Anvarol Review: What Does It Do? Lets Find Out!

Updated on September 18, 2020

Anvarol is an anabolic steroid to help trainers develop lean muscles and lose body fat. It’s formulated using 100% natural ingredients that are beneficial to the body and completely safe.

Unlike many other anabolic steroids that many bodybuilders use, Anvarol is legal to buy and use. This is because it poses no risks to the human body, thanks to its combination of natural ingredients. 

This product is made for men and women who want to develop well-defined muscles that are not bulky. It’s a great alternative for Anavar, the most popular steroid used for muscle toning and fat shedding. 


Anvarol Review: Product Overview 

Crazybulk developed Anvarol with the intention to provide consumers with a legal, safe alternative to Anavar. 

Anavar is a steroid that was developed in 1962 by Searle Laboratories. In 1964, it was introduced as a pharmaceutical drug. It was used in the United States to promote regrowth of muscles in disorders that caused uncontrollable weight loss. 

It was also used in the treatment of osteoporosis and HIV/Aids. Anavar was very useful in the medical field because of its high anabolic potential but low androgenic effect. 

This is what made it popular for illegal use among bodybuilders. Many fitness enthusiasts started using it without prescription in order to lose body fat and gain strength and energy for exercises without bulking up on muscles. 

The illicit use became widespread, which lead to the manufacturer discontinuing the drug in 1989. The drug, known as Oxandrolone, is still available for medical uses in the U.S., and can only be attained legally with a prescription. 

Bodybuilders continued sourcing the drug illegally as it had become so popular, and it’s still in use today. 

Besides its energy-boosting and fat loss capabilities, Anavar also became popular because it was available in tablet form. This was a more convenient method of using compared to other steroids in the market at the time that had to be injected. 

Its fast and effective results also made it a bestseller among trainers. However, it also came with many side effects, which is why it was illegalized for non-medical uses. 

Anvarol provides all the benefits of Anavar without the subsequent side effects. This makes it the best alternative for bodybuilders keen on fat loss and shedding, as it’s safe and very effective. 


  • Anvarol has no side effects and is completely safe to use. 
  • It provides lifters with the energy to lift weights without getting tired easily. 
  • It can be used without a prescription. 
  • It’s available in tablet form, which is easy to use compared to a needle and syringe. 
  • It’s 100% legal to buy and use. 
  • It helps sculpture lean muscles without damaging them. 
  • Anvarol is very effective in fat cutting. 
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  • It’s not suitable for users who wish to build bulky muscles. 
  • It contains milk products and is therefore not safe for lactose-intolerant people.
  • It’s only available for purchase online. 
  • There’s a short 14-day window for returns after purchase, with no returns allowed once the product has been opened. 


The ingredients used to formulate Anvarol give the drug its powerful capabilities. All ingredients are natural and contribute to the growth of lean muscles and loss of body fat. 

Whey protein is used as a supplement to enhance the body’s protein metabolism. This results in the production of more anaerobic power, enhanced strength, and improved neuromuscular function. 

By improving the protein balance in the body, whey protein aids in muscle remodeling. This leads to the speedy recovery of muscles during exercise, thereby enabling you to spend more time working out. 

Whey protein also aids in lowering high blood pressure, which may occur as a result of increased physical activity. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular stress, which is a common side effect when trainers use illicit steroids. 

This ingredient can also play a role in preventing or minimizing swelling that may occur after exercise. Research has shown that it’s capable of reducing amounts of C-reactive protein in the body, which is a main marker of inflammation. 

Research has shown that consuming soy protein alongside whey protein after resistance exercise helps to extend the process of muscle building. This means that when you take Anvarol, muscle building does not just happen during exercise but continues afterward, too.

This aids in repairing muscles and keep them from becoming depleted due to the strain exerted on them by the additional ATP in the system. 

Besides supporting muscle development, soy protein has also been shown to be effective in increasing fat loss, while at the same time preventing loss of lean body mass. 

  • BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) 225mg 

Branch Chain Amino Acids help trainers attain lean physiques by keeping the muscles from breaking down. Alongside soy protein, this ingredient counters the powerful effect of increased ATP to ensure that muscles are not put under too much strain. 

BCAAs are able to help retain muscle mass because they promote muscle protein synthesis in the body. Since proteins are the building blocks of muscles, this increased production sustains muscle function during recovery. 

People who use BCAA supplements have been shown to experience less soreness after exercise compared to those who don’t use it. 

The wild yam root used in Anvarol is also known as the American yam, Chinese yam, and colic root. It contains diosgenin, a compound that’s widely used to make steroids for medical use. 

It’s an anti-inflammatory compound that has shown promise in reducing pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints associated with osteoarthritis. This property can also help in reducing muscle soreness after exercise. 

Diosgenin is used to make cortisone, progesterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), among other hormones. 

In the body, diosgenin influences hormonal balance, which affects both male and female sex hormones. Diosgenin has also been shown to be effective in lowering cholesterol levels—this aids in reducing fat layers and defining muscles. 

Adenosine Triphosphate is an organic compound found in the body, and that has numerous functions. Among them are providing energy for muscle contraction, chemical synthesis, intracellular signaling, and nerve impulse propagation. 

It’s used in Anvarol because it helps boost energy levels in the muscle cells, thereby enabling more contractions. This allows you to carry out more exercises and gain more strength while losing body fat. 

How Does Anvarol Work?

Normal body metabolism cannot produce enough energy to allow the rapid muscle contractions that bodybuilders need in order to build muscle mass. 

The ATP present in the muscle cells is only able to support the contraction for a few seconds before it becomes depleted. 

Anvarol works by increasing the levels of ATP within the muscles in order to allow for more contractions. To do this, it increases your phosphocreatine levels. 

Phosphocreatine is a molecule that acts as a high-energy reserve in the muscles. This is in response to the inadequate energy provided by metabolism. 

By storing energy, this molecule is able to maintain and regenerate ATP levels whenever they get too low. 

By increasing the phosphocreatine levels, Anvarol assists in the faster synthesis of more Adenosine Phosphate. 

This provides bursts of energy that can keep you exercising for longer with more intense routines because your muscles are able to contract without getting fatigued. 

While Anvarol acts as an energy booster, it also works to control the strain on the muscles because of the increased energy levels. It keeps the muscles functioning even after exercise, which prevents damage and accelerates recovery. 

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Benefits of Using Anvarol 

Anvarol is used as an alternative for Anavar because it provides all of the steroid’s benefits, without the side effects. Some of these benefits are:

Increased Lean Muscle Mass

Anvarol allows you to build lean muscles without bulking up. This is beneficial if you’re looking to build your muscle mass but would like them to have a more toned appearance. 

The drug does this by promoting muscle building while at the same time preventing water retention. With many other steroids, water retention is the main cause of bulking in muscles. 

Enhanced Body Fat Loss

Because of its mix of ingredients, Anvarol is able to enhance fat loss without compromising muscle mass. This is an important ability since muscles can easily be lost during weight loss programs. 

It does this with the help of ingredients such as diosgenin, BCAA, and Adenosine Triphosphate. 

It Boosts Protein Synthesis

Whey protein, soy protein, and BCAA help in increasing the production of protein in tissues found in the muscles. This is an essential step for the growth, repair, and remodeling of muscles. 

It’s an Energy Booster 

Anvarol stimulates the synthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle tissues. This is the molecule that stores energy for use when there’s inadequate supply by ATP. 

More phosphocreatine means more energy is supplied to the muscle cells, and this supports muscle contractions. 

Because of this, you’re able to keep on longer with your exercises when you’re using Anvarol. 

Safe and Legal to Use

Anvarol is a legal drug that you can buy and use freely. It’s also safe and does not cause negative side effects, unlike Anavar. 

This supplement can be used safely by both women and men who want lean muscles. Its low androgenic ability is what makes it suitable for both genders and for the development of lean muscles too.

Enables Speedy Recovery

When Anvarol boosts the energy supply within muscle tissues, it enables them to remain active even after exercise. This makes recovery easier and prevents soreness. 

With speedy recovery, you’re able to take shorter breaks as you’ll feel freshly re-energized soon after each set of exercises. 

This contributes to your long-term bodybuilding or weight loss journey as you’ll be able to gain more strength, energy, and fat loss from your extended workout routines. 

Prevents Muscle Damage 

By enabling quick recovery, Anvarol prevents muscle damage. It does this through ingredients such as whey protein that provides the tissues with the fuel necessary for recovery after hard workouts. 

Lasting Results 

Because Anvarol supports muscle building while preventing muscle loss and damage, it is able to provide long-term results. Its ability to support weight loss also aids in this. 

Side Effects

When Anvarol is used according to dosage instructions, it poses no side effects. This is because it’s made using natural ingredients that are not toxic to the body. 

However, the following side effect is possible if you don’t pay attention to the ingredients:

Allergic Reaction 

If you’re lactose intolerant, you may have allergic reactions after using Anvarol. This is because it contains ingredients such as whey protein and milk products, which may cause you discomfort. 

It’s therefore advisable to check the entire list of ingredients before using the supplement to ensure that it’s completely safe for you. 

This is so much better in comparison to Anavar, which causes loss of hair, acne, vomiting, headaches, and oily skin. Anavar can also cause liver toxicity, development of man boobs, decreased sex drive, and tumors. 

Who Should Use Anvarol? 

Anvarol can be used by adults who want to develop lean muscles void of water retention. The drug is made to work with both women and men without adverse effects. 

Most women prefer using it because it doesn’t have a powerful androgenic effect, which results in bulking muscles. This helps them develop muscles without them becoming extremely muscular in a masculine way. 

This product is also suitable for trainers who wish to lose extra body fat quickly without losing muscle mass. 

Lastly, Anvarol should be used by people who wish to avoid Anavar because of its side effects. 

Who Should Refrain from Anvarol? 

This product is made for use by adults and should not be taken by people under the age of 18. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also avoid using this supplement. 

If you’re under medication for a certain condition, consult your physician before using Anvarol. This is because there’s the possibility of medication interactions, which can have negative effects. 

You should also refrain from using Anvarol if you’re lactose intolerant because the product contains possible allergens. 

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Dosage & Tips to Start

Each bottle of Anvarol comes with capsules worth 30 days of dosages. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules daily, which should be taken together.

Take the tablets with water approximately 15 minutes after workout. For maximum results, use the supplement for at least 2 months. 

Use it in cycles of 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off to allow your body to adapt to the energy and strength changes. 

Correct dosage and usage of the pills will ensure that you gain in terms of energy, strength, lean muscle retention, and excess fat loss. 

This drug is not only for bodybuilders but for anyone with fitness goals that include losing weight and developing a well-toned body. 

In order for the supplement to deliver the best results, maintain a suitable exercise routine while you use it. 

Where to Buy Anvarol and Guarantees

You can buy Anvarol at Crazybulk’s official website. Crazybulk is the company that manufactures the drug alongside other bodybuilding supplements. 

The more you buy, the less you pay for every bottle. It’s advisable to buy more than two bottles because you get every third product free. 

When buying two bottles, make sure to add a third in your cart so that you can qualify for the discount. The cheapest product among the three will be counted free. 

This offer applies for the third, sixth, ninth, and every other third product that you add to your cart. 

There’s free worldwide shipping for any product that you buy on the website. This applies even when you buy just a single bottle.

Deliveries in the U.K. can be made within 1 day if you make your order before 2 pm local time. Shipping in the United States takes 3-7 working days. Orders within Europe take 3-10 business days to get delivered. 

Orders being shipped to Australia, Canada, and anywhere else in the world take between 5-15 days to arrive. 

You can return a product within 14 days after delivery. Crazybulk only allows the return of products that have not been opened or used and are still in their original packaging. 

After a successful return, you can choose to get a refund or product exchange.


Conclusion: Is It Safer Alternative to Anavar

Anvarol is the safest supplement available for anyone who wants to build well-toned muscles and reduce excess body fat. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it’s harmless to the body and carries no undesirable side effects. 

It’s not only safe, but also provides quick results in terms of strength improvement, energy-boosting, and lean muscle retention. You can expect to see results if you follow dosage and usage instructions. 

You can only buy this product at Crazybulk, where they have several discount offers on the products. Buy full stacks here to advance your fitness goals and see results faster. Each stack is created to help you achieve specific goals in a natural way. 

Use Anvarol to enhance your muscle toning and fat shredding results while avoiding all side effects that come with Anavar. 

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