Best CBD Capsules: The Top Brands with Awesome Products.

Updated on September 27, 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis component with an array of diverse health benefits. While one can find a multitude of user testimonials about its varied benefits, there is quite a bit of scientific evidence to substantiate these claims.

These health benefits include relief from…

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Superficial trauma
  • Sleep disorder
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Appetite issues
  • Skin issues
  • Seizures associated with epilepsy
  • Cancer pain and inflammation & pain caused by chemotherapy
  • Anxiety disorder & depression
  • High blood pressure & Heart issues

What’s more, it even helps fight drug addiction!

In the past few years since hemp has been legalized in the US, CBD has proven to be one of the most potent healing agents for a range of human conditions. The best part about this plant extract is that it can be used and/or consumed in different ways.

Currently, CBD is marketed in different forms:

  • Oils or tinctures – administered sublingually
  • Topicals – applied on the skin
  • Vape liquids – inhaled through a vaping device
  • Soft gel capsules – consumed like any other pill or capsule
  • Edibles (like gummies, syrups, etc.) – consumed like any other food item
  • Suppository – pushed through the anus

While the last form is the least preferred and least used method, the others are quite popular depending on people’s lifestyle patterns, convenience, and purpose of using it. 

Unlike topicals, all other forms target a systemic effect, including capsules. The advantages of using CBD capsules are not having to taste the hemp, not affecting your pulmonary system, but being almost as effective as any other CBD product and reaching all parts of the body.

How We Made The CBD Pills List – Our Procedure?

Quite a few brands are selling CBD capsules in the market. However, not all capsules provide the best quality hemp extract or the best value for money. There are also many unscrupulous enterprises, trying to con people with low-grade products or sometimes even downright harmful chemicals in the name of natural CBD products! Obviously, not all brands are like this. Brands like Gold Bee (visit their website for more details) pride themselves on their award-winning CBD product line-up, which includes a large selection of supplement options. These types of websites do not provide con-products, so make sure to only buy from online stores like this. 

That is why, “HealthcarebusinessToday”, a resource portal for information on everything CBD, regularly releases “Product Reviews” and “Best-of Lists” of different CBD Product categories, where we review the performance of each brand in the market, as well as determine their efficacy in helping people overcome their health issues. We help people make the right decision and benefit from this natural cannabinoid.

Besides seeking people’s opinions (through surveys) and studying user reviews on different brand websites, blogs, and social media platforms, we go a step further – test the products ourselves.

While there may be many other brands of CBD capsules that are quite as effective or affordable as the brands of CBD capsules mentioned in this review, we still stand by our results, as over 5,000 of our direct subscribers and readers have vouched for them.

To create this list of “Best CBD Capsules in the Market” …

  • We emailed over 9,000 of our direct subscribers and readers and sought their opinion on the CBD capsules available in the market, of whom, over 5000 responded.
  • We pored over thousands of user reviews on different brand websites, blogs, and forums.
  • We personally tested each brand of gummies to make sure we do justice by our readers.

Our team of dedicated testers, who have previously used CBD products, tried out these CBD capsules before giving their final assessment.

Qualifying Factors for Great CBD Capsules:

  • Potency: The primary factor for determining the efficacy of a CBD product is its potency. Higher the potency, the more effective it is in addressing health issues. While safe and quality are absolute essentials, the time taken for the CBD to interact with the body and intensity with which the body reacts depends on the potency of the CBD extract. As it is, CBD capsules have lower bioavailability compared to other forms of CBD, owing to its interaction with liver enzymes. This is more reason for the capsules to have higher potency to provide adequate relief.
  • Ingredients: Understanding the product ingredients is essential to ascertain the safety and efficacy of the formulation while reacting with the human body. We try to determine if the ingredients:
  • Are optimized for human consumption
  • Include harmful chemicals, contaminants, solvents, or high levels of psychoactive substances
  • Are natural, preferring organically grown, including the CBD extracts
  • Boost CBD’s effectiveness, and not hinder it
  • Hemp source: Hemp sourced from regulated farmlands in the US and certain parts of the European Union is safe. Unlike hemp extracts sourced from other parts of the world, these strains of hemp are more likely to contain high levels of CBD and less likely to contain harmful chemicals or high levels of THC. Hemp cultivation in the US and the EU are regulated by the respective governments, ensuring the safety of these products.
  • Extract type: Some may believe that CBD capsules are always made from CBD isolates. But that is not the case. Soft gel caps are available in different extract types – full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolates. The choice is yours, but you still need to know the pros and cons of each extract type.
  • Full-Spectrum: Whole-plant extracts, with all cannabinoids (including <0.3% THC), terpenes, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and flavonoids, found in the same proportion as they are found naturally in hemp plants.
  • Broad-Spectrum: In effect, this is the same as full-spectrum extracts, except for THC. In these products, THC is chemically or thermally removed from the final extract.
  • Isolates: Products made from CBD isolates contain pure CBD, chemically removed from natural hemp extracts. This kind of extract contains no other phytonutrients or plant materials, including other cannabinoids and terpenes.

While some people may prefer CBD isolates over full-spectrum extracts as they are afraid of testing positive on a drug test, isolates do not provide the entourage effect like the two other types of extracts.

The “entourage effect” is the enhancing effects of the other ingredients to CBD in the formulation. These components, which include other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant nutrients, offer a more potent and stronger dose, thus boosting CBD’s effects.

  • Lab tests: Trust only those brands that get their products tested by third-party laboratories and post the results publicly on their websites for everyone to view. Only an independent lab that has no financial gains from the brand’s business earnings will testify honestly about the authenticity, potency, efficiency, quality, and safety of the products.
  • Guarantees: Reputed brands, confident about their products’ efficacy, provide satisfaction guarantees, with promises of returning buyers’ money if they’re not satisfied with the results or receive the products in a poor condition. This not only cultivates a sense of trust and satisfaction among buyers but also gives users the chance and choice to get their money’s worth.
  • Brand Image: Reputed and competent companies make an effort to build the trust of their consumers with their effective products and good customer service. This is what builds their brand’s image. They also spend on years of experimentation and research into their formulation so that they can offer improved formulation to their customers. It is always wiser and safer to trust brands with a good reputation.
  • Price: CBD is expensive. Higher the quality of products, steeper are the prices. However, not all costly products give you your money’s worth. We have recommended only those brands that give you the best value for money. They are all high-quality products with the best prices.
  • Shipping Policy: No one likes a brand that takes forever to deliver their goods. Brands who are punctual with their deliveries are natural choices. We have also taken this into consideration while picking the Best Brands selling CBD Capsules.
  • Personal Experience: Our team of dedicated testers has directly helped determine the BEST CBD CAPSULES in the market by personally testing these products and comparing their experiences, taking into consideration all aspects of the product, before declaring the final list. It’s true that people react differently to CBD and its different blends. However, our testing gives us a fair idea of people’s reactions to these CBD products.

5 Best CBD Capsules 2020

#1 CBDPure CBD Capsules

Another family-owned brand, CBDPure sources its CBD extracts from non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado. Its products are free of contaminants or additives, and third-party lab-tested.

This brand offers a healthy dose of CBD through its brand of “Softgels 750”. The bottles come in one size – 30-count, each capsule containing 25mg of full-spectrum, natural, and organically sourced CBD oil.

This brand has some very attractive consumer policies, like a 90-day money-back guarantee. CBDPure extracts CBD from hemp with the help of the eco-friendly CO2 method (so no solvents will be found in the extract) and then cold-pressed to ensure the purity and integrity of the extract.

The brand does not sell too many types of CBD products. It has focused its attention only on CBD oil tinctures, CBD topical creams, and CBD capsules. They have a pet corner too.

Product & Brand Highlights:

  • Potency:

750mg (30 caps, each containing 25mg)

  • Ingredients:
    • Full-spectrum hemp oil (0.5mg)
    • Cannabidiol (CBD) (25mg)
  • Hemp source:

Colorado, US

  • Extract type:

Full-spectrum CBD blend

  • Lab tests:


  • Guarantees:

90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

  • Shipping Policy:
  • No free shipping
  • The current minimum shipping charges are $ 13.75
  • CBDPure ships only in the US, that too excluding the states of Arkansas, Kansas, and Louisiana
  • No international shipping currently available


$89.99 ($0.12/mg)

  • Discount Coupon:

To know more about the brand, read our complete CBDPure Brand Review.


CBDPure’s CBD softgels are among the few safe, effective CBD capsules in the market. Sourced from good-quality hemp and extracted with the help of a safe and eco-friendly CO2 method, these capsules are also quite affordable.

This is what our tester, Susan, had to say after using CBDPure’s Softgels 750 for a month.

Susan: The Softgels 750 is a quite effective product. It is made from a good-quality strain of hemp. However, it took at least 4 – 5 days for me to get complete relief from my chronic back pain. Nonetheless, I was getting better sleep from the very first night.

After four days of using it consistently, I felt I was doing much better. The brand’s CBD capsules are good, I only wished the brand had a stronger variant.

Besides, I would have wanted to know the ingredients in more detail – something that was left out on their website.

#2 Joy Organics CBD Capsules

Joy Organics is a family-based business, operating out of Colorado. It entered the CBD market in 2018 with its line of high-quality, THC-free CBD products. It was set up with an aim to continually develop premium CBD products through innovation and excellence.

Its inception lies in its Founder Joy Smith’s chronic pain and insomnia that she was unable to cure with the help of conventional medications. Her search for herbal remedies landed her on the path of CBD and hemp.

From using high-quality ingredients, including its CBD extract, to providing world-class customer service, including free shipping and an excellent 30-day return and full-refund policy, Joy Organics has made sure to provide its customers with the best in the market.

The brand’s broad-spectrum CBD products, sourced from premium-quality hemp strains, are gluten-free and contain no additives or harmful contaminants.

Its capsules contain water-soluble CBD that is not only easy on the digestive system but also ensures its easy absorption. The brand’s use of nano-technology in producing CBD capsules increases its bioavailability.

Apart from its regular CBD capsules, Joy Organics also offers its customers two specialized types of capsules – one infused with melatonin to promote sleep and the other with curcumin to provide relief from joint pain.

Here’s a glimpse into the brand’s policies and a brief idea about its CBD capsules

Product & Brand Highlights:

  • Potency:

All three variants – Regular CBD Softgels, CBD Softgels with Curcumin, and CBD Softgels with Melatonin are available in 25mg/capsule potency.

The Regular CBD Softgels also comes with a lower CBD strength of 10mg.

  • Ingredients:
    • CBD-rich hemp extract
    • Polysorbate emulsifiers
    • Medium-chain triglycerides
    • Beta-caryophyllene
    • Gelatin (bovine)
    • Glycerin
    • Sorbitol
    • Water

Apart from these ingredients, the joint pain variant contains curcuminoids, while the sleep variant contains water-soluble melatonin and Roman Chamomile.

  • Hemp source:

USA (location unknown)

  • Extract type:

Broad-spectrum CBD blend

  • Lab tests:

Joy Organics gets its CBD capsules tested by different independent laboratories, which include Botanacor Services, PhytaTech Metrics & Solutions, PIXIS Labs, and Cannalysis.

  • Guarantees:

30-day full money-back

Special discounts for veterans, first responders, and the economically challenged

  • Shipping Policy:
    • Fast & free shipping on all orders anywhere within the US
    • A buyer gets an acknowledgment email that tells him or her that the order has been placed
    • Then, a confirmation email is sent out when the product is shipped. Only these orders are eligible for any benefits from Joy Organics
  • Price:

$44.95 – $99.95, i.e., $0.12/mg – $0.15/mg

  • Discount Coupon:

To know more about Joy Organics, read our Joy Organics Brand Review.


Given the kind of overwhelming reaction we have received from our readers and other users both online and offline, we had expected the positive feedback from our tester. Max, who had previously tried other products by the brand, was happy to have been picked for this trial. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with Joy Organics’ CBD Softgel Capsules.

Max: I was quite satisfied with the results. For me, the brand’s 25mg capsules were best suited for my insomnia and anxiety issues. It was also great for my back pain. Since they had three different variants, with two for specific issues, at first, I wasn’t sure which one to try. Then I chose to go with all three of them – as and when required.

I used the sleep capsules every night half-hour before bedtime, the joint pain variant in times of extreme pain, and the regular ones after I woke up every morning. This was my routine for a month. Since I had been going without any CBD for about a month before this trial, I realized its effects were quite good and consistent.

My sleep issues were gone from the very first day, but it took a few days longer for my back pain to recede completely. Since pain and inflammations often take longer to subside with any medication, this was to be expected.

Overall, this product was fantastic – much better than most other CBD capsules in the market.

#3 cbdMD CBD Capsules

With a wide range of safe, reliable, and high-quality CBD products, cbdMD keeps its promise of providing highly potent and affordable broad-spectrum CBD products. This holds true in their capsules as well.

Their products are mostly vegan and gluten-free, with their blend of CBD formulation being specifically of CBD isolates, sourced from organically grown hemp, mixed separately in natural hemp-derived terpenes and carrier oils.

Speaking of organic farming, the brand is very transparent about its practices, including safe, eco-friendly farming practices as per US federal regulations on cannabis farming and CBD production. The brand also clearly posts its products’ certificates of analysis (CoAs), i.e. third-party lab reports.

CbdMD’s softgels are effective in curbing nausea and fighting pain and inflammation, besides promoting sleep and a healthy appetite.

Product & Brand Highlights:


  • 30-count bottles:
    • 450mg (15mg/cap)
    • 1000mg (33.33mg/cap)
    • 1500mg (50mg/cap)
  • 60-count bottles:
    • 1000mg (16.67mg/cap)
    • 1500mg (25mg/cap)
    • 3000mg (50mg/cap)


  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil (including CBG & CBDV)
  • MCT oil (Carrier oil)
  • Vegan-grade capsules

Hemp source:

  • Kentucky, US

Extract type:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD

Lab tests:

  • SCLabs


30-day money-back

Shipping Policy:

  • Free Shipping irrespective of order volume
  • 2 – 4 days for processing orders, 3 – 4 days to be delivered by carrier (standard shipping)


$35.99 – $149.99 ($0.05/mg – $0.08/mg)

  • Discount Coupon:

To know more about cbdMD, read our CBDMD Brand Review.


Our tester, Steve, used the 25mg-per-capsule variant (i.e. 60-count bottles containing a total of 1500mg CBD) twice a day.

Steve: Although the effects were initially a little slow, they quickly picked up, offering relief from back pain and depression, as well as promoting a healthy sleep pattern and appetite. Within a couple of days, I felt much better.

Staying away from other CBD products had been hard on me. Since no other medication could help me, I had turned to this herbal remedy to ease my conditions. But with these capsules, I felt I did not even need any CBD tinctures. These were quite effective, and very affordable too!

Despite the low cost, there was no fear of side-effects. These capsules are sourced from organically grown hemp and extracted with the help of the CO2 extraction process, making it both safe and effective.

Although I didn’t need the 50mg/capsule variant, people with more severe pains and inflammations can definitely benefit from it.

#4 CBDistilliery CBD Capsules

With an aim to reach out to people suffering from different ailments with a safe and affordable alternative, CBDistillery is fueled by its # CBDMOVEMENT™. Its goal is to make high-quality CBD products affordable.

Its products are as effective as they are safe. All of CBDistillery’s products are lab-tested, of good quality, and highly potent.

The brand makes capsules of different potencies, extract types, and bottle sizes. They also offer vegan options in their pills over the usual gelatin softgels.

Although information regarding the brand’s farming, extraction, and processing is vague, its products are certified by the US Hemp Authority.

Product & Brand Highlights:


  • 30-count bottles:
  • 25mg full-spectrum CBD per vegan (pill) capsule; total strength – 750mg
  • 30mg full-spectrum CBD per gelatin softgel capsule; total strength – 900mg
  • 30mg CBD isolate per gelatin softgel capsule; total strength – 900mg
  • 60-count bottles:
  • 30mg full-spectrum CBD per gelatin softgel capsule; total CBD strength – 1800mg
  • 30mg CBD isolate per gelatin softgel capsule; total CBD strength – 1800mg


  • Vegan pills: Fractionated coconut oil (MCT), CO2 extracted full-spectrum industrial hemp oil, capsules (vegetable cellulose, purified water)
  • Gelatin-based full-spectrum softgels: Fractionated coconut oil (MCT), full-spectrum hemp extract (only aerial parts), sunflower lecithin, gelatin (gelatin capsules)
  • Gelatin CBD isolate softgels: Fractionated coconut oil (MCT), anhydrous (crystalline) hemp oil, gelatin (gelatin capsules)

Colorado, US

  • Extract type:

Both full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate extracts

  • Lab tests:

Gelatin caps: ProVerde Laboratories

Vegan variants: ACS Laboratory.

  • Guarantees:
    • No money-back guarantee on opened products
    • Offers customers a 7-day limit to request a return and refund or replacement on sealed products, only if…
      • a wrong product is sent by mistake by the brand,
      • the product is damaged during shipping or not in full condition,
      • there are other delivery issues, like order being sent to the wrong address, etc.
    • Shipping Policy:
    • Free shipping for orders above $75 in the US.
    • For orders worth below $75, Standard USPS Shipping Fees apply
    • CBDistillery delivers its products across all 50 states of the US.
    • The brand does not ship its products to other countries


Two different prices for 30-count and 60-count bottles.

  • 30-count bottles: $50 – $60 ($0.07/mg)
  • 60-count bottles: $115 ($0.06/mg)
  • Discount Coupon:

To know more about the brand, read our complete CBDistillery Brand Review.


So far, we have had a good experience with CBDistillery’s products. It was no wonder, this brand landed on our final list. However, our user experience highlighted the fact that they offer a wide range of options in extract type, potencies, and bottle sizes, besides offering a separate variant for vegans. Let’s hear from Timothy, who is a vegan, and his obvious choice was the 25mg full-spectrum, vegan pill capsules.

Timmy: I usually use full-spectrum CBD products, as it offers the entourage effect – it’s not a myth, I have experienced the difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum products.

I often suffer from sleeplessness, while my back pain has become a chronic issue. I had used many pain killers and opioids in the past. However, none gave me as much relief as CBD does, that too, without any undesirable side effects.

As for my sleep issues, taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills are hazardous anyway. With CBD I had been doing well until I had to stop it a month prior to this test.

My back pain and sleep disorder raised their ugly heads, making me miserable and cranky all the time.

Once I started taking this brand of CBD capsules, I realized I was getting better sleep. In fact, taking two pills before bedtime did the trick for me. However, in spite of taking 2 more through the day, I got no relief from the debilitating back pain. I wondered if using the 30mg option would have been a better choice for me. However, they’re not available in vegan capsules. I hate taking those bovine-based gelatin capsules.

Nonetheless, I still kept at it. I increased my dose to 3 capsules throughout the day and took only 1 capsule before bedtime. This worked better for both issues. Since my pain was much less throughout the day, taking only one capsule at night worked efficiently in offering a good night’s sleep. I did not have any issues thereafter. All my pain and sleep issues were resolved, and I was able to go about my daily chores and activities with ease.

I suppose each brand’s formulation differs from the other. So, a little adjustment is always necessary.

#5 HempBombs CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs is known for its products’ wide range of potencies and variety. This should ideally be positive for users. However, when some of them don’t work as well, people usually tend to blame it on the wide variety – as they feel that their chemists are spending much of their focus on designing new products instead of improving the existing ones.

The HembBombs’ CBD capsules are available in both low and high potencies – 15mg and 25mg. These caps are also sold in two bottle sizes – 30-count and 60-count.

Most of the company policies are quite consumer-friendly. They are also big on their distributor and affiliate programs. Besides, the attractive packaging is the cherry on the top.

Product & Brand Highlights:


  • Low-Potency Option:
    • 60 caps, each with 15mg/cap; total 900mg
    • 30 caps, each with 15mg/cap; total 450mg
    • 15 caps, each with 15mg/cap; total 225mg
    • 5 caps, each with 15mg/cap; total 75mg
  • High-Potency Option:
    • 60 caps, each with 25mg/cap; total 1500mg
    • 30 caps: each with 25mg/cap; total 750mg
  • Ingredients:
    • Calcium (citrate/carbonate) (25mg)
    • Magnesium (oxide/glycinate) (25mg)
    • Broad-spectrum hemp extracts (15mg/25mg)
    • L-Theanine
    • B-phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid
    • Magnolia bark
    • Scutellaria
    • Passiflora
    • Gelatin (capsule)
  • Hemp source:

US (exact location unknown)

  • Extract type:

Broad-spectrum CBD blend

  • Lab tests:

ACS Laboratory

  • Guarantees:
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, if not satisfied with products’ performance.
  • Offer valid only if the purchase is made directly from the brand website, and not from a local store or third-party e-com site
  • Shipping Policy:
  • Available to all the 50 states
  • Sold both online and offline at retail stores
  • Shipping time: 3 – 4 days


$14.99 – $139.99, i.e. $0.1/mg – $0.2/mg

  • Discount Coupon:

To know more about the brand, read our HempBombs Brand Review.


We used the High-Potency (25mg) variant of this brand of CBD capsules (60-count 1500mg) for this review. Our tester, Dorothy, said this was the right choice, as she had tried out their low-potency variant before, and felt it fell short of the target by quite a bit. Although HempBomb produces potent, effective, safe, and affordable CBD products, its quality lacks in some ways, as it does not meet the expected effect. Here’s what she said about this product.

Dorothy: This brand’s capsule formulation is quite good in its quality and safety quotients. It is also less expensive than most other brands of CBD capsules. However, I think it does not quite give you enough value for money, as its effects take a while longer to kick in.

These caps are great for anxiety and sleep issues, as they are milder issues. With joint pains and inflammations, however, I wished they had a higher potency variant. These latter issues are understandably more difficult-to-treat and require stronger doses than what’s required for anxiety or sleep disorders.

Their CBD formulation failed to have much effect on my chronic back and joint pains. However, with regular and consistent use of these capsules (4 caps a day, taken at equal intervals), the pain subsided completely after the end of the 4th day. I also suffer migraines quite often. This did not happen while I was on HempBombs High-Potency Capsules.

If I were to give you an approximate idea of how long these caps take to work on different conditions, here is an assessment of my experiences in the past month:

  • Work-related stress needs 2 – 3 capsules an hour before bedtime
  • Chronic joint or back pain requires at least 3 – 4 capsules taken twice a day continuously for 3 – 4 days
  • Chronic anxiety & sleep issues need no more than 2 caps an hour before bedtime
  • Nausea can be overcome with only 1 capsule

Parting Thoughts: Which CBD Capsule Brand is Best For you?

CBD capsule is a great option for people who don’t like the natural taste of hemp or even the added flavorings used in CBD tinctures or edibles but still need it for their overall health (topicals are for localized application and can’t help with whole-body issues).

But then, the question arises: Which brand offers the best CBD capsules in the market? Which capsules will offer the most relief in the fastest possible time, keeping safety in mind? Doing the proper research before purchasing your first (or next) CBD capsules is important. But that’s never easy.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you.

We asked users, tested the products ourselves, and compared the different aspects of each product to provide you with this list of the 5 Best CBD Capsules available currently in the market.

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