How Healthcare Facilities Can Create a Positive Company Culture

Updated on November 12, 2020

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The environment created at a healthcare facility is typically stressful. Between tight deadlines and emergency situations, many healthcare experts are scrambling across the hospital or clinic to complete their tasks in an appropriate time frame. On top of that, the trends and norms in health facilities are constantly changing. The employees at a medical practice are interfacing with clients throughout the entire day. If an employee is feeling undervalued, stressed, or tired, they will not do an excellent job of engaging their patients. Most medical practices are tense, and having a negative mindset is dangerous in tense situations. Due to this tense environment, having a positive company culture is necessary for success. In this article, we will talk about how healthcare facilities can better their company culture.

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture is an idea that was first established by Dr. Elliott Jaques in 1951. Dr. Jaques explained that the culture of a business “encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business.” In short, culture is the personality of an organization. This personality considers the ways employees are empowered, encouraged, trusted, and communicated with. In addition, it infiltrates the way that employees relate with one another. Employees need to be heard and known. 

How Can I Help Create a Better Culture?

The healthcare industry is specifically unique because of the high stress environment that it creates. Due to the stress found in healthcare facilities, a healthy culture is vital for success. If you are a leader in the industry, it is important to implement best practices that help the organization continue to grow in a healthy way. 

1. Communicating Constructive and Positive Feedback

Feedback is a huge aspect of company culture. Employees should be receiving both positive and constructive feedback on a regular basis. This communication structure allows employees to feel valued and appreciated. When there are healthy methods of communication, employees will feel an increased sense of loyalty and honesty. When feedback culture is implemented, employees will understand that they are a valuable part of the team. 

2. Create an Honest and Transparent Environment

When employees feel like they’re kept in the dark, they are much less likely to be engaged with the holistic work of the medical practice. When employees feel like there is an oppressive environment where they cannot seek help or guidance, they will likely fall behind in their responsibilities.

There are many ways that large brands have taken steps to decrease turnover and increase the quality of their hires. For example, some used to discriminate against individuals that had received a DUI in the past. Now, many are hiring people that have received DUI charges and helping them seek assistance from the DUI injury attorney in Las Vegas. The transparency of this environment promotes growth rather than judgement.

3. Value Work-Life Balance

Employees want to know that you care for their well being outside of work hours. Although it may be valuable for you to have associates working long hours, it is more important that employees have balance so that they do not experience burn out in the future. Make sure that employees know that they do not need to work 100 hours a week. Create incentives that encourage individuals to seek the health and rest they need outside of work.

4. Put the Patient First

In medical practices, it is critical that the patient comes first. In all lines of the industry, individuals should be coached on the ways that they can best care for a patient both physically and emotionally. When employees see the value you place on the patient, they will know that you care about more than just your bottom line. This compassion and empathy will create a mutual respect between you and the employee.


It is critically important that companies in the healthcare industry have a vibrant company culture. With so much stress being had throughout the day, it is vital that employees can be honest and seek the restoration they need outside of business hours. Having a positive company culture helps businesses thrive, retain talent, and serve patients in an effective way. 

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