How To Get A Full-Body Workout Without Leaving The House

Updated on May 12, 2021

When you hear the word ‘full-body workout,’ the first thing that comes to mind is going to a gym using different kinds of equipment to train different muscle groups. However, this isn’t the only way to get fit. The truth is, you can have a great workout in the comforts of your home with or without equipment. All you need to have is time, space, and motivation to pull it off.

When you do a full-body workout at home, it’s important to have a workout plan that you can follow. Also, one of the secrets of an effective full-body workout without stressing your body too much is consistency. 

Here are some of the full-body workout routines that you can do at home:

Do Resistance Exercises

Resistance training, which is also known as strength training, aims to improve muscle mass ratio. It assists in muscle building and protects the body from bone loss to preserve its frame. 

Did you know that our daily routine can already be a form of resistance training? For instance, going up and down the stairs, lifting groceries, sweeping and scrubbing the floor, etc. can fall under strength exercises as long as you would emphasize your movements. 

What’s good about doing resistance exercises is that you can execute one exercise in repetitions for about 10 minutes, hence it can be easily added to your workout routine. You can do push-ups or a viable Bowflex workout for your upper body, planking or sit-ups for the abdominals and core, and swat or lunges for lower body strength. 

Lastly, this type of workout routine isn’t only for muscle building, but it’s effective in burning fats and calories.

Complete a High-Intensity Interval Training Workout (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is known for its short but intense cardio-vascular exercises that are based on repetition. It’s a set of exercises consisting of a warm-up period, repetitive high-intensity exercises, and the cool-down period. 

You can do HIIT for about 4 minutes up to 30 minutes based on the combination of exercises that you wish to perform. During the first few sessions, you may have a 15 seconds workout with a minute resting period before proceeding to the next set. As your stamina strengthens, your workout should be longer than your recovery time, like 1-minute performing HIIT exercises and 15 seconds recovery time. 

If you’re new to this type of workout regimen, two or three workout sessions in a week are fine. Since this is intense training, it’s important to give your body time to recover. During the days that you aren’t doing HIIT, you may perform other types of exercises that are lighter. 

What’s good about doing HIIT exercises is that there’s a wide range of benefits that you may acquire, such as losing weight, muscle and bone-building, improve oxygen and blood flow, and it may lower blood sugar without any workout equipment involved.

Try a Yoga Routine

There’s a notion that yoga only targets the emotional and spiritual well-being of a person, but the truth is, yoga can be a part of a full-body workout routine. 

Yoga can be as effective as strength training because you may need to situate your body in different orientations and positions that’ll support your muscles. In order for you to properly execute the yoga poses, you must support your whole body weight, which allows you to be in a position as if you’re lifting weights. With this, yoga can also be considered as a bodyweight exercise. Thus, when you do perform yoga regularly, it may improve strength. 

When doing yoga, your muscle gains will depend on yoga poses that you’ll execute. Unlike other workout routines where you have to perform rigorous movements, yoga only requires you to stay in a particular position for a couple of minutes. However, even though you’re just in one position, it promotes balance that tends to tone the muscles all over the body. 

You don’t have to flex one muscle group at a time to have a full-body workout. If you’re new to yoga, make sure to maintain the pose longer and do more repetitions. It would also help if you gradually learn new yoga poses to make your practices more challenging. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re motivated to get fit, there are ways on how you can get a full-body workout without leaving the house. You can do this by doing resistance training, engaging in high-intensity interval training, and trying out a yoga routine. No matter what kind of workout to choose, it’ll be effective as long as you have the drive in doing it consistently.

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