Best Fat Burner Supplements: Which One is THE Best!

Updated on August 13, 2020

If you are going through a weight-loss journey, you must have heard or read about fat burners at some point or the other. These fat busting supplements are getting quite popular due to their ability to show quick and effective weight loss results. We will try to list some of the best fat burner supplements today.

If you are planning to try on fat burners for the first time, we also have a detailed guide for you at the end of this write-up.

How was this Fat Burner List Made?

To come up with this list, we went through various review websites and blogs to know which brands are topping the charts with excellent reviews and ratings. After picking the top choices, we also went through the company websites, to understand the composition of each of these brands. This helped us filter out brands that had ingredients that were not very safe.

In the end we were able to arrive at a list of the best fat burners that are quick to work and have lab-tested, safe, and effective ingredients.

Here we list our four top picks for the best fat burning supplements. Eager to know our picks? Then read ahead.

Best Fat Burner Of 2020

#1. PhenQ: Strongest Fat Burner

Topping our list is PhenQ, manufactured and marketed by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a market leader in nutraceuticals. PhenQ is considered one of the best fat burner supplements in the market today.  Both men and women can use this supplement safely.

If you have already tried some of the fat burning supplements, you may have experienced regain of lost weight once you stopped the medication. But not with PhenQ. Its effects are long-lasting and you can see quick results within a few days of starting this supplement.

Though PhenQ is a relatively new product in the market, it didn’t take much time for the product to grow popular. Today PhenQ commands a huge market share in the Fat Burner market.


The first ingredient that you will notice when you look at the PhenQ website is a- Lacy’s reset, the secret of PhenQ’s success. 

A-lacy’s reset quickens the process of thermogenesis in your body. It encourages your body fat to burn faster. You can see a reduction in body fat and body weight and an improvement in your muscle mass.

Then we have the Capsimax powder which is a blend of capsicum, black pepper, and caffeine. This powerful concoction enhances the thermogenesis process and adds to the effect of a-Lacy’s.

Additionally, the black pepper component prevents the formation of new fat cells.

Apart from this Capsimax powder, PhenQ also has additional caffeine. This will improve your mental focus and energy levels. You will no longer experience fatigue, and this becomes helpful with your regular routine and workouts.

Junk food and sugar cravings are one of the biggest culprits that cause weight gain. Chromium Picolinate kills these cravings.

Another ingredient called Nopal, the extract of the Nopal Cactus plant also helps control your hunger pangs. You will feel fuller for longer. It also helps fight fatigue and water retention.

Finally, amino acid L-carnitine fumarate turns the stored fat into energy, helping you beat the fatigue associated with fat burners.

Does it work?

PhenQ has worked well for many users. We have gone through many user reviews on various websites.

The common impression across the board is that PhenQ delivers what it claims. It burns up excess fat and prevents new fat formation. People have experienced reduced junk food cravings and felt more energetic.

Those who hit the gym regularly saw an enhanced endurance. There were no complaints of tiredness or exhaustion when using PhenQ.

Customer Reviews

We came across multiple reviews which were mostly positive.

Evan from New York who is a student says “I don’t find time to cook properly or eat on time. I started feeling tired all the time. All the late nights and I started putting on too much weight. After using PhenQ for three months, I lost about 30 pounds. I look and feel better. I am able to study better and work out better as well. All thanks to PhenQ”


  • Works as claimed
  • Safe, effective, and tested ingredients.
  • Quick visible results.
  • Excellent fat burner
  • New fat formation is curbed


  • Caffeine may cause sleep disturbances.
  • You may have to cut down on coffee and other sources of caffeine
  • Slightly expensive.

#2.Instant Knockout: Most Potent

For him

Instant knock-out is our second pick for the best fat burner supplements. It was specially formulated for competing professional boxers and athletes.

It has a mix of some of the best ingredients that give you instant and long-standing weight loss results. You can lose fat and build muscle at the same time. No wonder it is such a big hit with professional players.


So, what makes Knockout for him the best fat burner for men? Let us take a quick look at the ingredient list

Konjac Root extract is quite popular as an effective fat burning ingredient. This is because this extract is high in dietary fiber and low on calories.

Like any other good fiber, this makes you feel full all the time. You won’t feel hunger pangs anymore. You are eating less while burning fat quickly.

Caffeine triggers thermogenesis. This means that it forces the body to use up more fat quickly.

It initiates weight loss, and gives you the extra energy as well. You can go through your workouts without feeling exhausted.

Green tea leaf extract also contains caffeine which will help burn your calories. caffeine also provides much-needed energy for your workouts and daily activities.

The result is that you can lose weight effectively.

Chromium Picolinate improves your body’s fat and sugar metabolism. Improved metabolism results in more energy levels and weight reduction. Chromium also reduces appetite and cravings. You eat less and lose more weight.

You can think of Cayenne pepper as a fat blaster. This also acts as a thermogenic, making sure that excess fat melts away quickly.  You are able to lose fat faster.

Vitamin B6 helps you break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats faster. You can see an increase in energy levels and start feeling better. This will also prevent binge eating.

It prevents water retention. You can see effective changes in your body weight.

Our body gets its energy by converting food into fuel. Vitamin B12 quickens this conversion. With continuous metabolism, you will have lesser fat stores.

Zinc takes a different approach to weight loss. It helps improve testosterone levels in men, which in turns helps improve metabolism and weight loss. Zinc also improves immunity.

Piperine or the extract of black pepper improves thermogenesis. It helps in quick digestion and halts the formation of new fat cells as well.

It also makes sure that your body absorbs all the ingredients in the supplement quickly and efficiently.

To sum up, Knockout for men has some of the best ingredients that helps kick-start and maintain weight loss in men.

Does it work?

In our research we have found that Knockout for men is a great supplement. We have seen reviews where men were able to lose their belly fat within a couple of months after starting Instant Knockout.

It is getting popular with players and non-players as well. We found that Instant Knockout is much popular with gym-goers who undertake intensive workouts for that perfectly chiseled body.

When so many factors work together, you can see a guaranteed quick weight loss

Customer Reviews

We have seen very good reviews for Knockout for men.

Sam Fuller from Franklin, TN says, I have been doing a quite intense workout recently, I started making muscles and didn’t see much weight loss. After starting knockout, I was able to lose quite a lot of weight within a month. It really works. 5 stars and full props”.


  • Good mix of ingredients
  • Works as claimed
  • Effectively burns fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Gives extra energy for workouts


  • High caffeine content.
  • The 4-pills per day regimen may be difficult to remember.
  • You can’t skip doses
  • Slightly expensive.

For Her:

If you are looking for the best fat burner supplement for women, then knockout for her is the right choice for you.

Though designed for pro-athletes and body-builders, it also works for wonders for women looking to lose weight.

The best part about total knockout is that it doesn’t contain any hormones, steroids, or testosterone. It doesn’t bulk you up.

It is simply designed to help you lose weight in combination with a good diet and exercise plan.

So, what makes knock-out for her our top choice for fat burners for women? We were quite impressed with their ingredient list.


All the ingredients are all-natural, safe, and lab-tested to be effective.

Green tea extract proves to be an effective thermogenic, burning up excess fat. The energy produced helps you go ahead with your regular routine. You stop feeling tired and lethargic.

It speeds your metabolism and burns up more calories than you normally would.

Glucomannan derived from the Konjac root is high in dietary fiber. It tends to absorb water and turn into a lump. This lump stays in your system for quite some time. So, you feel fuller longer. No more midnight cravings and bye-bye junk food.

With Glucomannan, your body will also produce more good bacteria which means better gut health.

Cayenne Pepper seeds also curb your appetite. They act as fat blasters, effectively burning down excess fat. Apart from that, they raise body metabolism and improve fat oxidation.

Caffeine acts as another fat blaster. It also provides instant energy. So, if you are planning to resume workouts, this will give you the much-needed push.

You stay more focussed and your productivity improves. Be careful though. You may have to completely avoid the daily cups of coffee if you can’t seem to sleep properly.

Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Zinc are included in this supplement for their ability to convert all the food you eat into energy quickly. So, food isn’t stored as fat.

In other words, they again improve your metabolism. All the sugars, fat, and proteins you eat are harnessed to provide energy to your body.

Chromium again enhances the metabolism of fat and sugars. It also kills cravings. So, you are eating less than before.

Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. These do not contain caffeine. Instead they contain a component that will reduce fat absorption by the body. They also reduce sugar cravings and reduce cholesterol.

From the ingredients we get to know that a lot of thought process has gone into selecting the right ingredients which work in sync to give the weight loss results you are looking for.

Does it work?

Yes, definitely. We have gone through many reviews. Women have mostly experienced great results. The product seems to work well with women of all ages and all body types. The reviews we went through included students, working women, stay-at-home moms, and even athletes.

All the women were unanimous in stating that Instant Knock is the best fat burner for women.

Customer Reviews

Jill Smith from St.Louis, a mother to three kids, “I almost lost myself. I was a well-built athlete. Marriage and three kids and I piled up on the calories. I hardly found time for myself let alone workout. My friend, also an athlete suggested Instant knockout, I started on it. Now there is more energy. I take care of all my kids and still find time for workouts. I am down 44 pounds in just 3 months and much more toned. All thanks to Knockout for her, I am in the best knockout shape of my life” 


  • Excellent formula
  • Proven results.
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Burns fat
  • Works as claimed


  • High Caffeine content may be a problem for some
  • Slightly expensive
  • Some may forget to take 4 tablets in a day.

#3. Phen24

Our next pick for the best fat burners is Phen24, one more product from Wolfson Berg Limited.

This unique formulation works by maintaining thermogenesis throughout the day and night as well as when you are asleep. With a continuous fat burning process you can achieve weight loss results even faster.

When you buy Phen24, you get two bottles with two kinds of pills, one to be taken during the day and other to be taken at night.

With each bottle containing a different set of ingredients, Phen24 will coax your body to lose fat and give you weight loss results quickly.


Let us first look at the ingredients for Phen24 day.

Zinc boosts your body’s metabolism. So, it converts whatever you eat into energy which again is expended with your daily activities. So, there is no stored fat.

It also suppresses your junk cravings.

Caffeine aids thermogenesis, burning excess fat and improves your energy levels

Guarana extract, another source of caffeine burns up stored fat, aids metabolism, and gives you the extra energy kick.

Cayenne pepper also acts as a fat blaster. It suppresses appetite.

Copper breaks down fats and converts it into energy.

Manganese aids in the metabolism of fats, carbs, and proteins.

The amino acid L-phenylalanine gives you a feeling of a full stomach by sending the necessary signals to the brain. You will feel less hungry

Now for the ingredients of Phen24 night:

Green tea extract is a source of caffeine. It helps burn fat and provides you with the needed energy while you stick to your diet plans.

Glucomannan obtained from Konjac roots is a source of dietary fiber. It makes you feel full. It acts as an appetite killer and promotes beneficial gut bacteria.

Hops extract acts as a natural body relaxant. It helps you calm down and gives a feel-good factor. You sleep better. It also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Ascorbic acid helps in the metabolism of fat.

Calcium-D-Pantothenate metabolizes fatty acids. It also helps you fight tiredness and builds stamina.

Pyridoxine HCl helps in the metabolism of fats and proteins while Thiamine HCl aids the metabolism of sugars, fats, and proteins. This metabolism releases energy into your body for daily activities.

Chromium reduces your food cravings. So you are eating less. It also controls your sugar metabolism and your sugar levels as well.

D-Biotin enzyme enhances the metabolism of fats, sugars, and proteins.

Molybdenum quickens your body metabolism. It does this by pushing out toxins from your body. This way your body is ready for the weight-loss process.

The combination of ingredients in Phen24 night will help you get a night of restful sleep while the supplement works on heightening your body’s metabolism as you sleep.

Does it work?

Phen24 has seen quite a bit of success as a fat burner supplement. Reviews are great. Many were impressed with the 24*7 weight loss cycle – with two component pills – Phen24 day and Phen24 night.

Customer Reviews

The response for PhenQ is quite good.

Samantha from Buffalo, NY writes … “My job is very demanding. At the end of the workday I am tired and don’t feel like doing anything else. Simply grab a take-away. Sleep wasn’t good either. With Phen24, the energy was there even at the end of the day. I started cooking healthy and rejoined the gym. With just two pills per day, I lost almost 25 pounds in two months. Happy with Phen24.


  • Excellent fat burner
  • Just two pills per day
  • Different formulations to suit day and night metabolism
  • Improved energy levels
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Quick visible results


  • Some may be sensitive to caffeine.
  • You should be careful to not mix up the day and night pills.

What should you consider Before Buying Fat Burners:

There are a few factors you should keep in mind when buying a fat burner.

  1. Type of the fat burner:

There are multiple types of fat burners – stimulants, stimulant-free, appetite suppressants, fat blockers, etc. Depending on your goals and body condition, you can choose the best fat burner that suits your requirement.

  1. Ingredients in the fat burner:

Some fat burners have a single ingredient, while others are a combination of various ingredients. Each serves a different purpose. You can choose the best fat burner depending on your budget, weight loss goals, and your health condition.

  1. Form of the fat burner:

Fat burners are available in different forms – pills/capsules, powders, weight-loss teas, etc. If you generally hate the taste of powders, you can take pills. If you like sipping tea, you can try weight loss teas instead. It all depends on your personal preferences.

  1. Price of the fat burners:

Fat burners sell anywhere between $10 to $50, sometimes even higher. Look for the fat burners that suit your budget.

  1. Brands: 

It is always good to prefer a reputable brand that has been there in the market for quite some time. Since their reputation is at stake, they will ensure that all the ingredients are safe to consume.

  1. Offers and return policies:

Some fat burner brands while being expensive, do have combo offers with huge discounts. They also have return policies where you can return opened packages for a full refund, no questions asked. You can take advantage of these policies and buy a good quality branded fat burner. That way you can return it if not satisfied.

How do Fat Burner Supplements work?

Not all of us are made the same way. We all have different metabolism rates and food habits. While some of us can gorge on food and still stay slim and fit, others pile on those pounds with the smallest of binges.

Our body’s response to workouts is the same too. While some tend to lose weight quickly, others may go through rigorous workouts and still not show much difference.

This is where fat burners come into the picture. If you can combine fat burner supplements with a strict diet and exercise regimen, you can experience wonderful results.

Just remember that fat burners alone won’t do the trick. Don’t slack off on diet and exercise and expect wonders.

So, how do fat burner supplements work? Well, most of these supplements take a multi-route approach.

The key component in most fat burners is caffeine. Ingredients that contain the optimum amount of caffeine are added to these supplements.

Caffeine as we know will burn fat and use the calories produced to give you energy. You can channel this energy to improve your workout routines. Caffeine keeps you alert and gives the jump start you need for you daily and exercise routines.

Appetite suppressants are another important component in fat burners. They are in the form of amino acids that signal the brain to eat less. Another kind of hunger killer are the high dietary fiber ingredients that keep you feeling full for longer. Caffeine is also a known appetite killer.

Then you have metabolism boosters. These boosters quicken the breakdown of proteins, fats, and/or carbohydrates in energy. This way you have more energy at your disposal. Metabolism boosters also ensure that fats are no longer deposited in your body.

Next comes the fat blockers. These prevent the digestion and absorption of fats by your body.

Most fat burners also contain various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These nutrients perform various important body functions while working on your weight loss simultaneously.

The fat burners may have one or more or all the above ingredients that work in tandem to ensure that you burn off excess weight.

Some top fat burners also contain ingredients that will ensure that all the ingredients in the supplement are absorbed into your body efficiently.

So, if you are looking for the best fat burning supplement, select a product that has such a component. This way, you can get the best out of the ingredients present in your supplement.

If you are sensitive to certain ingredients, you can always find substitutes that do a decent job with weight loss.

How can you get the best out of a fat burner for weight loss?

There are few ways to ensure that you get the maximum advantage from your fat burner supplements.

  • Always follow the dosage instructions to the T. Some fat burners must be taken before a meal, some after a meal. Some are to be taken twice a day while others up to 4 times a day. Follow the timings carefully.
  • Stick to the dosage prescribed by the brand. If you get over-enthusiastic and overdose, you may have to experience unwanted effects. Missing doses will reduce effectiveness.
  • Club your fat burner supplements with proper diet and workouts.
  • Add healthy protein to your diet. Cut down on carbs and unhealthy fats.
  • Drink lots of water. Certain side effects can be reduced by consuming fluids.
  • Stick the diet recommendations by your fat burner brand.
  • Add intensive workouts to see faster weight loss results
  • Sleep well. Less sleep is associated with a lower calorie burn. Avoid late nights and get at least 8 hours of quality sleep.
  • If you are sensitive to caffeine and are facing sleep issues, take your last dose a few hours before going to bed.
  • Relax. Try meditation if you can. A healthy mind will keep you fresh and aid your weight loss process.

Are fat burners safe? Do they have side effects?

The market is choc-a-block with many fat burner brands. It is difficult to say if all of them are safe. Certain brands were banned or pulled out of supplement aisles due to safety issues.

So how to ensure that your fat burner is safe? Stick to brands from reputed companies. They have a reputation to maintain. So, they generally invest in research and select their ingredients carefully.

You can safely take fat burners from good companies with good reviews as long as you are healthy. You will find loads of information online and it is a good place to check feedback and reviews.

Fat burners do cause side effects. Some of the common side effects include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Allergies
  • Stomach upsets
  • Restlessness
  • Mood swings and disturbances.
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension

Who Should Buy a Fat burner?

A fat burner is a good choice for anyone looking to lose weight. Do remember that fat burners on their own cannot reduce weight. You must combine your supplements with a healthy diet and some form of strenuous exercise.

You can take fat burners no matter your gender. There was a time when these supplements were used only by professional athletes, bodybuilders, wrestlers, etc. But today they have become quite common among the general public.

Whether you are a seasoned gym-goer looking to achieve a toned body, a model or an actor by profession, an employee or even a stay at home mom, fat burner supplements are the right choice for you, as long as you are in good health.

If you have any underlying conditions you should consult your medical practitioner before starting any fat burning supplements. This is very important.

Some ingredients in fat burners may interfere with your medications, while others may aggravate your existing conditions. For this reason, you need to be extra careful.

Fat burner supplements are not recommended if you have conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc.

If you want to be doubly sure, always talk to a doctor before you start any fat burners.

Fat burners are not recommended if you are under 18, pregnant or nursing.

FAQs: Fat Burner Supplements

1.  What are fat burners?

A.   Fat burners are supplements that burn up fat in your body and aid in losing weight fast.

2. How do fat burners work?

A.   Most fat burners work by burning off excess fat, preventing new fat cell formation, suppressing your appetite, and accelerating your body metabolism.

3. What fat burner is best for me?

A.   The most common fat burners contain caffeine. These are considered the best. If you want to avoid caffeine, then you can opt for non-stimulating fat burners that don’t have it. These fat burners work slowly.

4. How much time does it take for bat burners to start working?

Most fat burners take at least 2 to 3 months to start showing visible weight loss results.

5. Who should avoid fat burners?

A.  Stay away from these supplements if you have underlying medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Avoid these supplements if you are below 18 years, pregnant, or nursing.

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