Social Media Practices in Healthcare

Updated on February 7, 2019

Advertising in healthcare has always taken a safe approach. For the most part, you’ll find stock images or the typical narrative of doctors and nurses working to save a life, a smiling patient or a mother nursing a child. The primary reason for these is the fear of being sued for misinformation or having other regulatory bodies come after the healthcare provider. 

However, to expand, these institutions should push to be more creative. The platforms to capitalize on include Facebook and Instagram. Before running an ad, a healthcare marketing strategy ought to be in place. It ought to align with the values that govern the practice as it is what sets your brand apart. Consider the below as you implement your social media advertising campaign.

Consider the demographic

If you’re a children’s hospital, then your focus would be targeting parents. Therefore, know your target market and tailor content toward them. A meditation Toronto studio would attract females perhaps between the ages of 25 and 40. Learn extensively about your primary clients so that you can filter and create highly targeted campaigns. Using this approach makes your efforts worthwhile and productive. It is also a cost-effective approach to advertising. 

Have positive imaging

Hospitals aren’t typically a place where patients and nurses are continually smiling. Pain and distress are normal, but no one wants to be reminded of it. It is why healthcare providers go for positive images. The narrative is that, despite what got you into the facility, you will get better. Your flu will be gone, and your teeth straightened, your back straighter. Therefore, use images that evoke hope. Consider having a focus group to determine the most effective pictures. 

Run a video

Instagram has emerged as the ideal place to share videos. The same can also get used on Facebook or YouTube. Videos are effective in sharing information about services offered. It also brings abstract parts of the experience to light. An example will be if you wish to show your clients how simplified the payment process is, a video would be ideal in capturing this. Remember to add subtitles as advertising is shifting to be more inclusive. 

Be informative

Lastly, the advertisement ought to be informative. The healthcare sector is advancing thanks to technology. Share these prospective with your audience to instill confidence in them. They ought to know that through your social media marketing that ought to expect better services than they had years back. It is that aspect that will increase confidence in them enough to engage with your content.

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