What Smokers Need to Know About CBD Cigarettes

Updated on October 25, 2020

There isn’t a more satisfying cannabidiol (CBD) product for smokers than CBD cigarettes. But not a lot of Americans know what CBD cigarettes are.

To put it bluntly, although we will discuss them in greater length, CBD cigarettes resemble normal cigarettes but they’re filled with CBD.

But this product is much more interesting than that. And to explain the rest, you will need to continue reading.

Differences Between CBD Cigarettes and Normal Cigarettes

This is the part of the article that mostly intrigues US smokers. CBD cigarettes  in the USA come under many different names such as hemp cigarettes, hempettes and pre-rolls.

These names all point to the fact that the contents of this product are indeed hemp. We process hemp and turn it into a smokable product where there is no tobacco but instead hemp.

And since we are talking about hemp, CBD cigarettes can vary in a few things. The biggest thing to note is whether or not the hemp is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum. Although very few brands sell full-spectrum CBD cigarettes in the USA.

The biggest difference between CBD cigarettes and normal cigarettes is that CBD isn’t addictive. Unlike THC or tobacco, this product gives the user actual benefits.

What Are CBD Cigarettes Made Of?

The contents of this product are what fascinates US smokers the most. Unlike tobacco or THC, CBD cigarettes are entirely made out of all-natural hemp flower.

How organic and how natural the hemp is should interest you the most. Namely, different brands in the USA manufacture this product differently. Some focus on organic and natural products while others add chemicals.

You should definitely avoid the latter as there is only one way to grow and process hemp flower. In addition to CBD, this product contains other terpenes and flavonoids, as well as compounds that make it so popular.

Apart from CBD, other compounds include CBG, CBN, CBC, and others but in small concentrations. The flavonoids and terpenes are responsible for the smell and taste of the product, and those are also entirely natural substances.

What Makes them Better?

On the US market, there is always a “want” for a better product. If you ask many users, they will say that CBD cigarettes are a much better product than normal cigarettes.

And the science is also on their side. However, we’re not meant to say empty words and instead explain what makes CBD cigarettes better.

  • No Nicotine

Nicotine is highly addictive hence why smokers find it hard to give up on cigarettes. Although highly addictive, nicotine is great for lowering stress levels.

Fortunately, this is where CBD cigarettes excel. If you’re not familiar with the effects of CBD, then do know that taking CBD gives you a sense of calm and relaxation. That’s because CBD affects our nervous system and makes us more relaxed.

Nicotine is also bad for your health as it hardens your blood vessels. This reduces blood flow and causes dangerous cardiovascular diseases that can be potentially fatal. Not only that, but nicotine from smoking also causes oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is just as harmful as normal stress as it harms your body on a cellular level and effectively shortens your lifespan. There are many more reasons why nicotine is bad for you, and the best way to give it up is by trying CBD cigarettes.

  • CBD Is Non-Addictive

If you’re on this article then chances are you’ve tried CBD in one way or another. The vast majority of readers have tried CBD through smoking pot. Since CBD is part of the cannabis plant, chances are you’ve had prior experience with it.

When getting high, the feeling of high is entire because of THC. But everything else that you’re experiencing is down to CBD. THC only gets you high while CBD provides pain relief, puts you in a good mood, etc.

And one of those compounds is addictive while the other isn’t. If your guess was CBD then you’d be wrong. CBD is a non-addictive compound that won’t ask for anything more than what you’re already taking.

If nicotine is an addictive substance that can quickly turn into a physical and mental addiction, then CBD cigarettes can provide relief by tricking your brain and ultimately quitting tobacco.

  • CBD Is Much Safer

Tobacco isn’t the safest ingredient that you can smoke. Apart from being highly addictive and potentially life-threatening, tobacco cigarettes contain dozens of dangerous additives and chemicals that aren’t deemed safe by most standards of consumption.

CBD cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or ingredients and are deemed safe. If the hemp meets all safety and quality standards, then it is the best alternative for US smokers.

  • Better Effects

Since CBD cigarettes are made out of CBD, then you get to enjoy the various benefits from it. Unlike nicotine, CBD isn’t all about giving you a buzz or rush when consuming them. CBD is quite enjoyable and will put you in a good-feel state without compromising anything.

There is no “high” feeling that you get from smoking cannabis and there are no feelings of craving that you get from nicotine.

  • Better Smell and Taste

Every non-smoker will instantly know that you’re a smoker once you get too close to them. That’s because tobacco gives out a rather unpleasant aroma that sticks to hair, clothes, and your fingers.

Unlike tobacco, CBD hemp flower contains plenty of flavonoids that are responsible for the famous “cannabis smell”. Although not everyone likes this smell, it is still much better than burning tobacco.

Also, on the subject of taste, CBD also gets one over tobacco. US smokers are left with a rather unpleasant taste once finishing a cigarette. And thanks to the various flavonoids, aromatic oils, and terpenes, smoking CBD cigarettes leaves a delicious taste.

Finishing Thoughts

This was what US smokers need to know about smoking CBD cigarettes. Instead of being addicted to nicotine and spending thousands of dollars each year on tobacco, why not enjoy the tasteful delight of CBD cigarettes and reap the benefits that come with it.

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