Extending Support to Employees Living with Pain

Updated on August 17, 2020

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Nursing a pain point is no easy feat, and having to fulfill daily responsibilities in spite of that pain is a challenge at the very least. As an employer, it would be good to promote a culture of empathy and support for your employees who are dealing with their own pain points or who are living with chronic pain.

Accommodating for a culture that includes your employees’ specific needs will definitely help them, but in the process, will also boost morale in the workplace and increase overall company esteem.

Here are some ways you can implement such policies:

1. Have them declare their medical conditions at the outset.

Encouraging a culture of transparency will help both you and your employees be honest with one another when they have needs that require your support to handle. Being open to hearing about their state will instill an ethos of inclusivity and care, helping them feel like your relationship is not just that of employee-employer – but a true partnership at its core. This kind of morale will have far-reaching benefits that go beyond their physiological upliftment – it will give them a sense of drive to work for the good of the company in a much deeper way.

2. Invest in equipment that ensures safety in the workplace, as well as supports different needs for optimal productivity.

·  This can be as simple as getting office chairs that provide ample back support.

·  It can also equate to buying lifting equipment if your business involves activities that require freight transfers from one point to another.

·  You can also make provisions for those with mobility challenges or have other disabilities – such as handrails on different corners in the office, and ramps for easy movement for those in wheelchairs, among others.

3. Provide medical benefits that amply cover the risks and hazards that they could possibly face at work.

Give them access to consultation, medicine, and even treatment; especially if the pain was caused by doing company-related work. You can find experts at https://www.seattlepainrelief.com/ to see the different types of pain treatment that are available for your employees and that are easily accessible whenever needed.

4. Employ programs that support healthy practices both in the workplace and in their overall lifestyles.

·  Provide adequate training if there are new equipment, materials, or other hazards that could possibly face them in their daily grind.

·  Educate them on the importance of maintaining a strong body and a healthy lifestyle, and how these can be practicable for them.

·  Invest in skills training to help them manage challenges at work – both physical and mental ones.

5. Keep your eyes and ears open to any challenges and inputs along the way.

It is important to let your employees know that they can come to you in case they need to air out safety or health concerns in the workplace. Being an approachable manager or leader is vital in keeping the communication lines open and continuing the improvement and upliftment of the lives of everyone in the workplace.

Keeping the well-being of your people in mind at all times will always be beneficial to you. Make sure to have these provisions in place and keep your work environment a supportive and healthy one.

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