How Taking CBD Hemp Products Help In Managing Pain

Updated on July 14, 2020
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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most well-known components of the hemp or marijuana plant. Its promising health benefits have made it an excellent natural alternative used by many. Its popularity has increased further after it has been legalized for specific purposes.

One of the most prominent uses of CBD is pain management. How does it work? This article gives you a thorough background of how taking CBD hemp products can help in managing pain.

An Overview On CBD

The cannabis plant is made up of hundreds of compounds. One of these is CBD. Among all the other compounds in this plant, CBD has the most pleasing benefits and is relatively safe.

For instance, compared to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD doesn’t get you high. 

In fact, CBD can be used for relieving the problems associated with hangover.What is a hangover? A hangover is that unpleasant, groggy, and annoying feeling you get the morning after getting drunk the night before. 

The Different Kinds Of Pain That CBD Can Treat

CBD’s power in treating pain isn’t only limited to one type of pain. There are different kinds that CBD is effective in managing and curing. This property comes from the nature of CBD to stop the absorption of anandamide. Anandamide is the compound that’s associated with pain regulation.

Some of these kinds of pains are enumerated below.

  • Chronic Pain

The human body is made up of different kinds of systems working together so that it can function effectively. One of these is the endocannabinoid system. 

CBD is effective in managing chronic pain because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system of the body. Science tells us that this is responsible for regulating different responses of the body including sleep.

As CBD enters the body, receptors bind to it. These are the small proteins attached to one’s cells responsible for receiving signals. Once these signals are received, effects related to pain relief start to kick in.

  • Arthritis Pain

Patients with arthritis manage their pain better when they’re given CBD. The pain relief is significant in many cases. Another advantage of taking CBD for treating and managing pain is that it doesn’t come with any major adverse side effects. This is unlike the usual synthetic medicines which have severe side effects in the long run.

  • Pain From Cancer Treatment

It’s important to emphasize that CBD isn’t a magic cure for cancer. However, CBD can provide much-needed relief for cancer patients during their cancer treatments.

Cancer is known to be painful, particularly in its advanced stage. Some patients also complain of pain from their treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. While CBD can’t cure them of cancer, it can improve their quality of life by giving them relief from pain.

CBD is an excellent natural alternative as it takes away the need for these patients to take more drugs for pain relief aside from other medicines that they’re already taking. Some patients are given opioids to relieve them of their pain. When you compare CBD with opioids, CBD is better because it’s not known to be addictive and has few harmful side effects.

  • Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is an auto-immune disorder that adversely impacts the nerves and brain, thereby affecting the entire body.

Patients suffering from this disease are often under a lot of pain because of the muscle spasms that they experience.

CBD is very effective in treating pain due to muscle spasms as it reduces muscle spasticity. 

  • Migraine

Headaches are common among most people and are relatively manageable. Migraine, on the other hand, is another story. People suffering from migraines are under a lot of pain. It’s so severe that they find it difficult to go through the tasks that they ought to complete within the day. Some are even confined to their beds during episodes of migraine.

Rather than taking over-the-counter pain medication, some patients are now choosing CBD. These individuals end up satisfied due to the reduced intensity of pain that they experience. Moreover, because CBD is a natural product, there are very little or no side effects. Therefore, those suffering from episodes of migraine can use CBD as an alternative.

The Proper Dosage

When it comes to the question of proper dose, there’s no uniform and precise dose that works for everybody. Remember that each body is different and many factors need to be considered in determining the specific dose that an individual can take. 

Some of these factors include:

  • One’s tolerance
  • Weight
  • Purpose of using CBD
  • Number of times one is using CBD

A piece of good advice for you to follow is to always start with the minimum dose. Once you get used to this, you can slowly work your way up. Don’t make any drastic changes to the dose. Also, never take too much CBD just to get faster pain relief.

Whenever you’re in doubt, the best person for you to ask for advice on the proper dose is a doctor.

The Side Effects

CBD is generally safe to use. Because it’s an all-natural product, this means that there aren’t any additional chemicals that can cause side effects in the body. However, remember that no two bodies are the same. Some people react adversely to natural products, while some are okay with it.

This is why it’s very important for you to first start with the minimum dose to treat pain. In doing so, you can also observe how your body is responding to the treatment. You can increase the dose slowly based on your tolerance and requirements. This approach will ensure that you don’t get any side effects.


Based on the above discussion, it’s safe to conclude that CBD is effective in managing different kinds of pain that a person may experience. However, to be sure that you stay on the safe side, you must choose high-quality CBD products. Also, stay within the limits of the dose that’s appropriate for you. Even more importantly, whenever there’s something that you’re unsure of, consult your doctor for medical advice. Remember, each body is different and you may require a different dose for the same effect. Keep the above tips in mind to leverage the power of CBD hemp products for managing pain.

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