How to get followers on Instagram: 9 reliable ways to grow your audience

Updated on March 18, 2020
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The business opportunities on Instagram have grown by the day, ever since this platform was launched. Today, Instagram is the leading social media platforms with the highest number of opportunities. Studies show that of Instagram’s 1 billion users, over 80% of them follow an Instagram business account. 

To ensure that users and businesses get the most out of the platform, more interactive features such as Instagram Stories have been developed. This is to enhance the experience of the users who use this platform either for social or business purposes. But even though Instagram is a great place for your business to grow, it becomes a tall order if you don’t get enough followers. 

Instagram, just like any other social media platform, depends mostly on followers for its success. Having an Instagram business account isn’t enough; you have to go the extra mile to get followers to achieve your goals. And since getting these followers is never an easy task, here are some tips that you can use to get followers to boost your marketing efforts;

1. Have a well-optimized profile

When someone visits your Instagram channel, the first place they will check is your profile. This is where people get to learn a little bit about you, and thus choose whether or not to follow you. 

A well-optimized Instagram profile is a magnet that will keep more and more users clicking the “Follow” button. Optimizing your profile does not have to be as hard as many would want to make you believe? You just start by making your username recognizable and searchable in Instagram search engines. The best way to generate your business username is to use the business name as the username. This way, people can easily search and find your business profile. But if the username has already been used, then you should try and keep the name of your business at the beginning of your username. 

2. Have a dedicated person to handle your Instagram needs

Most Instagram users don’t know the importance of having someone manage their Instagram accounts. Note that for you to succeed on Instagram, just as it is with many other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you need to hire someone who can be in charge of the content on Instagram. This person should be well-versed with Instagram, and therefore understands some of the features of the platform. 

Notice that having a dedicated individual handle the account is important it helps you avoid posting things that aren’t relevant or avoid situations where everyone wants to post on the same account if you are working in a big organization.

3. Stick to photography and editing best practices

Just as it is on other platforms, the quality of your Instagram post matters. No one will want to follow you n Instagram if you keep on posting poor quality posts. Since this is a photo-posting platform, knowing how to take good photos to post will go a long way in ensuring that you a lot of followers.

It isn’t any necessary for you to take the photos yourself, or attend photo lessons to become a good photographer. You, however, need to know some basic photo editing tips that can help you get the photo right before posting. 

4. Remember that nothing comes for free

No singe business comes all for free. You have to be willing to spend some money on your Instagram marketing campaigns if you are to succeed. In your quest to get more Instagram followers, you must be aware that you will have to spend some money to purchase followers from well-established service like Instagrowing at an affordable price. One thing about this seller is that you can be sure to get genuine and active followers from them.

5. Learn to post regularly

In most cases, Instagram users choose to follow your profile due to the frequency of posting. This is especially true when your photos are both entertaining as well as educative. When you keep posting regularly, then you can be sure to have a loyal list of followers for your profile.

But assume that you only post once in a week, or even a month, then you will realize that instead of having the followers’ list expand, it will start shrinking as people will start unfollowing you.

6. Stick to your niche

Online marketing is all about identifying your niche and sticking to it. You will notice that most of your followers chose to follow you because your posts in a way relate to what they do in their day to day life. Perhaps your posts provide them with solutions in their workplace or entertain them when they feel low. 

When you keep posting photos and other content to your Instagram timeline from every other niche, then chances of getting more followers on Instagram become too minimal.

7. Use the right hashtags

The use of hashtags in Instagram marketing has been very effective, especially when it comes to giving your posts a good exposure. Good hashtags can help you to increase your reach, making it possible for other people to follow you.

To use hashtags properly, you need to mix them up. You can have brand-related hashtags, product-specific hashtags, and general hashtags. This will help you get followers that are relevant to your business. At the same time, properly choosing hashtags will help you reach a lot of people that are all interested in what you are posting. When more than one hashtag is used, then you realize that your posts will appear in a lot of searches. To quickly create hashtags you can use a free tool from the social media experts such as SmmRank.

8. Engage your audience

This is one of the least used tips to getting more Instagram followers. Engaging your audience is a sure way of putting your posts in the face of search engines. Just as it is with all other search engines, the number of engagements that a post receives plays a major role when determining how to rank your content. 

When you post, you need to come back and check what your audience is saying. Reply to those you are comfortable with, and encourage more engagements. 

9. Have a call-to-action

After you have done all the above, you need to tell the readers what you would like them to do for you. In the call-to-action, you need to request users to follow you on Instagram.  

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