What Is A Micrometer and What Is It Used For?

Updated on November 25, 2020
Digimatic and mechanical micrometers in store

A micrometer is also known as a screw gauge or caliper, a device featuring an accurately calibrated screw widely utilized in many mechanical and neurological trades. It is also employed with other mechanical industries including computerized machining, mechanical arts, automotive, aerospace, computer electronics, and computer-aided design. A micrometer is just a particular tool that is used to measure extremely tiny objects with exact dimensions and quantities. 

With each micrometer calibration, an object can be measured with its precise length, thickness, or depth as long as it can fit inside the spindle and anvil of the appliance. It is most commonly used for engineering and mechanical applications. 

Examples of using a micrometer may include finding the diameter of a round sphere or the depth of a hole. It can tell you how thick a piece of paper may be or how thin a particular wire may appear. Whether it’s the length of the head of a nail or the width of the impression of a staple, most measurements that are taken by a micrometer are generally less than that of an inch. 

Kinds of Micrometers

There are different kinds of micrometers used for different kinds of measures. Outside micrometers are used mostly for measuring how thick an item is. These are called calipers. They can take the measurements of spheres, blocks, and wires. Inside micrometers are used for something completely different. They tell the distance or the diameter of an object. A bore micrometer is used for those items that do not have an accurate cross-section, and tube micrometers can measure how thick a tube is. Of course, a depth micrometer tells the depth of a step or a slot. 

Now that you know what a micrometer is, you should know what it is used for. 

  • Machining and Engineering

In machining and engineering, a micrometer is commonly used in measuring different parts, such as threads, holes, bolts, joints, rods, or threaded inserts. They are also used in measuring parts in machining or other industrial-related operations.

In other industries, micrometers are also used to measure various mechanical components such as springs and bearing gears. In some cases, they may also be used as thermometers by measuring the temperature or pressure of parts or the surrounding environment.

  • Electronic devices

Due to its size, a micrometer is often used as an electronic device as well. They can either be directly attached to a computer or a USB device. It is usually mounted on the workbench, which allows the user to easily move the screw without disturbing it. The size and position of the micrometers on the table can be changed depending on the needs of the user.

Manufacturers make high-quality micrometers with the latest technology. Also, some of them also have a manual mode that can be operated by a skilled operator. Others may even have a programmable function that allows the user to select the desired accuracy and other parameters.

As said before, micrometers are one of the most common types of electronic equipment used in engineering and metrology. They are considered to be indispensable devices and are often used in the industry as precision measurement devices.

  • Medical field

Other common uses of micrometers are in many applications in the medical field such as dental, optical, and biomedical, as well as aerospace, chemical, and mechanical industries. They are extremely helpful for taking measurements in regard to minuscule bacteria and germs. When anything minute and minuscule needs to be measured, a micrometer is called in. 

Medical professionals in the medical field use a micrometer to assess the level of oxygen in the bloodstream as well as to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. The oxygen analyzer is commonly used for monitoring the blood glucose levels of a patient. When the doctor determines the level of oxygen in a patient’s bloodstream, he can then administer different medications. The carbon dioxide analyzer is used primarily for determining the amount of blood sugar in a person’s body and is considered to be very important in the medical field. Through the usage of such a micrometer, these pieces of equipment are made valid and vital for the health of many patients. 


Micrometers are used in several sectors for their varied applications. Many people prefer to use them for assistance with their jobs, especially those who need precise measurements while working on microscopic items. For purposes of measuring the height, width, depth, and circumference of a tiny object, only a micrometer will do. Whether it’s in a laboratory, in an automotive shop, or a giant micro-processing plant, the abilities of a micrometer are necessary for the business to be successful.

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