Importance of Fitness and Living Healthy

Updated on January 24, 2020

During one’s tender age, the need to keep fit is not something most teens always see as necessary most especially because the body at that time can deal with physical and mental stress. But the negligence can have an adverse effect when people get to their middle and old ages. This can be changed with a constant workout, eating healthy and staying fit. Here are the reasons why it is important to stay healthy and fit.

The body is like a biological device

Just like every device or machine, some parts of our body tend to collapse or affected when they wear out, mishandled or neglected. With proper maintenance, it can stay working for long and properly as well.

The human body is filled with different systems that keep it running properly but lack of care and maintenance may slowly result in some health issues with aging. But it can be avoided through regular exercise and eating healthy meals.

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Fitness is an assurance for self-dependence

As one age, the body can sometimes become weak but those who exercise regularly stand the chance of being fit even during their old age and taking care of themselves. Thus setting up a workout for at least 30 minutes daily is enough to maintain your body health.

Fitness has many health benefits

Keeping fit has a lot of health benefits and keeps one from getting infected to various diseases. Plus people who exercise frequently are energetic and it takes just moderate exercise to achieve this.

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Fitness keeps people away from the doctor

Many diseases are classified under lifestyle diseases connected with a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet plan. Exercising for few minutes daily helps in preventing heart attack and other diseases like; stroke, colon cancer, depression, anxiety, obesity and aging just to name a few.

People who try to be fit and being active physically are healthier than the rest. Unlike those who maintain a sedentary lifestyle, physically active people always have lower chances of falling sick. But it is not too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle via fitness and healthy dieting.

Positive impact on relationships

Exercising regularly helps to limit depression and it equally affects the way a person relates to family, personal relationships, colleagues, work, and other aspects of one’s life. Apart from having a positive impact on one’s relationships, expenses on health care can also be reduced which will be of great benefit financially. 

Exercising is not meant for a particular group of persons like people who are obese. It is an activity that has to be done by everyone irrespective of the size and weight.


In as much as exercising may seem easy, being fit demands lots of self-control. Exercising when combined with a healthy diet, has an amazing reward for short term and long term purposes as individuals will get to live happily, enjoy being active and energetic.

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