How To Build Your Home Gym

Updated on December 19, 2020
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Building your home gym is a one way to conveniently stay fit. You can exercise at any time of the day without having to rely on operating gym hours. It also means that you don’t have to wait your turn to use specific equipment as you may need to in a gym when in full capacity. You can achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home if you build your home gym. Here are tips on how to build your gym.

  1. Discover your Fitness Goals

When you decide to build your home gym, you should explore your fitness interests. How you can explore your fitness interests is by writing down your fitness goals and aims. Fitness goals can range from weight loss, muscle building, toning, and strength building to name a few. Try to avoid listing fitness goals that you think you must be interested in. You should list goals that are unique to you and those that you know will be attainable.

  1. Research Equipment

Once you have listed your fitness goals, you can go on to research the type of equipment needed to achieve those goals. There are several types of quality equipment you can purchase for your Crossfit home gym. If one of your goals is cardio, an air bike may be ideal. If you are into muscle building, dumbbells or a rowing machine may be worth looking into.

Make sure to research the quality, brand, and providers of the equipment. You don’t want a situation where you purchase faulty equipment as this may lead to serious injury or death. You should find the equipment to purchase from reputable and recommended sites that have been verified.

  1. Analyse Your Space

The type of equipment that you purchase for your fitness goals may depend on the space in your home. If you have an empty room that you can turn into a gym, you can determine how many pieces of equipment will fit into the room, as well as the sizes. On the other hand, if you intend to build your gym in the lounge space or a bedroom corner, you need to take into consideration the furniture and space that is in your home. You can decide to re-arrange furniture or take-out certain pieces such as the dining table for example.

 You can also find ways of slotting in different equipment around the furniture that you have. Just keep in mind that you will need space to use the equipment without risking damaging your furniture or hurting yourself.

 If you have space on the balcony or a patio, you can alternatively turn that space into your home gym. This set-up however depends on weather conditions as you would have to always take in the equipment when it rains or snows. You also have to consider whether your gym equipment won’t get stolen or damaged if the outside area is an open space.

  1. Budget

As you research the type of equipment you will need for your gym, you should take note of the costs as this will help your budget. As you budget, keep in mind that you don’t want to compromise on low-quality gym equipment which will come cheaper than high-quality equipment. Purchasing low-quality equipment means it may break down quicker meaning you will need to replace or have it repaired in a short period. It may also mean risking your safety as the functionality may be compromised. Once your finances are in order, you can go ahead and purchase your equipment from recommended vendors.

  1. Place a Mirror

Once you have your gym set up, you shouldn’t forget to place a mirror. The walls of gyms are plastered with mirrors because you need to be mindful of your body movements, posture, and the techniques that you are applying. Seeing how you are working out helps to avoid injury because you can quickly see how you may be performing a particular exercise the wrong way.

  1. Hire a Trainer

If you are not sure about how to go about the exercises using the equipment in your home gym, you can hire a personal trainer. A personal trainer has the expertise regarding how to safely use the equipment, the body parts to focus on depending on your fitness goals, then work out intensity and frequency.

You can alternatively have a television in your gym and watch instructional fitness videos. These videos may help you follow a fitness routine while you follow safety instructions.


The first step to building your home gym is to determine your fitness goals so that you research the equipment that compliments these. Analyse the space in your home and go ahead to make a budget. Once you have purchased and set up your gym, don’t forget to place a mirror to monitor your body movements as you exercise. You can hire a personal trainer and watch instructional videos for exercise guidance.

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