Instant Knockout Review: Everything You Want to Know!

Updated on September 17, 2020

Physical exercise and healthy eating are the two key ways of losing excess body fat. However, these do not always work as fast or as effectively as you would like. 

Poor weight management is one of the main reasons why you will find that even with strenuous exercise and attempts at a healthy diet, results are not forthcoming. 

In such a case, you can do with a little help from a fat burner. A fat burner is a dietary supplement that helps advance your weight loss goals by promoting fat metabolism in the body. 

It’ll enhance energy production, helping you exercise more. A good fat burner will also suppress your appetite, helping you maintain good dieting habits. 

At the end of the day, you will be able to see quicker and more lasting weight loss results from your physical exercise and healthy eating. 

In this review, we will review Instant Knockout, a fat burner supplement made to help you shed extra fat super fast. What can it do for you? Read on to find out. 

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Review: Brand Overview

Instant Knockout is one of the best fat burners that’s formulated to help you get rid of stubborn body fat. By stubborn, we mean those fat deposits that won’t budge even with regular exercise and strict dieting. 

This product enhances the body processes necessary for fat burning, making it impossible for the stored fat to remain intact. Instant Knockout is made to work alongside a frequent workout routine and a suitable diet.

Failing to keep up a good exercise and diet regimen while using this supplement will not present good results. But, if you’re not a professional bodybuilder or athlete, you don’t have to worry about carrying out strenuous exercises in order to see results. 

All you need to do is keep up your workout routine, whose effects will be enhanced by the fat burner. 

Instant Knockout will give you a boost of energy that will motivate you to work out even harder. More exercise means more muscle building, and this will contribute largely to your fat loss journey. 

This supplement is safe for both men and women. It doesn’t contain ingredients that would significantly spike testosterone levels in women, which can present several side effects. 

The caffeine content used is also limited to ensure that it doesn’t cause reactions in women, who are more sensitive to the stimulant in comparison to men. 

Instant Knockout is manufactured in FDA and GMP approved facilities in the UK and the U.S. This approval assures you that good manufacturing practices are followed, and the product is produced under hygienic conditions. 


  • It contains 10 ingredients that have been proven to aid in weight loss in several ways. 
  • It suppresses appetite, helping reduce hunger cravings and therefore preventing overeating. 
  • Dosages throughout the day ensure that fat metabolism in your body occurs at all times, both during exercise and while at rest. 
  • By increasing the rate of fat metabolism, it boosts the production of energy in the body. It allows you to exercise harder and for longer without fatigue.
  • It can be used safely by both men and women. 
  • Reduces fat accumulation in the body by inhibiting its absorption and enhancing its excretion. 
  • Gets rid of stubborn fat that’s stored around the body as adipose tissue. 
  • Promotes muscle growth and hastens recovery of damaged tissues. 
  • Helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. 
  • Has a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.
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  • The amount of caffeine used can disrupt sleep patterns when used in the evening. 
  • It contains gelatin and is therefore unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians. 
  • It requires multiple dosages during the day, which can be inconvenient and easy to forget. 
  • The 90-day money-back guarantee only applies if you buy a 3-month supply of the supplement.


Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber that reduces food cravings and improves appetite. It does not get digested in the stomach and keeps you feeling fuller for longer after eating. 

Green tea extract contains catechins that help inhibit fat absorption in the body. Supplementation of green tea reduces body weight and helps you maintain your new weight. 

This ingredient also boosts metabolism by boosting the levels of hormones required to break down fats in cells. 

Caffeine Anhydrous is a highly concentrated form of caffeine. It inhibits activity by adenosine receptors in the body, which slows down the nervous system.

By doing this, it helps keep you focused throughout your workouts. It also boosts your energy levels, allowing you to exercise harder and more. 

Green coffee helps increase the rate of fat burning in the body as it acts as a thermogenic. It contains chlorogenic acid, which reduces the absorption of glucose and sugar in the body. 

This extract also helps lower insulin levels in the blood, which discourages fat storage in the body. 

Derived from pepper seeds, Cayenne powder is a nutrient-rich ingredient that improves the storage of fats and boosts insulin sensitivity.

It enhances metabolism, causing more fat burning and increased energy production. 

  • Zinc 10mg

When used alongside a restricted-calorie diet, zinc can lead to reduced BMI, waist circumference, and body weight. In the body, it supports protein synthesis by boosting testosterone levels. 

It leads to the growth of muscles, which makes fat-burning much easier. 

Piperine is black pepper extract that inhibits the formation of new fat cells. It manages the rate of fat absorption in the body and prevents weight gain.

It also promotes digestion, heat production in the body and boosts metabolism.

  • Vitamin B6 5mg 

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in energy synthesis in the body. It enhances metabolism and promotes fat oxidation, which leads to the production of fuel in the muscles.

This ingredient contains chromodulin, a protein that improves the metabolism of fats and sugars in the body. It leads to less fat storage and more energy.

It also aids in controlling blood sugar levels, therefore inhibition of fat storage. Lastly, it suppresses hunger cravings. 

  • Vitamin B12  10mcg 

Vitamin B12 helps the body to break down fatty acids to produce energy. It promotes the synthesis of proteins, thereby enhancing muscle growth and development. 

How Does Instant Knockout Work?

Instant Knockout works by increasing the rate of heat production in the body. It is tied to both fat burning and energy production, which is vital for fat loss and muscle gain.

It does this by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. Metabolism refers to the processes through which food in the body is converted to energy. 

Calories and oxygen are required for energy production and using this supplement can help you manage the levels of both in the body. 

Your rate of metabolism depends on several factors. These include your gender, body size and composition, and age. 

People who have more muscles and less fat burn fat and lose extra body weight faster. Instant Knockout creates optimum conditions in the body for muscle growth in order to facilitate fat burning.

It promotes protein synthesis, protects against muscle tissue damage, and helps provide energy for muscle function. 

With more proteins in the body, you’re able to increase your muscle mass more rapidly. Muscles use glucose as fuel, which reduces the amount of fats stored in the body. The more muscles you have, the more fat your body burns. 

Instant Knockout also prevents the degradation of muscle tissue, which can happen due to strenuous physical activity. By facilitating the delivery of nutrients and oxygen with increased blood flow, it keeps the tissues well nourished. It boosts their regeneration and recovery. 

This fat burner also works by suppressing appetite. You will feel fuller faster and for longer and find it much easier to stick to a healthy diet that aids weight loss. 

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Benefits of Using Instant Knockout 

Because of its potent blend of ingredients, Instant Knockout is able to provide several benefits. It not only helps you blast fat, but also build muscle and improve overall wellness. 

Appetite Suppression

Instant Knockout contains ingredients such as Glucomannan and GTF Chromium that reduce food cravings. Since overeating is a significant factor that causes excess fat storage in the body, this aids in preventing weight gain. 

Increased Metabolism

This supplement increases metabolism by making fat deposits more available for energy production. Fat burning is accelerated when the body is under intense physical activity, as happens during your workouts. 

Reduced-Fat Accumulation

Instant Knockout fat burner reduces fat accumulation in the body by encouraging the excretion of any excess amount. This is after the body has taken enough energy uses.

With reduced accumulation, you will not regain weight soon after losing it because the body will easily manage it.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity 

High blood sugar levels are a marker of excess body weight. This is caused by insulin resistance, whereby glucose is unable to enter cells for use as energy. 

It leads to a build-up of sugars in the blood. The hormone insulin also increases in the body and encourages the body to store the excess sugar as fats. 

Instant Knockout ensures that glucose is absorbed into the cells efficiently, preventing its buildup in the blood. It increases the cells’ sensitivity to insulin and prevents the conversion of glucose to adipose tissue.

Side Effects 

Because of its use of natural ingredients, Instant Knockout has minimum possible side effects. However, if you are completely healthy, you will be able to use this fat burner without any undesirable effects. 

The following are possible side effects:

Interrupted Sleep Patterns

Instant Knockout contains both caffeine anhydrous and green coffee extract, which are sources of caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, keeping you alert and awake. 

When you use it near bedtime, Instant Knockout can, therefore, interrupt your sleep patterns by making it impossible to fall asleep. 

Sleep deprivation can delay your weight loss goals and even lead to more weight gain. It also raises the levels of cortisol in the body, making you feel stressed and more anxious.

Drug Interactions 

Various ingredients used in Instant Knockout can interact with drugs that you’re taking and inhibit their action or lead to dangerous reactions. 

Caffeine may lead to increased heart rate and high blood pressure when used alongside stimulant drugs such as epinephrine. It interacts with both prescription and over the counter drugs, which makes it more important to be careful when taking any drugs while using Instant Knockout. 

Zinc can also interact with tetracycline antibiotics by attaching to them and inhibiting their absorption. It affects the drug’s ability to fight bacterial infections in the body.

Who Should Use Instant Knockout? 

Instant Knockout was made for professional MMA fighters and boxers. It means that if you are a professional athlete or weightlifter, you can effectively use this supplement.

But it’s not just meant for professional bodybuilders and athletes. Anyone who wants to achieve their weight loss goals faster can also benefit from Instant Knockout. 

As long as you carry out exercises regularly, this fat burner can be useful to you. Being a natural fat burner, it is safe and legal to use as it doesn’t introduce toxic substances to your body. 

Anyone who has been observing unsatisfactory results after exercising and dieting should also use Instant Knockout. The supplement boosts thermogenesis in the body, thereby promoting fat burning. 

With regular use, you will notice that fat deposits in areas such as your hips and waist area begin to disappear rapidly. 

Who Should Refrain from Instant Knockout? 

If you want to lose body fat but are not committed to regular exercise and healthy dieting, then you should not use Instant Knockout. You will end up spending money on the product but receive little to no benefits. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use this supplement. If you’re under any medication, consult your doctor before using any sort of fat burner. 

The same goes if you have existing medical conditions. The natural ingredients in Instant Knockout can be allergic to you or inhibit the effects of drugs that you’re using. 

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Dosage & Tips to Start

Take 4 capsules of Instant Knockout daily throughout the day. Take one in the morning, another before lunch, another in the afternoon, and the last before dinner. 

Ensure taking the last dose several hours before bedtime so that you’ll not have trouble sleeping.

For the maximum effect, make sure that you engage in physical activity throughout the day. Otherwise, you will be left feeling restless if you take the supplement but don’t follow it up with exercise. 

Also, maintain a healthy diet while using Instant Knockout. It will not only prevent the accumulation of saturated fats in the blood, but also aid in the delivery of the nutrients found in Instant Knockout. 

Besides keeping up with your dosages, you should also use Instant Knockout for an extended period to enjoy more benefits. Buying a 3-month supply will ensure that your body has enough time to adapt to metabolism changes and burn more fat. 

Where to Buy Instant Knockout and Guarantees?

You can buy Instant Knockout at the official website. A single bottle retails for $59. When you buy two bottles at $118, you enjoy free shipping to the U.S. and the UK. 

When you buy 3 bottles at $185, you will get an additional one for free. You will also benefit from free worldwide shipping. 

The 3 bottles are a 3-month supply of the fat burner, which qualifies you for a 90-day money-back guarantee. If after using the product within this period you don’t like the results, you can return it and get a full refund on your purchase price.

Shipping orders to the U.S. and Canada takes 2-4 days, while in the UK, it might be fulfilled in 1-2 days. Orders in Europe take 2-6 working days to be delivered. 

For Australia and the rest of the world, it might take between 5-15 days. However, if you opt for DHL Express shipping, you can receive your product within 2-6 days. 

Any further delays may be due to local customs and delivery services. The site will provide you with a tracking number so that you can keep an eye on the progress of your product’s shipping.

Instant Knockout


Conclusion: Should You Buy Instant Knockout?

A fat burner can be what you are lacking in your efforts to lose excess body fat and build on your muscles. Instant Knockout solves this for you and sets you on the path to achieving your goals more efficiently. 

This supplement will speed up your metabolism, boost your energy, and suppress your appetite. It’ll also help control blood sugar and low-density cholesterol levels. 

All of these are improvements that’ll contribute to your weight loss and also promote your general well-being. 

Ensure that you take all the recommended dosages and maintain a healthy workout and diet regimen. You will find that even the most stubborn fat deposits in your body disappear, giving you the physique that you desire.