Patients and Doctors Facing the COVID-19

Updated on June 30, 2020

Arguably next to God, the medical profession has been a Field of unimaginable stress, sacrifice, and miracles like none other. Both doctors and patients have got their troubles with this virus. Although, it is not as deadly as some of the earlier viruses, still the rate at which it is spreading is lethal. WHO declaring it as a pandemic was signal enough to understand that. With the onset of the unknown C-19, many countries decided on free treatment of the infected ones. But the unceasing surge and uncertainties of the pandemic giving in any time soon, it seems to have been realized as a not so financially reliable option. In this article, we are discussing the issues faced by both- doctors and patients- and their coping mechanism.

What are patients facing?

May God give them the strength to fight with an invisible enemy. The people who are in the isolation wards are facing many problems. Along with the disease, they are going through other mental issues as well. Some are missing their families; others are missing their lifestyle. The ones who were living a carefree life, enjoying at clubs, playing on オンラインカジノ, others were engaged in their businesses, and so many other issues have arisen these days. 

But the motivation for the patients to beat all this is life after they are treated. Once all of them are fine, life will be different for them. Doctors are trying their best to treat the infected ones, even risking their own lives in the process. One silver lining is that there are high hopes since the death rate of C-19 is low. Everything has come to a halt, and no one knows when life will be healthy again. The best people can dofor fast recovery-stay strong and follow the rules.

What are Doctors facing?

Healthcare units, Hospitals, Clinics are packed with Patients, especially those with low immune, susceptible to weak infections. The occupational burnout syndrome is being observed in the studies by the BMA where out of 41 per cent of doctors who were already complaining of mental health issues, around 29 per cent found it getting worse in recent times. Workload management has become a necessity in recent times owing to:

  1. Radical long hours, it is owing to the patient need-based policies ignorant of the worker’s fatigues.
  2. Willpower breakdown in light of the vulnerability to infection
  3. Uncertain duration of pandemic and toll on health owing to hormonal changes by inconsistent lifestyles.

 The essential points for the managerial decision-makers should be:

  • Distribution of staff based not on what has been achieved and observed, but what the current situation demands.
  • Eradicating the policies of Stressful work conditions owing to the rules of fulfilling the needs of patients based on merely the diagnosis.

The Freedom of looking forward to treating the patient’s attention needs, providing advice, in a way building mutual trust amongst the treated and the caretaker, builds an environment that could act as a critical factor to job satisfaction of the staff, especially in nurses.

The governments must ensure that every centre is properly occupied to fight the pandemic, and the doctors should get whatever aid they need. Their safety is highly essential.

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