Why Men Should Begin Taking Natural Estrogen Blocker Supplements

Updated on April 27, 2021

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Men and women are different, I know, big shocker, right? But what makes them different? We’re speaking specifically about sex characteristics, not gender because men and women from different cultures will perform their gender in different ways. Our hormones and chromosomes primarily determine sex in the modern era, where XY typically represents males.

The other determining factor for what separates males and females is the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. As a general rule, men have more testosterone than women, and women have more estrogen than men, but both hormones are found in either sex.

Why Block Estrogen?

There are multiple medical and non-medical reasons men take estrogen blockers. There are blockers for men that are all-natural and don’t completely remove estrogen in the body but lower it. In contrast, antiestrogens suppress estrogen altogether to treat various ailments. 


Estrogen blockers from a legitimate health food company will reduce the amount of estrogen in the body, so more testosterone is produced. Most men have enough testosterone in the body. Still, a blocker can improve libido, behavioral traits, the hair on the heart and body, muscle mass, skin, fat metabolism, bone density, and heart health as long as it’s taken in small doses.

The primary benefit of taking estrogen blockers for men is the boosted energy, vitality, and sexual health. When used in tandem with a fitness routine, it can help aid fat loss and muscle growth.


Antiestrogens are a class of drug that prevents estrogen from mediating within the body. They block the estrogen receptor and suppress production almost completely. While it does suppress most estrogen, some will still remain to keep the patient healthy. Decreased estrogen levels can lead to stunted sexual development, so they can be dangerous if misused.

The most common uses for medical antiestrogens are:

  • Treatment for breast cancer in both men and women.
  • Male hypogonadism (diminished production of male sex hormones)
  • Gynecomastia (breast development)
  • Hormone replacement therapy for transgender men

Side effects for antiestrogens for men can include breast atrophy, osteoporosis, hot flashes, reduced libido, and depression.

The Importance of Estrogen in Men’s Health

The importance of estrogen in women is generally understood. It protects bone density, encourages the reproductive cycle, and regulates mood but, this same process happens in men. Estrogen is produced in the brain, bones, skin, and testicles in all healthy men.

Let’s focus on how estrogen aids the brain because it has a major role to play. This sex hormone acts as a neuroregulator to curb anti-social behavior and promote impulse control. Basically, estrogen helps control how men react to stimuli. Sexual health and estrogen also go hand in hand, and without it, men wouldn’t be able to maintain erections or produce children. 

What’s Worse, Low or High Estrogen Levels?

Men who have low estrogen levels could produce the following symptoms:

  • Bone Loss
  • Excess Body Fat
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Osteoporosis

Hypogonadism and cardiovascular disease rates are much higher in low estrogen men.

However, men who have high estrogen levels could produce these symptoms:

  • Gynecomastia, or swelling in the breast tissue
  • Infertility
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Short stature

To make a long story short, both low and high estrogen levels are bad for men. It’s better to have an estrogen level that is considered normal to maintain optimal health.

Should I Take Estrogen Blockers?

Taking estrogen blockers for a short amount of time to improve overall fitness is considered safe in healthy males. Men who have prior medical conditions, like heart disease or diabetes, should avoid taking estrogen blockers altogether. While you don’t need to take an estrogen blocker to improve your performance in the gym, it can provide a boost of energy when you need it.

The brand and the ingredients in the estrogen blocker can determine how safe or effective the product is, so always read the label and check customer reviews before purchasing.

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