How to Make Healthy Coffee: 15 Effective Ways

Updated on January 27, 2021
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Every day, Americans drink around 400 million cups of coffee

While this may seem like a shocking statistic, it’s not. You likely had a cup of coffee this morning and will probably have another tomorrow morning. A daily cup of coffee is a common, and delicious, habit. 

However, your morning cup may be damaging to your health. Coffee laden with sugar and creamer can cause digestive issues and increase your calorie intake. Fortunately, with a few tweaks, you can have a healthier cup of coffee while maintaining your daily habit.

If you have been wondering how to make healthy coffee, this guide is for you.

1. Use a Natural Sweetener 

One of the easiest ways to make your coffee healthy is to ditch the artificial sugar and use natural sugar instead. Artificial sugars may not be better than regular sugar and they can cause bloating, gas, and discomfort. Click to learn more about the dangers of artificial sugar. 

2. Drink Black Coffee

Did you know the healthiest coffee is black coffee? Black coffee has almost no calories, which means you are getting all of the flavor without any of the fat. If you think black coffee is too bitter, try using a different brewing method.

3. Use Organic Beans

One of the best ways to drink coffee is to use organic beans. Regular coffee beans are grown with pesticides that can seep from the beans into the coffee you drink. Using organic beans means you are not taking in any harsh chemicals.

4. Add a Pinch of Cinnamon 

A tip for how to make healthier coffee is to add a pinch of cinnamon. By adding just a pinch, you can reap all the benefits cinnamon has to offer, such as reducing inflammation in your body and stabilizing your blood sugar. As a bonus, cinnamon is a delicious way to flavor your coffee.

5. Use Nut Milk

If you want to make your coffee healthy, ditch the dairy creamers, and switch to nut milk. There are many health benefits of nut milk you can experience by adding it to your coffee. You’ll also reduce the number of calories in your coffee by using nut milk.

6. Opt for a French Press

One of the best ways to make coffee is to use a French press. A recent study suggests coffee made in a French press can reduce your risk of cancer. Aside from making your coffee healthier, you’ll also save time.

7. Switch to Decaf

Consuming caffeine every day can cause a host of health problems. Caffeine raises your blood pressure, causes fatigue, and can result in an addiction. Makeover your cup of coffee by occasionally switching to decaf.

8. Use Coffee to Fuel Your Workout

Aside from waking you up in the morning, your daily cup of coffee can be used to fuel your morning workout. As a bonus, drinking caffeine before you exercise can help boost your metabolism. Aim for drinking coffee about 45 minutes before your workout.

9. Use Pure Water

While it may seem like brewing coffee will also purify your water, that is not the case. Use pure water, such as distilled, to make sure you are not drinking contaminants. As a bonus, using pure water is also much easier on your coffee maker.

10. Add Chocolate

For a delightful flavor that is also very healthy, consider adding dark chocolate to your coffee. Dark chocolate reduces your risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and is a great source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is also ideal for improving brain function. 

11. Go With a Lighter Roast

If you tend to use a dark roast, consider trying a lighter roast for your next cup of coffee. Typically, light roast beans are grown without the harsh chemicals and pesticides that are used for dark roast beans. This makes light roast beans a great source for antioxidants. 

12. Add Collagen 

If you’ve been wondering what to add to coffee, consider adding collagen. By adding collagen, you can take advantage of the many benefits, such as increasing muscle mass, improving the health of your skin relieving joint pain, and much more. Follow the directions on the container for how much collagen to use.

13. Add Tumeric

You might have seen, or heard of a golden latte. While these lattes are beautiful, they also pack a healthy punch. The “golden” in golden latte comes from adding turmeric to the coffee. 

Among other things, turmeric reduces your risk of brain diseases, is an anti-inflammatory, lowers your risk of heart disease, and can treat cancer.

14. Experiment

While drinking your coffee black is healthy, there are a lot of recipes you can use that are just as healthy. Experiment with different coffee recipes to add variety to your morning cup. This will not only add flavor but give you many chances to use healthy additives in your coffee. 

15. Add Butter

Have you heard of adding butter to your coffee? While it might sound strange, adding butter not only gives your coffee extra creaminess, it also comes with a specific benefit. Butter can provide a long-lasting energy boost that can help you feel energized all day long. 

If you know you’re going to have a long day, add butter to your coffee. Make sure you are using unsalted, grass-fed butter.

This Is How to Make Healthy Coffee

By using these tips for how to make healthy coffee, you can drink your morning cup without worrying about your health.

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