Custom Keto Diet Review: 8 Week Diet Plan Any Good?

Updated on August 17, 2020

Dieting can be difficult. It can be challenging to understand and even more difficult to follow.

It is mainly so because ordinary diet plans are fictional! They bound you with unrealistic restrictions over your eating habits and lead you to set unrealistic goals, only to disappoint later. You end up confused, and in most of the cases, your weight loss plan backfires.

If you do not follow the most appropriate of the plans, in turn, you will end up messing with your nutritional requirements. This affects metabolism negatively.

But that is not the case with the Custom Keto Diet Plan. If you are ready to lose some fat and gain a perfect shape, then we have just the diet for you.

What is a Custom Keto Diet plan?

Simply put, a custom keto diet plan is an 8-week program that helps you lose body fat. The keto diet plan has witnessed a plausible upsurge worldwide. Its increasing popularity is a clear indication of its effectiveness. Millions of satisfied users recommended the custom keto diet plan.

Unlike most of the other diet plans, the custom keto diet plan focuses on fat loss rather than weight loss. The keto diet helps your body burn the excess fat in a healthy yet natural manner.

Is a diet plan necessary?

Planning is a crucial part of every goal. By planning, it means to set an objective and decide how to accomplish it. It is the development of a strategy to execute a set of rules in a specific time frame. Planning is a way to systemize and direct.

Dieting is hardest at the beginning. To give it a kick-start is no easy deed. And that is why more than 80 percent of the people fail at dieting in the very beginning. So, yes, a diet plan is necessary.

What is inside the custom keto diet plan?

Your diet plan has to be based on your specifications. It needs to be curated as per your needs and conditions. 

For your diet to be effective, your diet plan must be made keeping various parameters in mind. That includes your body weight, food habits, daily activity level, objectives, and lifestyle.

Doing all this work requires a great deal of planning and extensive research. That is what the custom keto diet plan does for you. It curates a unique plan for you to follow based on the info you give about yourself. Keep in mind that this is not just any ordinary diet plan; it is specifically meant for you.

The 8-week custom keto diet plan offers you a carefully brewed meal plan, which particularly addresses your diet requirements. The diet program is customized in such a way that it makes it smooth for you to adapt to a ketogenic meal plan.

The ketogenic meal plan includes meals that are super easy to make and easier to follow. Also, you are provided with the nutritional value info for each of your meals. You are always kept in the know of what you are doing and how it will help you achieve your goal. This is done to ensure that you fully understand your diet.

The custom keto diet plan also provides you with a plethora of info about effective and healthy dieting manners and a lot of eBooks to help you continue with your dieting once you are done with the program.

Why are the custom keto diet meals effective?

The custom meal plan includes meals that are easy to make and beneficial for the body. These meals are highly nourishing and have excellent nutritional value as well.

Particularly speaking, the 8-week keto diet meals contain:

● a small amount of carbohydrates

● a moderate amount of proteins

● a large amount of usable fat

Overall, the keto diet plan works on the principle of ketosis.

What is ketosis – the science behind functioning?

Ketosis is a metabolic state which includes the production of ketone bodies through the body fat and their in-turn consumption to generate energy.

The body generally uses carbohydrates (glucose or blood sugar) as the primary source of energy. But, when the carbohydrate intake in the body is low (less than 50 grams a day), then the body enters into a phenomenon known as ketosis.

Burning fat is the body’s natural alternative for generating energy when it does not get an adequate amount of glucose.

While the body is low on carbohydrates, the insulin level in the body goes down. A large number of fatty acids stored into the fats are released into the body, eventually consuming the fats. The fatty acids are transferred to the liver, where the oxidation reactions turn the acids into ketones (ketone bodies). These ketone bodies produce energy for the body.

Though the liver produces ketones regularly, ketosis modifies the rate and amount depending on the carbohydrate intake. In this manner, ketosis helps you to burn the stored fat to generate energy in the body – putting the unused fat reserves to beneficial use.

It is worth noting that the ketosis phenomenon has two benefits. Apart from helping you lose fat, it also gives you a boost of energy because burning the same amount of fat generates more energy than burning the same amount of carbohydrates.

Statistics of the Custom Keto Diet

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Myths surrounding fat-rich diets

You must have heard that in order to reduce weight, you should avoid taking in foods that are rich in fats, or consume less of them if you must. Well, that is no more of a truth than that the sun is a natural satellite of the moon.

Research has shown that the ketogenic diets that happen to have a significant amount of fat composition are noticeably effective at reducing weight than those with low-fat content. As a matter of fact, they even supply a large amount of energy through ketogenic actions.

What are the plus points of the custom keto diet plan?

●    High fat, low carbs:

The keto diet’s goal is to cut down upon the number of carbs and make your body enter the state of ketosis, where it begins to burn ketone bodies rather than carbohydrates.

This results in a faster and effective weight loss and generates more energy for the body.

●    100% safe and healthy:

Keto diet has been used for a long enough period in the field of medical science.

It finds several applications in healthcare. It is used to cure epilepsy in children. Keto diet is also helpful to deal with Type II diabetes. It is used to treat people who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The keto diet also lowers the chances of cardiovascular issues. It is effectively helpful in blood pressure management. It has proven really helpful for cardiovascular fitness. 

It reduces the bad cholesterol level and increases the good cholesterol level in the body.

●    Does not require you to sweat it out in the gym:

Most of the work that the keto diet plan does is internal. It does not make you spend hours in the gym working out to see the results you desire. It relies on the internal ketogenic actions in the body.

●    Retain muscles mass:

While you are on a keto diet, on a trail of losing weight, your body retains muscle mass.

The body burns fat to reduce weight and the total metabolic weight remains the same because you gain muscles. That is another perk of being on a keto diet. It helps you attain the perfect shape that you desire.

●    Better health and mood:

Unlike fats, the ketone bodies produced through ketosis can easily cross the brain-blood barrier. These ketone bodies provide a great deal of energy to your brain. Thus, you could say that keto diets help you stand against depression.

Due to the great deal of energy that it supplies to your body, you experience a better mood throughout the day.

The keto diet also helps you stand against restlessness and fatigue due to harsh work patterns in daily life. It works on your sleep patterns and thus, gets you in overall great shape.

●    Better attitude and mental clarity:

Since the diet plan affects both your mental as well as physical health for good, it is also able to provide you with elevated, sharpened mental clarity. As a result, you feel fresh and more confident than before.

It sharpens your focus and hence, is very helpful in increasing your overall productivity.

●    Fat adaptation and insulin sensitivity:

The custom keto diet plan teaches your body to use fat as energy. Also, by resetting the insulin sensitivity, the keto diet facilitates the weight-loss action as the body metabolizes the stored glucose more effectively.

What makes the Custom Keto Diet plan the unique diet plan that it is?

There are two reasons for the popularity of the custom keto diet plan.

Firstly, this diet plan is based upon the ketosis/ketogenesis action that simply is the best way to lose weight. The effectiveness and success of this diet are supported scientifically.

The core principle of the custom keto diet plan is that it works on burning fat for energy. It targets fat consumption rather than shedding weight, which quite evidently is the healthier way of achieving the objective.

Other than that, the custom keto diet plan is not the same as the ordinary ‘Don’t eat this, don’t eat that’ diet. It keeps you free from the unnecessary, never-ending restrictions that are very usual with the ordinary diet plans.

As the very name of the plan tells it away, the custom keto diet plan is a customized diet plan which is tailor-made for you. It keeps your parameters in mind and gives you goals that are best suited for your needs and conditions. In turn, it yields you the best results that you will not get from any random diet.

The diet keeps the practicality in check, too. It is very easy to grasp and easier to follow as it does not thrash random restrictions upon you. This plan is your plan.

What does a Keto Diet look like?

To give you an idea of what does your meal entail within a keto diet, we have prepared you a list of keto-friendly food items and a similar list of anti-keto foods.


These are the foods that stimulate ketosis in the body by increasing the fat concentration against carbohydrates.

1.PoultryChicken, turkey, etc.
2.EggsPastured eggs.
3.MeatVenison, pork, bison, etc.
4.Fatty fishSalmon, herring, mackerel, etc.
5.Nuts and seedsAlmonds, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.
6.Fat-rich cheeseMozzarella, cream cheese, goat cheese, etc.
7.Fat-rich dairyYogurt, butter, cream, etc.
8.Fat-rich oilsOlive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, etc.
9.AvocadosWhole avocados.
10.Starchless vegetablesGreen vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.


Food items that contain an abundant amount of carbohydrates are an obstruction to your keto diet. You should cut down on the consumption of these food items.

1.Baked items and breadWhite bread, wheat bread, cookies, doughnuts, etc.
2.Sugar-rich foodsSugar, coconut sugar, ice cream, maple syrups, etc.
3.Sweetened beveragesSoda, juice, sports drinks, etc.
4.PastaNoodles, spaghetti, etc.
5.Grain productsWheat, rice, oats, cereals, tortillas, etc.
6.Starch-rich foodsPotatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, etc.

However, you should avoid processed foods and unhealthy fats, for example, fast foods, packaged foods, hot dogs, etc. You should also keep away from foods that contain additives like artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners like aspartame.

What do you get with the Custom Keto Diet Plan?

You get the following perks alongside the 8-week custom keto diet plan:

● An eight-week-long meal plan is supported by scientific evidence and has taken months of research from experienced producers.

● An instruction guide that gives you step-by-step guidance and detailed insight into what and how you are going to achieve.

● A vast range of food items, easy to use recipes with easier to follow plans.

● A specially curated diet plan which checks your macro and micro calorie intakes.

● A choice to further customize the plan if you feel like it.

● A grocery list. Downloadable. 

Overall, you are presented with a diet plan that is super easy to follow. You are given a strong plan that is certain to work. Also, since the whole plan is dedicated to you specifically, making any kind of modifications is only a matter of minutes.

Where to Buy the Custom Keto Diet Plan?


You can buy the 8-week custom keto diet plan from the official website. You are most likely to get a discount if you hurry up. The price that you pay for your special keto diet plan is going to be even less than what you would normally pay to a nutritionist.

You do not have to wait for any longer after you have made the purchase. You get access to the plan instantly so that you can go ahead and start right away.

Our Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the custom keto diet plan is a modern, effective, and scientific approach towards one of the majorly prevalent problems in today’s world. It addresses the problem head-on and deals directly with it without imposing a curfew over your general appetite, and without having a side effect. It stands true on what it promises and is highly recommended by the users.

The 8-week long custom keto diet plan is a value for money. If there is a diet plan that is all-natural and healthy and keeps you at the center of its priorities, then it is definitely worth your while.