Top 10 Natural Foods To Boost Testosterone Levels

Updated on July 13, 2020

Various scientific studies have proved that in average humans, the level of Testosterone in our body falls by roughly 1-2% every year naturally.

There are lots of proven ways in which you can increase the levels of testosterone in our bodies. Whenever you think of boosting testosterone levels in our body, supplements are the first thing that comes to our mind. However, many people tend to forget that there are plenty of natural foods that can be useful in boosting the levels of testosterone in our bodies. In this article, we will be discussing some of the top foods which will help you in increasing your body’s testosterone levels naturally, but before we get to those foods, we should understand a few things first.

Always consider Organic Supplements

Organic products are always better for our overall health because these products are obtained naturally from our nature and they are one of the best supplements for boosting testosterone levels because of their positive effects without any side effects. When consuming natural products, one should always go for Organic products because these organic products and plants are grown using natural fertilizers and no artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. These harmful chemicals are also known to decrease the levels of testosterone in our body and can also have plenty of other side effects.

A research study shows that a particular chemical called Chlorpyrifos can have negative impacts on your body’s testosterone levels and one another research study has shown that this chemical is found in nearly 90% of Americans. 

Some other pesticides like Vinclozolin, Atrazine and PCB are also believed to decrease the levels of Testosterone in our body. Thus it is best that one should always go for organic products if you want to maintain your Testosterone levels.

Natural vs Synthetic Testosterone

If you want to increase your body’s testosterone levels, you can either choose natural methods or you can go for synthetic and chemical alternatives. The synthetic ways usually involve medication pills and injections by your doctor which might increase the level of testosterone but they can cause some side effects which are much more dangerous than low testosterone levels. If you are getting Testosterone shots to increase the levels, your body might stop producing testosterone on its own naturally and you will be forced to take these shots for the rest of your life and believe me no one would like to lead such a life.

This is why it is recommended to opt for natural methods of increasing Testosterone levels like testosterone boosters and foods because these natural ways will help in increasing your body’s ability to produce Testosterone rather than reducing the production.

Best 10 Foods for Testosterone Production

  • Pomegranate:

Yes, I agree that Pomegranate is not one of the easiest fruits when it comes to eating them and they might not be the favourite fruit of many people but if you witness a decrease in your body’s Testosterone levels, you should definitely start consuming this fruit. Pomegranate fruit has plenty of health benefits but it is most renowned for its ability to increase the production of testosterone naturally in our body. Research studies have shown that Pomegranates can help in increasing Testosterone production by up to 24% . Pomegranate is also capable of maintaining and even reducing your body’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

  • Eggs

What came first, The Egg or The Hen? Well it’s a discussion we will have sometime else but for now if you are suffering from low testosterone levels, you should look forward to adding Eggs to your diet. Eggs are one of the most popular food choices all over the world and one can make a plethora of dishes using eggs. You can either simple boil it or you can make a delicious omelette out of the eggs.

Eggs are known to be very high in Cholesterol and it is well known that our body uses Cholesterol to produce Testosterone in our body. Eggs are also rich in some essential fatty acids which are known to aid in Testosterone production.

However, if you are worried that consuming Eggs which are high in Cholesterol might increase the level of Cholesterol in your body, you can relax as nothing such will happen as it is proved in many research studies.

  • Potatoes

Let me ask you just one simple question. “ What vegetable is your Favourite” or “Which vegetable do you think is most consumed in the world”? I bet many of you would have answered Potatoes as the answer to these questions and rightly so because Potatoes are one of the most popular and used vegetables in the entire world and finds its use in almost every cuisine.

When looking forward to increasing your Testosterone levels, Potatoes are one of the most preferred sources for Carbohydrates. It is because Potatoes do not mess with your body’s Testosterone levels because Potatoes do not contain Gluten.

You should avoid the consumption of Simple Sugars as it might lead to the lowering of your body’s Testosterone levels as shown in this research. Thus you are not left with many options to fulfill your body’s requirement of Carbohydrates other than Potatoes and it is important because Carbohydrates are very essential for Testosterone production.

  • Steak and Sauteed Onions

Is there any other food which is more manly than Steak? I don’t think any other food can come close to steak in terms of manliness and it is also effective in increasing your body’s testosterone levels. However, one should always opt for the Grass-fed variety of Steak because this Steak variety has a much healthier fat profile and is also rich in Omega-3s and some other fats which are considered to be great for the production of testosterone.

You can always top your Steak with some sauteed onions to add flavour to your dish and make it much more delicious and not to say much more beneficial. Research studies have shown that rats who were feeded with Onions showed an increase in testosterone levels by upto 300%. Thus it is a very effective combination for Testosterone production in our body naturally. Onions are also known to be quite rich in various minerals and antioxidants.

  • Garlic

Garlic is one of the most used natural food products and is known to have plenty of health benefits but I don’t think it is considered to be that great for your breath. Garlic can be used as a great natural supplement for the production of natural Testosterone. Research studies have shown that not only Garlic increases the level of testosterone, it also decreases the level of Cortisol in our body. It is also known to be very effective in increasing the levels of Nitric Oxide and thus can be used as a great Pre-Workout supplement.

  • Avocados

Avocados are often placed in the category of Superfoods and rightly so because of the numerous health benefits associated with them one of which is increasing the testosterone levels of our body naturally. Consumption of fats is extremely important for the production of testosterone in our body and thus one should always include enough fat in their diet. But it does not mean that you should overdose on Fat by heading out to your favourite Fried Chicken joint every night. You should try to consume healthy fats and Avocados are the best product for the same purpose because Avocados are known to be quite rich in healthy fats.

Several research studies have proved that Avocados are quite rich in Vitamin E which are important for testosterone production.

  • Salmon

What would you say to a food product which is not only rich in minerals but also tastes quite good. Salmon is considered to be a superfood and it has numerous positive effects on our body. Salmon is quite rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids which are known to increase the levels of Luteinizing hormone which are essential in the production of testosterone and it is a Testosterone producing hormone. Salmon is also believed to be rich in Vitamin D and one of the greatest and cheapest sources of Vitamin D is our sun. However, several research studies show that most of the adults suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D and some other research studies have shown that there is a very strong connection between Vitamin D and the production of testosterone.

Salmon is also rich in Zinc which helps in boosting our immune system and is also important for the production of Testosterone.

  • Macadamia Nuts

Nuts are considered to be quite rich in essential vitamins and minerals and are believed to be effective in increasing our body’s capability to produce testosterone naturally. However, these benefits reach a whole new level with macadamia nuts because the healthy facts which we discussed earlier in his article are found in ample quantities in these Macadamia Nuts particularly Monounsaturated Fatty acids and Saturated Fatty acids.

Brazil nut is another type of Nut which can be consumed to increase the production of Testosterone in our body. These Brazilian nuts are rich in Selenium which is linked to the production of Testosterone in our body and your body’s daily selenium requirements can be fulfilled with just a handful of these Brazilian nuts. However, these nuts do not taste that great and one might need some time to get adjusted to its taste. It is also not as potent as macadamia nuts but still is quite effective.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is placed in the category of Superfoods and is considered one of the healthiest oils because of the numerous health benefits associated with it. It is good for our overall health and can also increase the production of Testosterone in our body. It is quite rich in Healthy Fats and Fatty acids which we have talked about in this article before.

Several research studies have also shown that Extra Virgin Olive OIl might be effective in helping our body fight depression, preventing heart diseases, improving the brain function and increasing the levels of Testosterone.

It has also got some anti-inflammatory activities and is also quite rich in some essential antioxidants.

  • Oysters

Oysters are considered to be the best natural supplement for boosting the levels of testosterone and are also the go-to food of many people who are suffering from low testosterone levels and many people also regard Oysters as an Aphrodisiac. Oysters are a great source of protein and also contain essential minerals like Zinc and Magnesium which help in the production of testosterone.

The above research study was conducted on a group of athletes and sedentary adults who were administered with magnesium and the results obtained showed that Magnesium helped in increasing the level of testosterone to some extent.

Several other studies have also shown that Protein is quite important for Testosterone and Oysters are rich in Proteins.

The Final Verdict

These are some of the best foods you can consume if you are looking forward to increasing the level of testosterone in your body naturally. If you consume two or more products simultaneously for quick and increased results because all these products are natural and there are almost no side effects related to the use of the products mentioned here.

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