituent
  10. Vitamin D3
  11. Magnesium

*The pack of Testogen mentions exact grams of each component present in every bottle of supplement.



The satisfied customers have found innumerable benefits of using Testogen whether it is about sexual life or energy at your work/gym even in their 50s and above. 

All adults and older adults with low testosterone levels have reported to be content after using this product. 

A better understanding of the product is going to help you make better decisions. So, here are the benefits:

  • Naturally manufactured:

Organically manufactured Testogen is safer to use. 

11 Natural ingredients used in the production of Testogen are the key element to its success. As you know chemicals are hazardous to human health whereas natural extracts have no side effects. The supplement has been formulated on this principle.

You can cherish this benefit without any adverse effects.  

  • A great solution to Flagging Libido:

We understand, at times it is very hurtful that you are not able to live up to the expectations of your love partner. In such circumstances, you lose confidence and feel very low. 

Testogen supplements can solve this problem. The libido enhancement supports you to be a great performer in your bed and satisfy your partner.

  • Fat burner:

Testogen is also effective in removing excess fat from your body. This factor helps you feel lighter and active. 

Fat burn enhances your personality by removing extra fat from body parts making you look more attractive and handsome.

  • Gain better muscle mass for durable pleasure:

You are gifted excellent muscle growth along with greater strength and longer erection. This era is not to feel shy and conceal your problems, rather it is the right time to get up and act as per your choice.

The online marketing system is always there to support you and deliver such products at your doors steps without revealing your identity if you still feel uncomfortable.

  • Shipping

Testogen supports a worldwide shipping facility without any extra shipping charges added to your bill.

You get at door delivery without any complexities and confusion once you order Testogen online. The speedy shipping facility reduces your stress and all you need to do is enjoy the product sitting back at home

  •  Return Policy

When we talk about the return policy, Testogen comes with the 100 days guaranteed money back plan. You get your purchase amount refunded in case of dissatisfaction with the product within a hundred days tenure.

There is hardly any other product with such an amazing offer of 100 days refund guarantee like the T booster supplement.

  • Internal Tranquility provider:

A combination of all the above benefits brings you the required internal tranquility. You feel more satisfied, happier, more confident, and full of stamina.

So, Testogen also gets you better mental and physical serenity.

Side effects

Side effects are the very next thing that comes to mind when you are planning to buy a drug or supplement. Side effects have been noticed in renowned products like Nugenix but not all supplements need to have side effects.

Testogen has no side effects and you can use it with full trust. In case you are on any kind of medication from beforehand or have gastrointestinal conditions, consult an approved medical professional prior to using the product.


Conclusion: What Should You Choose?

Authentication of facts and data in addition to visiting the research links helps to make a wiser decision to purchase a better alternative like Testogen over Nugenix. It is always safer to put quality products into your body. The users of the Testogen have not reported any side effects. But you are advised to consult your doctor in case you have any persisting medical conditions or on any kind of medication from beforehand.