D Bal Review: Does it Help Increasing Muscle Mass?

Updated on August 13, 2020

Most men attach importance to muscle mass, as it is a prominent masculine attribute. Both youngsters and men in their 30s crave for it.

Aging brings about a reduction in our muscle mass. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and the lack of attention to health also play a big role in muscle deterioration. 

Two prominent groups of men who seek ways to gain muscle mass are: those who lack it and the ones who lose it. 

Crazy Bulk – a supplement manufacturing company – claims that its product D BAL addresses the needs for weight gain, ribbing, and muscle gain for men who belong to either of these groups.

Find out more about the product and how it works in the detailed D Bal review below.

D Bal Pros & Cons


● Does not have side effects

● Ships free worldwide

● Involves premium ingredients

● Cost-effective

● Doesn’t lead to any hormonal problem


● Though affordable, it is not the least expensive substitute

● Only available online

D-Bal ingredients:

D-Bal is a natural product that is made up of a composition of natural ingredients. More importantly, it involves those ingredients that start working right from the word go and produces all the desirable results.

Touted to be the ideal alternative to Dianabol, the best part about D-Bal is that it does not contain any chemical additive. As a result, its users feel a lot more assured while trying it in comparison to the other products.

Given below is a list of all the ingredients used in D Bal.

Suma Root

Suma root is a natural ingredient with the proven benefits of promoting muscle growth. It involves Ecdysterone, which not only cuts down body fat but also expedites the process of muscle growth.

When it comes to building muscles and promoting muscle mass, Suma root takes the lead ahead of steroids. The former is considered to be more beneficial than the latter in this regard. Unlike anabolic steroids, it contributes to the growth of muscles without any side-effect.

Besides, it also boosts the level of testosterone n the body, which plays a vital role in promoting the growth of muscle mass in the body.


Long exercise sessions may soon tire you out on any given day. But on the other hand, following these long exercise sessions actually help maintain physical fitness.

MSM reduces the feeling of exhaustion in physical training and long workout sessions. This way, it helps you to train hard and prolong your workout session for accelerating muscle growth.

Hyaluronic Acid

Resistance training is imperative for building muscles. As a key ingredient of D Bal, hyaluronic acid simplifies the task of focussing on the objective of muscle growth by putting the body in the conducive state.

Muscle hypertrophy brings about a surge in the regulation of hyaluronic acid. Thus, you can gain more muscles by including it in your strategy for resistance training.


Magnesium encourages protein synthesis. In addition, it also energizes the body.

Bodybuilders use magnesium due to its ability to supply the brain, the muscle, and blood with an additional amount of glucose. At the same time, it also slows down the accumulation of lactate in the muscle.

For the wellbeing of the mind, magnesium prevents the triggering of stress hormones.

Vitamin D3

Being in an anabolic state is important to gain more muscle mass. If the testosterone level in the body is high, its the best for overall health. Vitamin D3 fulfills these requirements. It not only boosts the level of testosterone in the body but also helps you in becoming more anabolic.

It is difficult to get Vitamin D from food sources. Taking D Bal capsules is one of the best ways to maintain the supply of this vitamin in the body.


Cardiorespiratory endurance is responsible for allowing individuals in continuing their exercise sessions for a long time. The lack of it prevents men from carrying workout sessions for a longer duration.

Studies indicate that ashwagandha – a key ingredient of D Bal supplement – improve the ability in men to prolong their exercise and physical fitness sessions. 

In addition, it also makes a positive contribution towards promoting muscle gain and increasing the weight of the newly developed muscles in the subsequent stages. Studies have proven the fact that it does a better job in this regard than placebo.


Tribulus Terrestris is the most popular ingredient across the globe for boosting the level of testosterone in the body. Its benefits of increasing the level of testosterone in the body are scientifically documented.

While most athletes avoid its consumption due to elude the possibility of testing positive in a drug test, it does not have any side-effect. It is safe to the body, despite the fact that it shoots up the level of testosterone even in the urine.

By stimulating the level of testosterone in the body, it helps the latter in several ways. Aside from making the body more energetic, it boosts confidence, improves the rate of recovery from illness, and offers the best solution to sleeplessness. Overall, it takes care of the physical and mental wellbeing of the body.

Whey Protein

As the name of this protein suggests, it derives from whey, which is the watery part of milk. Because it comes from the latter, the body absorbs it readily without any difficulty.

The composition of whey protein involves as many as nine distinct variants of amino acids that are vital for the growth and development of muscles and its mass.


A precursor for alanine and glutamine, L-Isoleucine, is of great use for hardcore weight training programs. As a BCAA, it acts as a fuel for the muscles and saves amino acids from being used up in the event of intense physical activities. Besides, it also plays a vital role in the growth and development of muscles.

How D-Bal works

Though the primary objective of using D-Bal is to boost muscle weight, it also benefits the body in several other ways.

Ashwagandha – a prime ingredient of the product – keeps the level of cholesterol under control. Furthermore, it also facilitates in building lean muscle.

Likewise, Hyaluronic acid is another key component of the product that minimizes soreness in the muscle and steps up the healing of tendons.

Similarly, other ingredients work in conjunction with one another for enhancing the positive effects of the product.

Who should use D-Bal?

Unlike most nutrient supplements, D-Bal is tailor-made for those who wish to gain muscle and muscle mass. Plus, it is also safe for use. Thus, almost anyone can incorporate it into their fitness plan as a training booster.

Whether you want to boost your endurance, shed a few pounds, or build your body, D-Bal is the ideal solution for these purposes. Alongside enhancing the state of the physical fitness of the body, it also works well for the mental or psychological wellbeing of men.

Benefits of D-Bal

D Bal is a nutrient supplement. These days, there is no dearth of supplements to supply the body with the right set of nutrients for the growth and development of muscles. However, D Bal stands apart from the rest.

What makes it a perfect choice for the purpose is its composition. It comprises several ingredients that are natural and are scientifically proven to be beneficial to the body in many ways.

Putting the claims of the manufacturers of nutrient supplements aside, it is not an easy thing to gauge the usefulness of an item from this category. 

However, many users have opined that D Bal is one of the few nutrient supplement products that actually work. The only thing a user needs to ensure is that they take the supplement in the right amount as per the dosage. This way, you can use the supplement for a long time without triggering any side-effect.

By following the right dosage of the supplement, you can look forward to the following positive outcomes:

● Growth and development of muscles

● Improvement in performance

● Enhanced ability to recover from various illnesses

● Faster burning of accumulated fat for the liberation of energy

● Increase in libido

● Relief from joint strain

● Improvement in focus and stamina to prolong workout sessions

The aforementioned benefits primarily relate to the increased level of male hormone or testosterone in the body. 

As far as the results and the duration for the visibility of results is concerned, they vary from one individual to the other. A lot depends on how their body responds to the supplement. While the supplement works fine without triggering any side-effect, as agreed upon by most users in their reviews, the frequency of results may vary among individuals.

For the best results, it is suggested that the users should top up the nutrient supplement with a proper diet and workout plan. These aspects work in conjunction with the positive effects of the supplement to produce desirable results.

D-Bal Side Effects

D Bal comprises natural ingredients. Unlike other supplements that are available in the market, it does not involve any synthetic element. As such, it is safe for use.

However, the only way to purchase it is to do it online. Plus, it may not be pleasing to the tongue. Keeping these downsides aside, it is an ideal nutrient supplement for developing muscles and gaining muscle mass.


If you want an authentic product, then it is a good idea to buy it from the manufacturer’s website. By adhering to this rule while buying D Bal, you can elude the likelihood of losing your hard-earned money to a fake product.

For purchasing the nutrient supplement, you can either choose the single or bulk options. If you prefer the latter option, you will get a pack at $59.99. On the other hand, the price for a single package is $85.00. If you want to prolong your treatment for three months, you can go for the $255.00 package.

If you place an order for two packages, the company gives an additional package absolutely free of cost.

An important thing to note in this regard is that the weight of the ordered items does not impact their price. Also, you can order the product from anywhere in the world without being worried about the shipping charges. Regardless of your location, the shipping of the product is free.

Does the company offer a money back guarantee?

CrazyBulk – the manufacturer of D-Bal nutrient supplement – offers a money-back guarantee with a validity of 14 days on returning the unused products. However, the 14-day period includes the day on which you place an order for the product.

For requesting a refund for an unused product, you need to write to the customer support team of the manufacturing company.

D-Bal Dosage

Each bottle of D-Bal consists of 90 capsules. The ideal dosage is three capsules a day after a workout session. Make sure you take the capsule after 45 minutes from the time of concluding your workout session.

Following the proper dosage as per the instructions of the manufacturer is necessary to achieve faster results. In order to get the results, it is imperative that you follow the dosage for at least two months without any gap.

Thereafter, it is important to take a break for two weeks or 14 days. Following the gap, you can again get back to the normal dosage and continue the cycle.

Along with the right dosage, you also need to follow the right workout and diet plans to see the visible results.

D-Bal Before and After Customer Reviews

Many users have left their valuable feedback about the product wherein they have shared their experience of using it. They have stated how the nutrient supplement made a difference to their body and mind ever since.

Going through these reviews, you can decide if the product is worth an investment.

A user stated that he was skeptical about using steroids due to its side-effects. He decided to use it just for the sake of trying out the product. He ordered three bottles and got 1 for free at the price of 2 bottles so as to use it for three months. It made a huge difference to his body weight in the gym, and he started seeing the results right from the first week.

Another user, in his testimony, said that he was looking for a nutrient supplement to boost his muscle mass and heighten testosterone in his body. However, he was a little skeptical about trying out the idea. The composition of D-Bal based on the natural ingredients gave him the confidence to go ahead and try it out. It helped him attain all his muscle mass and fitness goals.

According to another user, the experience of buying and using D-Bal was unique. He found that he had nothing to lose but everything to gain by purchasing the product. The natural ingredients, coupled with the money-back guarantee of the product, made it worthy of an investment. He started gaining back all his lost muscles in a matter of a few weeks.

D-Bal FAQs

1) Does D Bal actually work?

The manufacturer of D-Bal claims that the nutrient supplement works from the basic level for long-term effects. Many users of this product have highlighted the positive effects of using it, which speaks volumes for its benefits as well as the credibility of producing results.

2) Does D Bal increase testosterone?

Yes, D-Bal increases testosterone. In fact, the surging level of this hormone is one of the important factors that play a vital role in producing the results. Various natural ingredients that constitute the product act together to produce this effect.

3) How long does it take for D Bal to work?

To see the expected results of using the D-Bal nutrient supplement, you need to use it for at least two months as per the recommended dosage. It is imperative to ensure that you take three pills on a daily basis without any interruption.

4) What happens when you stop taking D Bal?

As is the case with the majority of nutrient supplements in the market, D-Bal also produces results when consumed as per the recommended dosage without any interruption. Stopping the dosage of the supplement may impact its outcomes.

5) Is D Bal dangerous?

D Bal involves natural ingredients that act directly without triggering any negative effect. As long as one adheres to the recommended dosage, it does not cause any side-effect. However, those who are on medication need to consult their physician before using the supplement.

Conclusion: Is buying D-Bal worth the money?

From the D Bal review above, it stands out that the product produces desirable results without any major side-effect. While it has its own share of cons, the positives of the product outweigh its downsides. This is precisely what you want as a buyer – a product with more benefits than flaws.

While the product has all the essential features that make it the best buy, you will get the desired results only if you take care of your diet and workout sessions. If you are okay with it, you can go ahead and order the product online.

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