Five tips for beginners starting their yoga journey

Updated on May 24, 2021


Are you planning to start your yoga journey? If yes, you must be perplexed about where to start from and how to keep the momentum going. If you’re looking to begin your practice under an expert in a country like India, you should start by looking for the best yoga school in Rishikesh since the place is widely regarded as the holy grail for yoga practitioners. 

So if you are just starting out, here are some easy tips to get you started on this incredible journey!

  1. Find an Experienced Yoga Teacher – The first thing you need to do is search for an experienced yoga teacher who has completed his yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or any other reputed centre/certification. This is because yoga can be more comfortable and enjoyable under the guidance of an experienced and trained professional! Avoid being reeled into half-baked videos on YouTube and other platforms, because yoga is much more than just breathing and posing. It is crucial to begin practice under the guidance of a teacher who can help you adjust and respond to the needs of your body.
  2. Consider your Inner Limitations and Wisdom – Yoga is all about balancing your body and soul. Don’t push yourself too hard trying to attempt a posture or exercise. Give your body some time to fit in and grow gradually. Also, make sure you discuss your current medical conditions with the teacher before starting the practice. Did you know that yoga is the process of creating harmony between your mind and body? And breath is the key to attain this balance. Make sure you breathe as guided throughout all your poses. The right kind of Yoga regimen can teach you the right method of breathing.
  3. Take Your Time – Indeed, yoga is not rocket science, but learning and taking it in can take some time. Comparing your journey to someone else’s will be quite unfair on your part. Pat yourself on the back at every step of the way and stay positive about your journey. After all, you are practising yoga for inner healing and peace of mind, not for competing with others. Just like any other exercise routine, yoga too has a few ground rules when it comes to dietary habits. It is advisable to eat or drink water half an hour before a session. Caffeine, alcohol, and high sugar intake, just before the course, is not advised in yoga.
  4. Comfortable Clothing – Make sure you wear loose, breathable and warm clothing for your yoga session. Yoga poses with a Pureful Yoga mat require a participant to stretch his or her body in all directions. Wearing something tight can restrict your movement as well as pressurize your skin pores. Our bodies need to be elastic and flexible for achieving the various yoga poses and gain maximize their effect. Have you ever noticed a child’s flexibility and agility? Why do you think they are so flexible? Because they are always jumping, bending, and running! This means that you, too, can introduce elasticity in your body by continuously practising different poses. Always remember, you are just a push away from perfecting an asana. This is what the various residential yoga courses aim to achieve.
  5. Relax, Enjoy and  Let Go – There will be times when people come under too much pressure to perform the poses correctly and match pace with other participants that they forget to relax and enjoy the process. Yoga is all about relaxing your body, mind, and senses. If you fail to do so, your session would be of no valid benefit. Ensure you take some time out for yourself and relax. Connect with your inner conscience and reciprocate its needs and desires. Seek out a yoga teacher trained in pranayama techniques or from a reputed Yoga training institute such as the yoga school in Rishikesh. They will be able to advise you poses as per your current physical and psychological state.  Inform your trainer immediately if you experience any cramps or jerks while doing any of the asanas. Make sure you try all the poses for the first time in front of your trainer. 

These were some simple tips that can make your entry into the world of yoga exciting and relaxing. Patience, self-compassion and the right guidance can go a long way in making this journey exciting, fun, and comfortable.

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