COVID Face Masks: Which One Should You Use?

Updated on January 25, 2022

The global pandemic COVID-19 has left deep emotional and mental wounds. Loved ones have had to be buried in the absence of family, and family members have had to witness online funerals as a means of social distancing. Meanwhile, many had to be in isolation, while others continue to battle for their lives in a hospital

There’s a need to practice measures that prevent and slow down the spread of COVID-19. The World Health Organization has called for measures such as frequent hand washing using soap and running water, disinfecting your hands and immediate environment, observing social distancing, staying at home, and coughing into your inner arm or tissue provided you immediately dispose of it. 

Wearing masks in public has also been regarded as a wise safety precaution as these slow down the spread of germs. When you cough, talk, or sneeze, the travel distance of droplets is decreased. Those who are asymptomatic (positive of COVID-19 but do not show symptoms), protect others from themselves. The question remains: What kind of mask should you use? 

Here are the three kinds that are available:

1. Cloth Masks

Cloth masks are cloth face coverings that can be made from several different cloth materials. For instance, you can use a t-shirt, bandanna or scarf. The material used as a face covering should be tightly woven so that droplets do not easily enter your mouth and nose area, just as droplets should not easily travel from you. To play it safe, you can buy wholesale face masks of high cloth quality. Saving lives isn’t solely in the hands of healthcare workers. By wearing face masks, you equally play a part in keeping yourself and others safe from the virus.

Employers or business personnel can also purchase wholesale masks for their workforce. Doing so protects the entire workspace from the possible spread of COVID- 19. This means that lives are saved and the environment is conducive for productivity.  

Buying wholesale face masks made of cloth also means buying a variety of styles and prints for yourself and others. You can still be fashionable and creative with your wardrobe while remaining safe from COVID-19. 

2. Surgical Masks 

Surgical masks and disposable face mask are a form of personal protective equipment. This type of mask is loosely fitting around the nose and mouth for shielding against coughs and sneezes. This mask, however, cannot shield a person from smaller droplets. Some of these masks come with face shields for this particular reason, though some do not. If you’re not in healthcare or you don’t belong in the category of critical skilled workers, you’re encouraged to reserve these for those who are. There are instances where personal protective equipment is in shortage and workers who need them are left compromised. 

3. Respirators

Respirators are reserved for health workers. These masks have tangled woven fibers and fit close to the face, sealing the mouth and nose. There are dire cases where respirators have been in shortage and the result has been the loss of life. When these are in shortage, most resort to surgical masks. However, a nurse using this may still be largely compromised. Face cloth masks are urged for the general public to avoid such shortages that result in dire consequences. 

Symptoms Of COVID-19

What makes spotting the virus tricky is that it presents itself in the beginning stages similar to allergies or the flu. Primary symptoms of COVID-19 include shortness of breath, a fever, and dry cough. Accompanying symptoms include losing your sense of smell, muscle pain, headaches, and stomach aches. Home test kits are now available so you can find out if you are positive without seeing a physcian. You can always buy test kits online.

When To Visit The Doctor

Make sure to always call the hospital first before visiting. Immediate medical attention should be sought if you experience pressure in the chest, confusion, difficulty in breathing, and a turning blue in the face. 


The different types of facemasks that are available depend on your circumstances. If you’re not a healthcare worker, respirators are not meant for you. Surgical masks are used by critical workers and must also be reserved for healthcare workers who might run out of surgical masks. The general public is urged to wear cloth face masks made of high-quality cloth. Buying wholesale face masks is a way of saving lives because you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community. While you’re in the process of buying high-quality face masks, you can use a temporary mask made from a t-shirt, scarf, or any cotton fiber. 

Be sure to observe social distancing, self-isolation if you have been in possible contact with a person positive of COVID-19, frequent washing of hands, and sanitizing your surrounding environment. Together, we can get through the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

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