The best fitness workout to boost overall health

Updated on August 21, 2020

Generally, strength training is considered as the first choice to build muscles and make a perfect toned body. But this workout is not limited only to it as it is beneficial for overall health and fitness. It prevents the body from getting into too many chronic ailments.

The most important benefit of strength training for fitness management is weight loss. Everyone is looking for a solution to obesity as it is an increasing problem in society. Obesity is the reason for many other diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and a few types of cancers as well. Regular strength training is your solution to obesity. If you have too much homework and not enough time to get exercise, we can suggest you to try purchasing term papers.

According to the research, this fitness workout prevents an increase in abdominal fats more effectively as compared to cardiovascular exercises. Experts and researchers from Harvard University have confirmed that strength training not only helps in burning calories but also stimulate metabolism through an increase in lean muscle mass. Nothing is better than this to lose weight.
In a nutshell, strength training is the best fitness workout to improve your overall health. We suggest you to add it to your daily routine. Other than losing weight, here are few benefits of strength training that keep your overall health in check and right direction.

1. Better Cardiovascular Health:

The most dangerous fat that settles in the abdominal region is visceral fat. It is also very difficult to get rid of this fat. It normally surrounds the vital organs of your body that also includes the heart.

You can get rid of visceral fat with the help of strength training. This fitness workout reduces the risk of heart stroke and other heart diseases significantly.

Strength training is the best exercise to improve the overall health of your heart. One major reason to say this is because it increases good cholesterol levels in your body while reducing the level of bad cholesterol at the same time.

2. Elder People Can Live Longer:

In recent times, research is conducted in different institutions to know the effect of strength training on the overall health of older adults.

The researcher at Penn State College of Medicine, its medical center, and Columbia University found that elder people who followed strength training guidelines by doing it twice in a week had a lower risk of dying.
This lower odd of dying is also related to overall health benefits that you can get through fitness training. These benefits include a lower risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and early preventions of many such diseases.

3. Reduces the Risk of Colon Cancer:

Colon cancer is a disease that has some rigorous effects on the health and life of a person. Symptoms of it can be diarrhea, constipation, and heaviness feeling in the rectum. Its main causes are obesity, diabetes, older age, and a high-fat diet.
Research has shown that there is almost a 25 percent reduced risk of colon cancer in people who are regular in their weekly strength training routine.

This fitness workout also helps in the prevention of kidney diseases and other types of cancers.

4. Improve Bone Health:

Strength training makes the bones strong and keeps them healthy other than building muscles. This fitness workout prevents osteopenia, a disease in which the body fails to make new bone. Osteopenia ultimately leads to weakness and loss of existing bones.

Strength training is most beneficial for older people who may suffer from bone loss. It is also helpful for postmenopausal women as well.

5. Slows Down the Parkinson Disease Progress:

The exercises that are part of strength training fitness workout can improve both, the motor and non-motor, symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It also improves the cognitive function of the human body as well. In addition to this, this exercise intervention helps in reducing the severity of the disease.

As a whole, this fitness workout help to slow down the progress of Parkinson’s disease that is an added value to the overall health of a person.  

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