Why Natural Mouthwash is more Effective than Commercial Brands

Updated on April 23, 2021

The reason most people decide to include mouthwash in their oral healthcare kit is the fear of bad breath. However, in today’s day and age, if you suffer from bad breath, it’s not an issue that can be fixed with a rinse solution (provided you also use the other tools in your kit like toothpaste, tooth brush, and floss). Even more, the use of alcohol-based solutions can aggravate the problem as it dehydrates the oral mucosa. 

Sadly, most commercial mouthwash products are either alcohol-based or contain newly made chemicals that may have a long-term effect on the body. Therefore, the only alternative is to switch to mouthwashes made with natural ingredients that have been used to maintain the health of the oral cavity for thousands of years.

If you’re still pondering the pros and cons, here are a few reasons to help you decide. 

Science Says So

Due to reasonable concerns, there have been several studies conducted on commercial and natural mouth rinse products, and most of them show conclusive evidence that natural ingredients are the safest option. 

For instance, in a recent study, researchers managed to prove that a herbal mouthwash, based on ginseng root extract is more efficient in reducing harmful bacteria than the commercial brands they tested. Moreover, there is also research on the best natural mouthwash product for common situations and how to choose the best one for your needs. 

No Harsh Additives

Additives like triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), or alcohol can be too aggressive with the oral tissue In addition, people with a compromise immune system (such as people with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetics, or people undergoing chemotherapy) are more affected by commercial washmouth products. 

So, to avoid a drop in saliva (who’s job is to fight harmful bacteria) after each mouth rinse, it’s best to avoid commercial brands and start using a product with natural ingredients that cares for the overall health of the mouth. 

Stay Healthy

It is a well-known fact that the health of the oral cavity is an excellent indicator of one’s overall health. In fact, inflammatory gum diseases have been linked with cardiovascular diseases and other health problems that could have been avoided with the proper oral care. 

Now, the use of commercial brand mouthwash products not only comes packed with various ingredients you’ve never heard of, but it also encourages people to forgo proper oral hygiene in favor of a quick rinse that provides temporary freshness. In fact, many people confessed they would rinse their mouth with a bit of mouthwash before going out the door in the morning because it’s faster and easier than the usual ordeal (brushing and flossing). 

Now, this type of habit can easily become the thing you do when you’re in a hurry and before you know it, you’ll only brush once a day (if that). However, a natural mouth rinse doesn’t have the same effect and, should a serious problem arise it will be easily detected (usually because of bad breath or inflammations). Still, if used in combination with brushing and flossing, a natural rinse solution is the best possible option to complete your teeth maintenance routine. 

Wrap Up

In conclusion, natural mouthwash products are less aggressive with the oral tissue and don’t wipe out the bacteria population, which allows the teeth, gums, and other parts of your mouth to stay healthy. Of course, there are other ways to keep your teeth healthy with natural methods (like using natural toothpaste), but the natural mouthwash is the first step towards better health and a happier smile. 

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